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“I have been able to create a successful high-profit business working from home or anywhere by helping other businesses to grow thanks to running profitable Facebook ads.”

From The Desk of Jody Milward

Hi. I’m Jody Milward, former Private Investigator, founder of 2 multi 7 figure businesses and & Facebook Marketing Strategist. 

I call myself an “Accidental Entrepreneur”.  In 2005 I ditched 9-5 office work when, out of necessity, I had to look for ways to make money working from home so that I could have the flexibility that is necessary when you have 3 young kids while having enough money to pay the bills and afford swimming lessons for the kids.

My first venture was to become a Private Investigator (no car-park stake outs or spouse busing!)  It was more like a Robin-Hood situation – getting money off the Government and back to the everyday people (like you and me) that it belonged to.

Well after $4 million dollars in revenue, the Government was tightening up the red tape, and it was time to move on, and that’s when I discovered Facebook Advertising and the potential it has to help not only existing businesses to grow, but also people like me – who could learn the art and science of Facebook Marketing and offer it as a valuable, skills based service to millions of businesses across the world – there was no shortage of clients!

So I brought my Private Investigator background into the world of Facebook Ads to uncover the clues to creating profitable ads. 

In 2014 I had my first paying client at just $12 per hour, and I’m so thankful for this opportunity.

Within 2 years of learning how to run Facebook Ads helped a client to generate $1 million in their first 9 months of selling a $497 online program, and I had made $141,231.15.

From there, I became a Facebook Ad Freelancer, an In House Ad Strategist, Agency Owner, Ad Manager, Recruiter, and Consultant. I have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Kim Garst, Sue B Zimmerman, Cat Howell, Hogs Breath Cafe, and more.

I have been training and mentoring Facebook Ad Managers for a number of years and most recently in my Inner Circle Membership and Elite Ad Manager Certification to help equip Ad Managers with the skills, confidence and systems they need to create a successful and profitable business or career that works around their desired lifestyle.

As someone with no background in marketing, I have been able to create a successful high-profit business working from home or anywhere by helping other businesses to grow thanks to running profitable Facebook ads. 

So if you’re looking for someone who can help you build a career without the commute, while also helping businesses increase their revenue, I can help you. 

So if you want to learn from someone who has been in your shoes and has turned their life around, then I would be honored to be part of your journey. 

Jody Milward

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Highly recommend purchasing it if you haven't already... it's only $37 and a total game changer on every level.

Taylor Client Attraction Code Student

This is fire Jody, per usual!   Thank you for bringing so much actionable insight to this community.

Amber Inner Circle Student

I remember when I started working with Jody, I was never going to charge more than $1500 per month as I didn’t think there was a market for it and now I’ve got clients on retainer for more than that plus people paying $4000 for my hybrid coaching and set up experience.

Natalie Certified Elite Ad Manager

It’s been amazing for ecomm - my newest ecomm client our retargeting reach campaigns are seeing double digit ROAS!

Janie Client Attraction Code Student

I'm utilizing this strategy for a coach I'm working with, and the content pieces are killing it! We're getting $.004 to $.01 engagements on those pieces. Thanks for sharing such an amazing strategy

Kari Client Attraction Code Student

I went through the CAC modules and immediately implemented it on an account I've been managing for a little over a month. Wowzers! Huge turnaround already! My old MOF was getting terrible CTRs of like .56 and now its at over 4%!

Melanie Client Attraction Code Student

It’s because of this program that I have the confidence to both manage ads and know the worth of my service!

Ahnastasia Certified Elite Ad Manager

Jody gets straight to the point. She breaks down each component, step by step. It's immediately obvious that Jody uses these techniques herself.  But the biggest surprise for me - you really can run a (successful!) FB ad campaign for $10 per day.

Christian Client Attraction Code Student

I love being part of the Inner Circle.  Having the extra support is fabulous.

Amy Inner Circle Student

Building professional relationships every day.

We want to appear wherever we can and we love creating relationships with other brands & events to get our message out there.