Episode 136: How do I know if my video ads are working?

What are the important video metrics to measure when analyzing

Jody Milward

What are the important video metrics to measure when analyzing the performance of your videos? Today, we’re diving into this topic in our episode of Online Confidential, where I take you behind the scenes to talk about the secret business of ad management.

No one can argue that video is a crucial part of our social media marketing strategies. Whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, videos help us connect with our audience in a unique way. People can see and hear us, observe our expressions, and build rapport much faster than through any other method. This is also why webinars are such a valuable part of marketing strategies, as they allow people to spend time with you, getting to know you, and deciding if they resonate with your vibe and perhaps want to do business with you.

Just like webinars, videos serve as snackable content, offering bits of information that connect with our ideal audience, attracting or repelling potential clients. The question is, are our videos effectively connecting with the audience?

3 Metrics to Measure Video Effectiveness

Are people watching them? To determine if our videos are doing their job, we focus on three metrics: the Hook Ratio, Hold Ratio, and Half Time Ratio. These metrics help us understand if our videos are creating quality audiences that we can nurture along their customer journey, ensuring we are front and center when they are ready to buy. So, what exactly are these metrics?

  • Hook Ratio: This measures the audience that stops scrolling and watches our video for at least three seconds.
  • Hold Ratio: This measures the audience that stays longer, indicating we’ve held their attention, and they’ve watched the video up to the 15-second mark. For videos shorter than 15 seconds, this means 97% of the video was watched.
  • Half Time Ratio: This refers to 50% of the video views. For a 10-minute video, achieving a 50% watch rate would be significant.

These are the key metrics for gauging the performance of our videos.

Conversion Ads for Leads or Sales

A side note: if you’re running a conversion ad for leads or sales, the metrics I’ll discuss will differ because those ads target audiences ready to convert. What we’re focusing on here is building our audience, a strategy I consider essential for any business engaged in Facebook marketing. These ads can start at just a dollar a day, so there’s no reason not to incorporate them. My “10 a day” ad strategy helps build a comprehensive audience, drawing in cold traffic, which you then continue to nurture.

Engagement Campaigns

Today, we’re specifically looking at ads for engagement or brand awareness campaigns. Engagement campaigns work particularly well here, optimized for either engagement on our posts or for video views. Using an engagement campaign targets an audience more likely to engage with us, so we expect better engagement metrics – our Hook, Hold, and Half Time numbers – compared to a typical conversion campaign.

How do I know if my video ads are working?

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