What are the FIRST Facebook Ads you should do? Now that’s a loaded question….  And seriously,  you’ll probably get a different answer from everybody who’s done or even just thinking of doing a Facebook Ad.   Looking at my experience with Online Course Creators, has been that they are experts in the topic they have created a course about which isn’t always Facebook ads.  So for them to jump into the world of Facebook ads can be overwhelming and they throw some dollars at the Ads Manager and hope for the best.     And then there’s the Facebook Pixel….
  “Comparison is the thief of joy,” – Theodore Roosevelt said. Now there’s a smart guy, huh?   Part of the success that you're going to see in life and in business involves how you perceive yourself and how you perceive other people. What a lot of us do, unfortunately, is we compare ourselves to others which is so easy to do isn’t it?  As we scroll through our Newsfeeds looking at everybody’s ‘highlight reel’ of their lives, and comparing it to our own.      We don't see the one hour beforehand, where they put everything in a particular
Free Facebook Live Video Marketing Cheatsheet
If you are tired of creating Facebook posts that nobody sees (painful isn't it!) then you NEED to be using Facebook Live and video on your Facebook Page – it’s ‘crackalackin'! You can get ten times the reach of a normal static post by changing and doing a video post. The two types of video that we're going to be talking about is Facebook Live, (oh my gosh, it is huge, you need to be doing it!) and video posts. I know some people aren't quite up to going live yet and that's cool. You'll get there. Facebook Live. It is
Now, you probably think to make over $2 Million in Revenue selling online courses, my clients are big-gun online marketers…. Let me just tell you now, they are not.  You don't have to be a big guru with a huge marketing budget. One of the keys to having a profitable online program is to start where you are with what you've got.   By implementing the 3 strategies below and consistently put in the time and effort, you too have the potential to make a very generous living selling your online program to a global audience.   We're in a happy,
Sales funnels…Ahhh!! They can be so confusing for so many people. They start to create a funnel and before they know it they're drowning – trying to figure it all out and forgetting about what they do best which is getting their information out and finding students and teaching people. Sales funnels are something that can be scaled up and systemized as your business grows. I want to show talk to you about a system today, that you can start now if you're just starting out or if you're already making some good money with your online program or service.
Hi. If you're an online course creator and you're overwhelmed at all the tech side of promoting your course or how to get your message out there, or how to get people to buy from you, then this is what you're going to want to learn today. People get a bit overwhelmed and tend to run in the opposite direction when we talk sales funnels, but that's what we're going to be talking about today, right? What I want to do is to help reduce the overwhelm for you when it comes to sales funnels. Some people don't like that
HOPE MARKETING Ever heard of hope marketing? You know the kind where ya' pays ya' money and ya takes ya' chances? Most of us marketers have and it almost always ends in failure. You must have a strategy when it comes to promoting your products and/or services using Facebook advertising. So, if you're just randomly sending ads out saying buy this, buy this, hoping they will come back and by, then that's really not the smart way to be doing your Facebook ads. That's “hope marketing” Instead, you need to have a strategy in place. SALES FUNNELS That's where sales
Excellent news! Drum roll! Facebook has just launched the new Page Engagement Audience, and this is a game changer, and today I can’t wait to share with you how you can take advantage of this new feature to grow and scale your business. On the other hand, we're also going to be talking about whether or not you're ready to do Facebook Ads. Watch the video or read more about Page Engagement Audience below: I love helping business owners get their online marketing just right. So, today, like I said, amazing news that has come out from Facebook. If you
  “I’m starting to realise how important copywriting is in my Facebook Ads”   …is an all too often comment from entrepreneurs with a product or service they are wanting to promote.   I know first hand just how awesome Facebook Ads are…   …really awesome.   I've done Facebook Ad Campaigns for clients which have resulted in 10,000 leads and $350,000 in sales, built 7 figure businesses and seen 10x return on investment (ROI), heck even  5,500x ROI using the power of retargeting ads (but we'll leave that for another post).   But I also know if you have
July 2021
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