The secret to becoming a successful and confident Facebook Ad Manager

Create a recurring revenue business or career that is designed around your lifestyle.

What you’ll learn

Solid foundations to start or scale your Services

How to provide a premium service to quality clients

Proven Facebook Ad Strategies

Qualifying quality leads 

Systems for seamless ad management

Keys to Creating Ads That Convert

Optimizing & Scaling Campaigns

This course includes

On Demand Training Resources

Templates and Worksheets

16 Week Live Mentorship

Exclusive Community 

Client Contract Template

12 Months Elite Ad Manager Certification

Listing on our Contractor Database

Payment plans available

 Experienced Ad Managers

You have quite a few clients and campaigns under your belt, but you still feel like you’re winging it and need to streamline and get systems in order?  Still charging the same retainers you started out with?

New Ad Managers

You’ve added Ad Management as a more valuable service to your existing offerings, but not sure what to do now? What type of campaigns do you use?  How much should you be charging?

Aspiring Ad Managers

You’re looking for an opportunity to provide a high value, in demand service that can be location independent?  One that allows you to learn and earn at the same time and open doors to a new career or business?

What’s inside the Elite Ad Manager Certification

It’s a complete “business in a box”.


The most targeted form of advertising for businesses who want to grow 

A significant contributor to building and increasing brand awareness.

The traffic fuel needed for your website, sales, bottom line, and lifetime customers.

The best platform for businesses who want hockey-stick growth. Especially if they have proven offers, a hungry audience, and solid back-end systems to support soaring demand.

Here to stay. 

And that’s why…

Having the expertise to create profitable and scalable Facebook Ad campaigns is the single most important skill you need to master & offer as a paid service.


Starting, running, AND profiting as a Facebook Ad Manager are three different things.

Unfortunately, most ad managers are in perpetual start (and stop) mode.

Few do one or two.

Fewer accomplish ALL three

While it’s easy to start a Facebook ad business, watch a few YouTube videos, create Custom Audiences, and create or execute a few lead generation ads…

It’s a whole different ball game to understand overall Facebook ad strategy, manage campaigns, and exceed client expectations.

If you’re finally ready to start, run & profit as a Facebook Ad Manager then you’ve got to master the 3-pronged approach that prepares facebook ad managers to become the only link connecting businesses to an endless stream of buyers.

Skill based mastery

This program isn’t only about opening Ad Manager, creating a campaign, and firing up the infamous pixel.

To stand out as a sought-after Facebook Ad Manager you’re going to wear two hats – 1) manager 2) strategist.

You’ll have access to “beginner to advanced” Facebook ad strategies that will set you apart from other ad managers.

Systems for success

Want to create stellar client results & take names? Want clients to refer other dream clients to you?

Simple. Get your systems in order and set yourself up for success. And no, it doesn’t take fancy tools and an army of agency employees.

You can provide a streamlined ad management service with minimal overhead and stress. with dependable, client-centric systems. Ones that will attract A-list clients and build your reputation as a trustworthy business.

Skill based mastery

You can have all the skills to pay the bills. But if your mind isn’t aligned – you will not get very far in business or help clients.

Campaigns will tank. Things won’t go perfectly all the time. Your worth as an ad manager isn’t strictly ROI.

It’s about knowing that you’ve done all you can using the skills you’ve got to do the best for your client.

It’s about managing client expectations, setting boundaries, and not accommodating for scope creep.

You also get these valuable bonuses

The Client Contract Template

One of the most important client-service provider documents – the contract. Also, the most stress-inducing paperwork to write up because legaleze. Now you’ll get instant access to client contract templates to use for a seamless client onboarding process.

Service Provider Funnels

Plug and Play template for you to Customize and book in Leads (upload snapshot to GHL). These funnels come with the pages you need to book clients and the very important emails to send to your clients after they have booked so that they eagerly attend the call to hear your expertise and learn more about how they can work with you.

Sign a Client in 28 Days

In this step-by-step training, you’ll discover where your ideal clients are hanging out and ready to hire high end ad managers. After you complete this training, you’ll be ready to sign quality clients – within 28 days.

12 Months Elite Ad Manager Certification & Listing On Our Contractor Database

Promote yourself with our ELITE Ad Manager Certification badge of honour and get featured on our website so that high-quality leads can directly contact and hire you.


Watch The Information Session

Learn more about becoming a Certified Elite Ad Manager

Elite Ad Manager – Intro video

Course Modules


Foundations of a 6-Figure Ad Manager

You need solid practices and systems to conserve your energy, mental faculties, and slay your business goals. This module is designed to help you build a resilient (and profitable) business as a 6-Figure Facebook Ad Manager

Getting Client Ready

Learn the tools and systems ready to attract and sign dream clients within 30 days. Knock clients socks off with a stellar (systematized) onboarding process and manage their expectations. So you can do your best work.

Facebook Ads 101

Master the inner workings of the Ad Manager interface. Confidently launch ad campaigns knowing that the pixel tracking is set up correctly, the right campaign objectives have been established, and your targeting is hyper-specific.

Keys to Creating Ads That Convert

Create profitable ad campaigns that take users from scroll to smashing sales. Know exactly who you’re targeting, and how to nail your positioning to maximize sales potential and keep costs down whilst avoiding ad account shut downs.

Facebook Ad Strategies

Quickly and easily put together a customized strategy for your client. Never miss a key retargeting opportunity and be running back and forth to the client with last-minute requests (and look like an amateur).

Optimizing & Scaling

Want your dream clients to stick around longer? Want a waitlist that has clients clamoring to work with you? Without batting an eyelid at your prices? Simple. Know the ad metrics and make data-driven decisions in your client’s favor.

What other students think

We are proud of our working process, our success rates and our absolute commitment te providing high levels of customer service and support. We focus on your benefits, not ours.

It’s because of this program that I have the confidence to both manage ads and know the worth of my service!

Ahnastasia Certified Elite Ad Manager

It was a great course, so much value in the assets you’ve provided, I’d recommend any ads managers to take a look if they’re looking to develop or cement their skills.

Alex Certified Elite Ad Manager

I remember when I started working with Jody, I was never going to charge more than $1500 per month as I didn’t think there was a market for it and now I’ve got clients on retainer for more than that plus people paying $4000 for my hybrid coaching and set up experience.

Natalie Certified Elite Ad Manager

Yay! I loved this training! It was haaaard work but so so helpful to help me uplevel my Ads Manager Skills. Thanks, Jody!

Casandra Galvez
Casandra Galvez Certified Elite Ad Manager

Money back guarantee

If you’re even remotely worried that The Elite Ad Manager Certification won’t work for you, I want to make it clear that you’re covered by …


Try The Elite Ad Manager Certification for 14 days. Learn the content. Implement. If you aren’t satisfied we will issue a full refund, that’s how confident we are you will love our programs!

Elite Ad Manager Certification

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