PSA: Why you should “Allow Tracking” despite what Apple may suggest… If you are an iPhone user, chances are you’ve updated to the latest operating system – iOS14. Then, as your Apps have updated you may have seen a little prompt that says something like “This App would like permission to track you across their App and other websites” And then the choice is yours…. Allow App Not to Track OR Allow Perhaps in that moment you see Mel Gibson yelling “FREEDOM” and you feel giddy with power as you ‘stick it to the man’ and you tap “Allow App
Congratulations! You've got a new lead and you're getting on a discovery call, but are they ready to hire you as an ad manager? So, yes, congratulations! You've got a new lead. You're jumping On a discovery call. Now we need to identify if they are ready to hire you as an ad manager, that's a very different thing to finding out are they even ready to run ads? Anybody can just run ads, have a funnel. And off you go. We want to find out if they're ready to hire an ad manager because if they're not, you can
Are you tired of being on discovery calls all day, every day and they go for an hour and you don't have any sales or new clients to show for it? Well, listen up because that's what we're going to be talking about today. In this installment of Online Confidential, where I take you behind the scenes of Secret Ad Manager Business. So you're out there, you're networking, you're in groups, you're getting leads and people are booking calls with you and you're getting on calls. Fabulous! That's great. But these discovery calls can go on for an hour and
How much can you earn per month as a Facebook ad manager? That's what we're going to be talking about today in this installment of Online Confidential, where I take you behind the scenes of Secret Ad Manager Business. So hold onto your shorts, we're going to be talking about some crazy numbers here today that you might just think would be an annual income, rather than a monthly income. As a Facebook ad manager, you are a rainmaker! You are essential to businesses increasing their revenue and so therefore the service that you provide is super valuable. A lot
Why iOS 14 is actually good news for dedicated ad managers. I know you may not feel like it is at the moment, but that's what we're diving into today. So at the time of recording this, iOS 14 has been rolling out and ad managers are dealing with the impact of it. We've been learning about it for months, getting things ready, but then as always, when it comes to the crunch, there's things that we just haven't known about and Facebook hasn't even known about and things are getting adjusted on the daily. So we're often feeling like
How can I confidently charge higher prices for my ad management services? If my client's campaigns are tanking? Ouch, I hear you. That's a tough question. So client campaigns are not going well. Maybe you've got five or 10 clients and they are doing really well, but there's one that isn't and that one can just be dragging you down. And instead of acknowledging all the great results that you're getting for your other clients, you're focused on this one and it's making you question everything, right? You're thinking, how could I possibly charge this amount? If you are already
How do I test new ads in my client's Facebook ad account? That's what we're going to be talking about today in this installment of online confidential, where I take you behind the scenes of Secret Ad Manager Business. So this was a question asked by one of my elite ad managers students. Now, this is a question, not just for somebody new, but for any ad manager, who's been running ads for a long time. Sometimes we just don't know, we feel like we're winging it, or we find ourselves asking…should I be doing it this way or should
How do you set up your Facebook ad clients the right way? So you're getting Facebook ad clients on board, hurray for you. That's awesome. But are you setting up to work with them the right way? Believe it or not, there is a right way and not so right way. And that's what we're going to be looking at now…the right way is to use Business Manager. If you're not using Business Manager, run over now to and set up your own Business Manager. It’s essential for you to be able to work with various clients and not
What do you do when your client's offer is not converting and when they don't want to do anything about it? So being a super awesome and diligent ad manager, you know what data points to look at, and maybe you've watched a few previous episodes where we have talked about getting ads to convert by looking at the various copy and creative to make sure that what you're doing with regards to ads is working. So, armed with all the data and great click through rates, various audiences tested, and different headlines, copy and creative – you have everything
June 2021
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