Humans are wired to listen. Some of the largest brands of the last few decades, from Universal Music and Sony, through to more modern success stories like Apple (iTunes and Apple Music), Spotify, and Pandora, are all based on the idea that humans absorb content via audio. It’s a phenomenon we’re seeing more and more in the business world too. Podcasts are just one example of audio-driven content that is going from niche to mainstream very quickly. But as an online business builder, how can you take all of the audio out there and transform it into a business asset?
When you start your own online business or e-commerce venture, chances are you have some ideas in mind. The prospect of a less stressful work environment, or a workplace where you set direction and meet your goals, sounds incredible. And the prospect of being able to duck to the local coffee house for a mid-morning break without the eyes of your co-workers on you sounds pretty appealing too! But the reality is that mastering the many facets of online business is hard. And after working with many entrepreneurs, I find the most common leak in the game of new business
I remember, years ago, a good friend of mine bought a new car. As she wasn’t particularly mechanically minded, one of the selling points was the color – a unique shade of orange that she liked to call “golden amber”. At least, she thought it was unique… For months after she bought her new car, she saw the same (or very similar) colored vehicles everywhere. In addition to being heartbroken about her not-so-special purchase, she was very confused where all these other golden amber vehicles had suddenly come from. To this day, she remains convinced it was a Truman Show-style
To run a successful business in the digital age, you need to have a strong web presence – and your website is a critical part of your digital platform. A good website can help you find new customers, share your story, and promote your products and services. A great website will help you connect with customers, build your profile and portfolio, and make sales. The difference between good and great comes down to one thing – design. Designing your website To build a website that connects and converts, you need to understand what your end goal is and the path
If you are just starting out on your online business or your online coaching journey, then you’ve probably already been presented with multiple sources of evidence about the effectiveness of email marketing. But chances are that these sources are written by people who have something to gain from email marketing or email software. I’m not that person. The truth is, email marketing is hard, and most of it gets deleted before it gets read. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t do it. It’s simply to say that you should take the time and effort to do it well. With
For online coaches, digital marketers, and anyone else trying to make an income on the Internet, the biggest challenge has to be finding potential clients. Almost paradoxically, the increased connection created by the Internet has made it harder to identify and engage with a target audience. Having a product that customers want is no longer enough. To be successful nowadays, you need a pitch that differentiates you from the competition and cuts through the noise. This gets harder every day, with more entrepreneurs coming online and creating content. So, how do you stand out from the crowd and connect with
Websites used to be pretty straightforward. A website was like a digital billboard or sign. It was set up to give people who already knew a little bit about you or your business a way to research you without having to give you a call or come into the office. But the flaws of that model are obvious. It requires you being searched by name, and for your potential customer to know what to search. Google changed all that. Indexing the Web By developing the background technology to index every page on the Internet, Google was able to “crawl” and
“Growth hacking” is one of those trendy phrases that has emerged in recent years. It was initially popularized by tech-entrepreneur types that you might encounter in Silicon Valley. But even if you’re not a billion-dollar startup with a few hundred staff, you can take the growth hacking playbook and apply it to your online business while you work from home. Growth Hacking for Small Businesses The role of a growth hacker is to conceptualize, plan and execute marketing programs. This action is not a single “linear” process. Instead, a growth hacker will roll out and test each step of the
Facebook is an incredibly impressive company. It grew from a single college campus to several, before spreading nationwide and globally in less than a decade. It now measures its audience of users in the billions and is entrenched as part of the social media and Internet landscape. It also rakes in hundreds of billions of dollars in advertising revenue as companies the world over pay for access to those billions of members. The News Feed, Stories, and Messenger are all valuable Internet properties that we all spend time on. That means that advertising on them should be a slam dunk
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