Careers used to follow a life cycle that was pretty easy to predict. A person would get a job, maybe after getting some education at college. They would work at that job, and after a period, upgrade that job via promotion to a more senior, better paying role. This would come with additional responsibilities. And this would go on until the person reached their “ceiling” in their organization or retired. The Internet has changed all of that. Now those out there who spend their working lives accruing expertise, networks, knowledge and valuable experience can jump off the traditional career progression
When you started building your online business, you probably didn’t think about buying a whole range of tools to help you do it, especially keeping track of your clients. Why would you? After all are literally dozens of email client tools out there that allow you to sort, search, and tag your emails and sort them into folders. Excel or Google Sheets are free, powerful and quick to set up. And messaging can be done via phone and email. Right? Growing Pains But if you’re anything like most business owners, then chances are you’ve come to a realisation: Growing means
It has never been easier to record, edit, and post audio online for customers to access and to use in your marketing. And thanks to the ease of use of podcast platforms, audio is in fashion again. And it’s a great thing that it is. Audio content has plenty of advantages over written or video. For a start, it allows for passive engagement. That means that people can and do tune in to listen in a whole range of situations, like when they are commuting or working out. That’s a lot of hours in the week that people can allocate
Regardless of whether you are selling a product or service, online or offline, there is a proven system for the process of obtaining leads and converting those leads into sales. That process is referred to as a ‘sales funnel’. The concept of a sales funnel isn’t new. It’s been around for decades, but it is only in the last ten years or so that the process has been refined and automated. Automation has dramatically improved the effectiveness of sales funnels, and when you use a premium automation tool, it will become clear how it can help you to scale your
Knowing the right types of emails to put in front of the right audience is a real skill, but once you master it, your business can reap the kinds of rewards you’d never imagined. When I say “the right types of emails” I am not referring to what is written in the email as much as why, how, and when it is being sent. Email marketing is not as simple as sending an email to a past customer or cold emailing someone who you think might be interested in your product or service. Rather, it is a refined digital marketing
Builders are lucky. While there are dozens of problems to be solved on a building site, builders benefit from a huge advantage: a blueprint from which to work. This document is the results of hours of work, problem-solving, and collaboration between town planners, architects, builders, and local governments to make sure that when the final result is ready, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. But building a website and online coaching program is different. There is no set of rules and blueprint to be followed that helps improve your chances of success. And often, there is less collaboration
Passion is great. Being great at something is valuable. Being able to combine the two into a meaningful professional career? Well, that’s the dream. But for those who want to be online coaches, the gap between the desire to take this path and knowing how to make money from it can feel like a bridge too far. So I’ve come up with a range of tangible ways that show how successful online coaches can turn their passion into a business. Any of these might be right for you or might serve as inspiration for your final service. Let’s get started.
There’s an often-repeated saying that the jobs that our kids will have don’t exist yet. That can seem a little glib and far-fetched when you hear it out of context. That is until you realize that professional e-sports (video game) athlete, drone pilot and self-driving car engineer are not only jobs but among the highest paying ones in a growing economy. Ten years ago? Well, these jobs just didn’t exist. 20 years ago? They were hard even to imagine. Similarly, “online coach” or “Facebook ad freelancer” were not jobs that anyone had heard of, much less knew how to do
Hopefully, you are here because you were intrigued by the slightly strange article title. I’ll admit, when I was trying to think of a title that tied both of the ideas for building your sales that I wanted to talk about here together, I struggled. So instead of coming up with a boring generic thing that covered both, I thought I’d go with the slightly unconventional option and explain why the “rule of 7” and “going where the fish are” are the two strategies you need to be using to get more sales. The Rule of 7 Previously, researchers thought
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