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I empower women in digital marketing to build a successful business running Meta and Instagram ads for clients. Whether you are starting out on your journey as an Ad Manager or have years of experience, I help you attract the right clients, improve systems for successful campaigns and confidently charge what you’re worth.

The Successful Ad Manager

The Successful Ad Manager takes you along the pathway from getting started as an Ad Manager to getting your first high quality clients so that you can go from side gig to 6 figure Ad Manager.

Elite Ad Manager Certification

16-week mentorship designed to equip you with the mindset, skillset, and systems empowering you to confidently take on high-paying clients and build a successful business.

Ad Manager’s Inner Circle

Connect with like-minded professionals in a supportive community while getting daily, in-the-trenches support as you run ads for clients, so you keep clients longer.

Client Attraction Code

Discover the Ad strategy to help your clients dominate the newsfeed, position them as the only authority in their niche and attract more clients while making a big impact with a tiny budget.

Why A Facebook Ad Media Buyer?

One of the fastest ways to make money in the online space is to become a service provider. With millions of businesses across the world, there is no lack of potential clients. When you have a service that can directly increase the revenue a business makes, you are a rainmaker, and you can price your services to reflect the value you bring.

High-Value Service

Facebook ad management is a highly valuable skill because it allows businesses to effectively and efficiently reach their target audience, drive traffic and sales, build brand awareness, and ultimately grow their business, making it an in-demand service with high earning potential for skilled ad managers.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Unlike blogging, affiliate marketing, or selling courses where you need to hustle every day to hopefully bring in sales, as an ad manager, just a handful of clients who you have on monthly retainers can provide you with the peace of mind of having monthly income flowing in.

Location Freedom

Whether you want to work from home or a beachfront villa in Costa Rica, being an Ad Manager offers a great deal of freedom and flexibility, enabling you to work from virtually anywhere in the world with an internet connection while also reducing the need for expensive equipment.

Time Freedom

You can manage campaigns in the morning, afternoon, or evening with clients in any part of the world, which gives you the flexibility to work when it suits you.  So you can be there for your kids “show and tell” at school, take your parents to the doctor or simply take the time out to go out for coffee whenever you please. 

Earn and Learn

You don’t need to rake up tens of thousands in student debt to change careers or learn a new skill. As an Ad Manager, you can get paying clients from day one, making it a smart and financially rewarding choice for those looking to kickstart their new business or career.

Meet the founder


Jody Milward

Digital Marketing & Facebook Ad Specialist

Educator Agency owner Consultant

About Me…

I’m what I like to call an “accidental entrepreneur”.

Like many women, I didn’t want to return to a 9-5 office gig after having kids. I started my first business as a Private Investigator. After 9 years, 7 figures in revenue, and much government red tape, it was time to move on, and I stumbled into the Social Media and paid traffic world.

From my first client in 2014, making $12 per hour to generating multiple 7 figures in revenue 6 years later, I’ve lived and breathed digital marketing as a freelancer, sub-contractor, in-house agency owner, consultant, speaker, educator, and mentor.

$1 million in 9 months

Working with a start-up digital course company, I helped them to make $1 million in sales from a $497 product in their first nine months with Facebook Ads.

International Business Awards

2019 Entrepreneur of the Year – Advertising, Marketing, & Public Relations

2019 Company of the Year – Business or Professional Services

Client’s I’ve Worked With

Working with the right clients is essential to your success!

Sue B Zimmerman

“The Instagram Expert”

Cat Howell

Digital Marketing Expert

Kim Garst

Forbes “Top 20 Social Media Influencer”

Lisa Cordoff

Mindset Expert

Hog’s Breath Cafe

National Restaurant Franchise

Free Training and Resources

New Masterclass

Ditch the 9-5, break free from hourly rates and carve out a profitable, 6 figure side gig as an in-demand ad manager.


I love to share practical information to help you improve your skills and learn something new to fast-track you on your journey as a well-paid and in-demand Ad Manager.


Tune into the Online Confidential Show, where I take you behind the scenes to talk about secret Ad Manager Business.