Episode 135: Master Resale Rights, Affiliate Marketing, and Freelance Digital Marketing: Unlocking Success

In today’s episode of Online Confidential, we’re going behind the

Jody Milward

In today’s episode of Online Confidential, we’re going behind the scenes to discuss the secrets of becoming a successful ad manager in the realms of Master Resale Rights, Affiliate Marketing, and Freelance Digital Marketing.

The Secret is to Be a High-Ticket Affiliate

Exploring platforms like Instagram or TikTok in the past 18 months introduces you to the lucrative world of affiliate marketing, promoting products from giants like Amazon or Lululemon to earn commissions. The key, however, lies in targeting high-ticket affiliate opportunities, a strategy far from new but has certainly been buzzing lately.

Posting Crazy Numbers: The Phenomenal Success Stories

The make money online or work from home opportunities have recently seen complete newcomers boasting sales figures in the millions in under a year – or so their social media says. Such stories, while inspiring for many, also draw skepticism from many. But what is the reality behind these numbers and the potential for aspiring digital marketers.

People Think It Can Help Them Solve Their Problem

An NBC article highlighting the mixed experiences of individuals with affiliate marketing and an affiliate marketer who claims to have made millions of dollars in less than 12 months. I’m not here to point fingers or take sides.  I do believe that the person in the article did in fact make significant income from her affiliate marketing business.  But the 2-3 hour a day claims that many in this affilaite marketing business model were all copying and pasting – no. Not at all. I know first hand to build an online business and make money from home takes alot of work to learn skills and then trial and error.  And when hundreds of thousands of people flocked to learn how to make thousands of dollars a day in just 2  hours a day with their phone, a HUGE percentage will not see any sales or income.

Only 65 Percent Will Make It to 15 Years

Starting an online business comes with its challenges, with a 33% of small businesses failing within the first two years. Many consumers turned, online business owner, do not understand the risks and forget there are no guarantees (just like they could be fired from their job tomorrow).  This section emphasizes the importance of due dilligence, skill acquisition, and the real effort required beyond the allure of passive income.

One of the Fastest Ways to Make Money Online (but it still takes TIME!)

I firmly believe that providing a service, such as learning Facebook ads and offering this as a service to businesses is one of the most reliable paths to generating online income.  HOWEVER it still takes TIME to learn the right skills and then to go out and find clients.  When done in an ethical and transparent manner, you can get your first clients onboard sooner than you think. 

Best Ways to Make Money Online is to Be an Ad Manager

Not only do you have a valuable service to offer a business, but it’s a service that is needed month after month.  You have recurring revenue for your business, while continuing to attract new clients and add them to your client roster.  Discover the pathways to becoming an in-demand ad manager Visit for exclusive resources and insights to kickstart your journey.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

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