Episode 120: 5 types of video to show up authentically AND grow your business

Key Highlights: [00:02:28] The mindset hack to shift into being

Jody Milward

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Key Highlights:

[00:02:28] The mindset hack to shift into being consistent with video 

[00:02:55] What will allow you to stand out with video content

[00:04:09] The video to have on your website to increase conversions by over 80% 

[00:07:50] Simple ways to connect with personality in your videos

[00:12:02] How to promote your business like it’s an invitation to a party

[00:18:34] The 5Ps video formula for know + like + trust = grow your business

Jody: Welcome to today’s episode of Online Confidential. I’m super excited to talk with our special guest today who is going to share some insights on how you can create some amazing video so that you can promote your business.

So welcome to the show, Keri Murphy. 

Keri: Hello. So happy to be here, Jody. Thank you for having me.

Jody: I was just saying to Keri before we met about 18 months ago over in Florida and just the energy, and I just remember the way she walked into a lift one time and it was like, ‘Ooh, [00:00:30] gimme some of that’.

So Keri comes with years of media TV experience, and for those of you who don’t know her, she’s the CEO of Inspired Living and she’s committed to empowering, I’m just reading the little reel here because there’s so much to know about Keri, she’s amazing. She’s empowering people all over the world to ‘Dream it, Live it, Be it’.

And she’s an international speaker, video marketing expert and business mentor and she’s honed her expertise in the entrepreneurial field [00:01:00] for over three decades. Keri specializes in helping you to be confident on camera and show up authentically. 

This is why I’ve brought her onto the show because Ad managers like to hide behind the computer, but we need to be seen. We need to NOT be that best kept secret. 

So Keri, welcome to the show. You talk about five types of videos that people should use. So let’s dive into that. What are these five types of videos? [00:01:30] 

Keri: Yes, and Jody, just really quickly, I love that you’re talking about people behind the scenes need to be in front of the scenes because if we can’t find you, like we can’t choose to work with you. And I will tell you, in my realm of entrepreneurial land, people who run ads are so needed. In fact, it’s one of the conversations I have with my peer groups is finding the right teams to do that.

So please get in the forefront because we need you. Yes. So yes, we do teach five types of videos. I want to start off with [00:02:00] saying video isn’t about being anything but your most authentic version of you. And I know from the last 10 years of teaching entrepreneurs around the world that there is something that happens when we press record. 

There is a being that takes over our body and who we know ourselves to be, seems to escape. So I want to say that as we go into these five types of videos, this is strategy. We teach a lot of strategy at Inspired Living. 

[00:02:30] When Jody said we empower people to ‘Dream it’, dream bigger than you are right now. ‘Live it’, what do you need to do to make that dream come to fruition? And ‘Be it’, who are you being? Video really is about the ‘being’. 

We start with the ‘being’ because anything else you can learn. You do ads, you can learn a skill. But when it comes to showing up on camera, what’s going to allow you to stand out is understanding what you uniquely bring to the marketplace.

What pain you solve, what [00:03:00] solution you offer, and the unique experience you take them through. That’s the only thing you got to offer. And so I’m going to teach you five types of videos, but I wanted to start with that because if you jump into this and have a facade, if you think you’re performing, if you’re trying to be something that you’re not authentically, we’re going to see that.

In fact, you only have three to eight seconds to keep and capture someone’s attention on camera. So it is so important that you understand your unique differentiator and why someone would [00:03:30] choose you. 

Jody: Absolutely. Thank you. 

Keri: You’re welcome. There’s a little setup there. 

Jody: That’s a great thing.

Keri: The first video that we talked to our clients about, how many of you have a website? You’ve invested so much into your website. In fact, I get asked are websites still relevant? And I believe absolutely. In fact, I think the goal of social media is to get off people’s social and into the only piece of real estate you own online, which is your website.

So over the [00:04:00] last decade, I can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent on my website, and we test a lot, Jody. We test algorithms and numbers and landing pages and all of the things. And I will tell you, and research backs me up, that when you have a video on the homepage of your website before I have to scroll so before the line, before the fold of your computer, your website, your landing page, your sales page will convert at over 82% better.

Jody: Wow. 

Keri: So the average bounce [00:04:30] rate on a website is eight seconds. Now, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t spend all that money on my website for someone to leave right away. No. So this is really important because that positioning website, believe it or not is 90 seconds. That’s it. And it instantly says, welcome to my home.

Like, why you’re here? Why me? Why am I the one you know who is the host of this party? What you can expect while you’re here, how you can work with me. And the next step I want you to take. Now whether [00:05:00] you’re a big brand or you are a small startup, this video really starts building relationships from the get-go, and that’s what sells.

So these videos, I think, should be produced well. I think they should be the best version of you, meaning please have good hair and makeup and lighting and wear things that are on brand. But Jody, just this video alone will help your clients increase sales almost instantly, because if I have to fish for an answer on a website, [00:05:30] I’m going to go to a place where it’s easier.

Like we’re all ADD right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re clinically diagnosed or not, we all have it. So positioning. The second video and the one that really drives, I think a business, is personality. People want get to know you. In fact, people buy buying. We make buying decisions off know, love and trust.

Do I like this person? Jody, have you ever made a buying decision because you liked someone? 

Jody: Oh, for sure. All the time.

Keri: [00:06:00] Have you ever bought something online because there was a personality behind it that you resonated with, and thought if this person likes it, I’m going to like it too. Influencer marketing. 

Jody: Yes, a hundred percent. 

Keri: In fact, just the other day, now I come from, this shows you the power of video, I come from a family of hairstylists. My mom owns a salon. My two sisters do hair. I have never paid full price for shampoo. And Jennifer Garner was talking about this shampoo that she loved and her hair [00:06:30] looked amazing. And you know what I did? 

Jody: You bought it. 

Keri: I bought it. 

Jody: You paid full price! 

Keri: I bought it. I paid full price! Hello. Not your ideal client. I can go get wholesale high-end shampoo at any time again. And just to go back to the power of personality behind a video, that’s what drives sales.

People don’t just want talking heads telling me about your product and service and how great you are. They want see something that they connect with. So to me, personality videos are those behind the [00:07:00] scenes. Those ‘Hey, you caught me on a hair up and yoga pants day. This is again, those video blogs, like people want see the ‘Day in the life of’.

Now if you’re a shy introvert and this scares the holy beJesus out of you, I want you to know it can be as simple as shooting a quick video when you’re out on a walk or maybe you love to cook and you’re sharing your favorite recipe. People want to do business with people that are like-minded and that share [00:07:30] goals, visions, it’s maybe something that you stand for, a charity or a philanthropic thing. 

So personality, I will tell you when I see videos that are just perfect and they’re talking heads, like no one connects with that. So if you really want to grow your engagement and your audience, you’ve got to share your personality. 

Jody: A hundred percent. Couldn’t agree more because people do business with people. So it is seeing those behind the scenes, what’s happening now. As you were saying that, what was coming to mind was, I [00:08:00] appreciate how uncomfortable people may feel, even though it’s just talking to the camera. That can feel weird and there’s no one else. Watching it can just completely throw you off.

But even perhaps as a starting point, you can just set up the camera there, put it on the time lapse as you’re working and doing things, so you are not even saying anything and you put the captions on, whatever it may be. But maybe that’s a safe kind of place to start. 

Keri: Jody, I love that. A little video, a little voiceover, a little graphic. People [00:08:30] really don’t want to see you just at the top of the mountain, living the most glamorous life. They want to know you get dirty, that you bleed, that you look at reality tv. It’s just such a great example of how we really love going to get into other people’s business.

And the nice thing is, and what we teach too, is authenticity and transparency are two different things, and you get to choose how much you share. But I will say if you don’t showcase any sort of personality in your brand, people really aren’t going to engage with it. And I also have a quick little tip when it comes to [00:09:00] being on camera, as you said, it can feel like you’re just speaking to this inanimate object.

And what we drill into our clients, Jody, is that you are not speaking to an inanimate object. You are speaking to a person. You are speaking to one person. You’re not saying, ‘hi everyone’, ‘Welcome Facebook’, ‘Welcome Instagram’. I mean it drives me nuts. Video is personal, it’s intimate. It’s a one-on-one conversation.

So when you press record, you [00:09:30] want to get out of fear? Know who you’re talking to. I can know this person intimately. Hello, talk to me about ads. You’ve spent this, you’re not getting this, you want this. How amazing would it be if you’ve got this ROI every time you placed ads with the right company?

Help me get out of my own way. And again, [00:10:35] when you speak to one person, you’re going to speak to so many other people. But too often, what I see in that three to eight seconds is I would venture over 90% of people using video have no idea who they’re talking to and so they make video about them.

Video is not about you. Video is about serving someone. And when you remember that, the fear, those shoulders that wear earrings really start to come down and you start having fun. Because you’re just talking to one person. It takes the pressure off. You’re like, I can talk to this person all day.

And that’s the key. And when you start getting that feedback of you’re talking to me, you know you’ve nailed it. You’re in your zone. [00:10:30] So stay there. Was that helpful? 

Jody: Excellent. That was super helpful. Such an amazing bonus tip if you like there. Keep talking to one person.

Keri: One person, one person. So we talked about Positioning and Personality. 

The next video is Promotional. It seems like such an easy thing, but I will tell you, working with a lot of female entrepreneurs, we’re so scared to sell. We don’t want to sound cheesy. I don’t want to bother people asking them to buy my thing, but as we know, if you don’t have sales, you don’t own a business, you own a [00:11:00] hobby. 

And I think most of us really would like to see income come into our businesses. Yes, for sure. We have generated millions of dollars over the last few years through advertising. Whether you’re a startup or you’re an emerging and growing business, I want you to think of your business as a CEO, stop thinking of it as a technician and a solopreneur. 

If you were to put 10% back into your marketing and advertising, and that’s different marketing and advertising, as you know, ‘hello’, [00:11:30] I’m talking to the audience who knows this, like you can’t help other people grow with ads if you don’t use them yourself. So get clear because you need to promote what you do and it really is, 75%, 25%. 

75% you’re sharing great content, you’re showing up. You’re giving, great insight. 

And then 25% of the time it’s like, ‘Hey, if you love this insight and you want us to take this off your plate, here’s how you can work with us’. It should feel like a great invitation to join a party. [00:12:00]

Jody: Absolutely. And this is where creating these amazing videos that we are going to be creating, if you’re not already, with your own advertising budget. You can just do that for just a dollar a day to be out there and be visible so that when you do attract the attention of someone, they go and engage with your Facebook page, or Instagram, or your website. Then you are dominating the newsfeed. 

You keep popping up all the time and they go, ‘Wow’. And I know, that’s how I’ve had clients come to me. They’ve been looking at me and someone else, [00:12:30] and it was my ads that kept showing up and it’s this one obviously knows what they’re doing. That is showing them that you know what you’re doing and they’re going to say, ‘I want some of that please’. 

And also, it’s that experience of spending your own money. Yes. So you get that appreciation of what your clients may be feeling like with their ad spend that you’re investing. 

Keri: That is so good, Jody. I love that. Even with my clients, when I am telling them to invest, I’m also sharing with them what I invest. Like I will not ask you to do something I’m not doing. So you [00:13:00] can’t ask someone to invest in ads when you are not doing it. 

Because there is a psychology that goes behind that and there is, a fear set that kind of sets in with that too. But it does, it comes down to, frequency and messaging, consistent messaging over time.

And I love it when I go somewhere and someone says to me, you are everywhere. I see you everywhere. I’m like, I’m not everywhere but I have really good ads. Yes, I have really good ads. I’ll take the you are everywhere. I’ll take it. 

Okay. So we talked about ‘Positioning’, we talked about ‘Personality’, we [00:13:30] talked about ‘Promotional’.

The fourth video is ‘Product’. Now, to me, product is almost like a two-pronged video. So to me, product, and I did it just to keep it easy, so it was all P’s, ‘Product’ is your IP. 

What you teach, what you know, what your special secret method or sauce or whatever you do, you want to share it. And I’m going to be honest with you, when I started shooting my videos for Inspired Living, it was almost 12 years ago.

My messaging hasn’t changed [00:14:00] a whole lot. Who I am has changed dramatically. My conviction and confidence in what I do has changed. I used to dangle the carrot but not give the goods. I would be like, ‘oh, I can teach you this’, but then I would never really teach it. And what I’ve learned is this, the more generous you are, the more people will trust you and want more from you.

So if you’re ever in a place where but this is my secret thing. I’m not saying share all the behind the scenes of what you do. But I will say be generous, share, because [00:14:30] people will learn something but they won’t know how to implement it. And I will say that when people live in scarcity and they’re not really giving anything that’s new or interesting, people will go follow someone else.

So Product videos are those weekly video blogs that you’re putting out on YouTube. You’re putting up on your website, you’re slicing and dicing and putting up on social, and I do one production day a month. ‘Hello!’ That’s right. One production day a month. I shoot four to six videos. I give them to my team and I’m done.

Now I do shoot [00:15:00] ancillary like reels and stories and things like that, but the main stuff is done. I’m done one day a month, so don’t tell me you don’t have time. It’s all about priorities. And then the second type of product video is ‘paid’ for. So launching an online course, leading a paid for webinar, those sorts of things.

Jody, I just feel like if anyone has any level of expertise, they can create some sort of video training that they can charge [00:15:30] for that can bring in, another six figure revenue stream for them if they know how to market that. 

Jody: Absolutely. That’s where actually I’ve created, I don’t mean to be promotional here, but hey, we’re talking about it

Keri: Please do. We’re talking about it. 

Jody: I’ve created like a video training program about how to run Facebook ads. And I’ve white labeled it. I’ve made it to be a reseller so someone can buy that and then they can just resell it. As many times as they want. So that’s actually done. 

Keri: We need connect after this.[00:16:00] 

Jody: But look, that heavy lifting is done. 

Keri: That’s amazing, that is amazing. And it also is such a great leverage piece. If you know that at the bottom of the funnel this is where most people are, this is what they’re going to pay. Like they don’t know what they don’t know, level of competency.

If you could teach me how to do Facebook ads, that’s amazing. Now, once I know what I know, then I’m going to make a conscious decision to hire someone. And that’s, so it’s like bottom of funnel, top of funnel. I love that you do that, Jody. And really anyone can. [00:16:30] We actually end up creating a lot of courses for our clients.

Because it’s not an easy thing to do. But it is a leveraged, repeatable thing. 

Jody: Absolutely. 

Keri: So ‘Product’ videos, and then the last video is ‘Proof’. Social proof. Look, I know I’m good at what I do. You’re good at what you do. We can sit here all day and talk about how great we are.

But when you have other people talking about how great you are, people listen. Like it’s just a different way of getting [00:17:00] testimonial. Testimonials have been around forever. Look at any infomercial. It’s nonstop testimonials, but I would say a lot of people miss this. They don’t get client testimonials, especially video testimonials.

So a great way to do this would be to do a Zoom interview with someone or just to give them a framework and say, would you please answer these three questions for me? And then you can edit the video. But I think a lot of people miss out on social proof videos and it’s one of the quickest drivers, I think, to gain trust and grow your business.

So [00:17:30] let’s recap. We’ve got Positioning, Personality, Promotional, Product, and Proof. Now, when you look at your content calendar for the month, you’re going to think to yourself, okay, once you have that positioning video on your website, that’s done. That should be there for a good two to three years. So that’s great, let’s get that off.  

Then you look at, where am I putting my product videos? How often am I doing personality videos? Where am I showing up and putting out my video blog and my product content? And then [00:18:00] where am I showing social proof? You implement those four things into your content you’re going to see a big uptick in just followers, engagement and buyers, which is super fun.

Jody: Awesome. So those five P’s, I hope you’ve written them all down. Rewind, hit that little ten second replay thing. Because that’s such an important framework for you. The promotional one, I just wanted to come back and tap on that because this is where [00:18:30] it’s something we need to do because we are coming from a place of service and it comes back to what Keri was saying. As you’re talking to the video talking to the camera, you are talking to one person and you’re coming from that place of service. And that’s where our promotion is coming from as well.

Because if you are just giving them these sort of tips and you don’t invite them or let them know that you can help them in some way, Put that offer out there, they might end up going with someone else and getting burnt. 

Keri: Exactly. 

Jody: They’re saying, oh, they didn’t [00:19:00] put pixels and I paid so much for them and all the rest of it. You can certainly help them and you’re actually doing a disservice by not promoting, by not letting them know that you can help them in some way. 

So I think that obviously mindset is such a big part of being a business owner. And so it’s watching our mindset as we do videos. We may have that little voice going, ‘oh, I’m hopeless on camera, my voice sounds so high and whiny’, and all these kind of things. 

It’s just that matter of living outside our comfort zone [00:19:30] and just doing it. And the more that you do it, the more you’ll get comfortable. 

Keri: And that is so true. I say ad nauseum ‘video is a muscle’. You can’t watch someone else get fit and get fit by symbiosis.

You’ve gotta go out there and do it. 

Jody: Absolutely. 

Keri: You need to build the muscle. And when it comes to those videos too, the promotional videos, and with any video, because you have three to eight seconds, it’s really important that you start with the ‘what’s in it for me’, for the person watching.

So [00:20:00] if I may just do a quick little example of that. 

Jody: Yes. That’d be amazing.

Keri: I think it’ll be really helpful for your audience. So instead of ‘Hi, I’m Keri Murphy, CEO of Inspired Living, and we specialize in supporting female entrepreneurs in really understanding how to craft an authentic message and use video to grow and scale their companies to six, seven figures and beyond. If this is you, click the link. We’d love to work with you because we love what we do, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah’. Okay? 

So that’s what we see [00:20:30] most of the time. Now, video is about psychographic. Video is all about emotional connection. So as an entrepreneur, you are passionate about helping people and you know that in order to help more people, you need to be seen by more people.

In fact, you buy stuff off ads every day, but when it comes to using them for your own business, you are so overwhelmed with where to start. Do you do it? Does someone else do it? Maybe in fact, you’ve invested in ads company before and you feel like you didn’t get anything [00:21:00] for it. So you have that resentment in you and you’re wondering, what do I really need to be able to stand out, have ads that convert and show up as an authority in my business?

Hi, I’m John and I own ads for Amazing Businesses. And when we work together, we really understand your struggle. We understand what you really want to achieve, and we take the time to get to know you, your message, and who is your right fit client, so we’re not wasting that money that you wasted before’. 

Notice I’m having a conversation with someone. [00:21:30] I’m meeting them at their pain point. I’m talking through objections, like I know what they’ve been through, and then I’m saying, ‘Hello. I have the prescription to that pain’. Very different than, ‘Hi, I’m Keri’. No one cares.

Jody: That was gold. Replay everyone! Take note of that. I was absolutely drawn in. I really felt like you were just talking to one person there. It was authentic, it was you, it was like these were my experiences, she [00:22:00] knows where I’m coming from. 

Keri: That is the secret. 

Jody: That was amazing. Thank you for that example. Gold. 

Keri: You’re welcome.

Jody: Now, just when it comes to technical stuff, because a lot of us will be on Zoom and like I’m looking at the camera here, I’ve got it set up, but we’ll be looking at Zoom, maybe doing calls there, and then we are looking down here at the person. 

Keri: Please don’t do that. 

Jody: And then they look back and they go, oh, I was looking at the wrong place. 

I remember one of the first times it was when Facebook Lives just came along and I did a Live, and you’re just getting out [00:22:30] there and I thought it was okay, but I had somebody who sent me a message, ‘Hello, Jody, I saw your Live. Terrible. Really. I have been professionally video trained and you should have a camera here and a camera here’. 

Keri: Oh my god, I’m sorry. Lesson block. Okay.   

Jody: So it’s thinking things of oh, I need it to be perfect. I need it to be proper. 

Keri: You do not. 

Jody: What do we need to do now just to get started and get started in a way that is, somewhat professional looking that we would be happy to share for [00:23:00] people to see.

Keri: Yeah, okay. Look, I’ve been on camera for over 30 years and I’m not a techy person. My talent is teaching you how to be on camera, like the tech side is easy, but what I will tell you is this. You need a ring light or some sort of light that’s going to brighten up your face. And my office is all natural light and I still usually have two lights.

I have one key light in front of me and then I have a fill light on my side. I use a webcam because it up levels the quality of [00:23:30] your video. I also have a Canon that when I really want to get fancy, I use that. But I need a switcher and it gets a little more complicated. And then lastly, a lav mic. I’m wearing my earbuds right now, but every time I do a reel, every time I’m filming something or I’m hosting a webinar, the sound of this or again, earbuds or any sort of outside sound that, really it’s that basic. 

Get some good lighting, a camera that makes you stand out so you don’t look like it’s [00:24:00] zoom quality and then a microphone. That’s it. That’s all you need. And you know what, I will tell you, growing up in entertainment, Jody, I needed to have, gosh, do you remember, I don’t know if you remember like the big soft boxes and these huge cameras and to set up to be on camera was a thing.

And in fact, when we shoot now, it’s still a thing, like production is massive. When we do a two day on camera training in Los Angeles, people fly out literally from all over the world and we shoot that positioning video for their [00:24:30] website and to see them set up, you’re like, all you need is a light and a microphone. No, it’s a full on thing. 

But for at home, like for you just to stand out, just be professional, look good, have good sound, good lighting, and up level your camera a little bit. I’m amazed at what these things can do. These things right here, these phones, it’s really remarkable what we have access to.

Jody: Absolutely. 

Keri: That’s what I tell people all the time. It is zero barrier to entry when it comes to [00:25:00] making an impact, being visible. But on the flip side of that, because there is no barrier to entry, there’s a lot of ‘icky’. There’s a lot of noise and it’s really, really important that if you want to stand out and grow your business, that you are consistent with video.

It cannot be, ‘I tried that, Keri, and it didn’t work’. You do ads for people you understand. It is consistent messaging over time, [00:25:30] and most people just want it too quick, and building a brand, becoming a thought leader, becoming the go-to expert takes time. So you either want it or you don’t.

Jody: Yep. Absolutely. As easy as that. You either want it or you don’t. 

Keri: You either want it or you don’t. It’s either priority or it’s not. 

Jody: Yes. Just on the equipment there, so with mine, this is where I’d been doing a podcast, these sort of interviews for a while, but I really didn’t really realize just what the [00:26:00] quality was like. It was so bad. 

So it was like I’m getting it all and it’s going to be good. And I was thinking, I’m going to have to go and buy lights. I’m going to have to buy like a real good camera, a real good mic. But my setup now, I just got this little Shure mic, I think it was about $400. I actually just moved to where my desk was so I just have the window here and I have the natural light, which makes a huge difference. 

Keri: That’s all natural light right now? 

Jody: Yep. So if I do a 6:00 AM call in winter, it’s like I’m in a little cave. Not so ideal. I have to do perfect later.

Keri: That’s impressive that’s all natural light [00:26:30] And Shure is great. Rode mics are great.

You don’t have to spend a fortune. And what camera are you using? 

Jody: It is my iPhone. So I have the iPhone with the latest updates for iOS. It mirror, it syncs to it. So I just select my phone. I’ve got it here in a tripod and it is amazing. Like I’m here. I’ll just do a little test to show you guys.

So this is the camera, and then this is my webcam, my Logitech. Look at the difference. [00:27:00] 

Keri: Wow. Look at the difference. 

Jody: It’s just my iPhone. So I saved a few hundred dollars, 

Keri: Okay. Look at the difference. If you’re listening, you need to go back and watch that. And that’s what I’m saying to stand out it is as simple as just using a higher quality camera. Look at that. That is amazing. So your phone syncs to your computer, obviously. 

Jody: Yep. It just comes up with Zoom. With Streamyard, I think it doesn’t come out, but most applications it does. [00:27:30] Yeah. So it’s amazing.

So much better quality. 

Keri: People are going to ask Jody, what phone do you have? I know they’re going to ask. 

Jody: It’s an iPhone. It’s one that’s got three cameras. I think it’s 14 or maybe a 16. 

Keri: It’s the 14.

Jody: It’s the 14, okay. So it’s that latest one. And so you just need to make sure that your Mac has the latest iOS updates and then you can use that.

Keri: Look at that. That’s amazing. I learned something today. Thank you so much. That’s awesome.

Jody: My pleasure. [00:28:00] I know a huge difference it makes so I was so happy. It’s $500, $800 saved. Yep, right there. Get started. Just get a tripod. Set it up and away you go.

So Keri, thank you so much. No excuses. You either do it or you don’t. That’s right. 

Keri: That’s it. That’s right. 

Jody: So Keri, this has been amazing, those five Ps guys, make sure you write them down, take action. Go back and listen to that example that Keri did of what to say in your video.

That was absolutely golden. And [00:28:30] replicate that for you, for your business and your ideal avatar. And you’ll really stand out and capture people’s attention in the newsfeed, I’m sure, with all these amazing tips. 

So Keri, where can people go to learn more about you? 

Keri: Oh, the great interweb. My website is because that is our mission, is to help people live out their most inspired, juicy, beautiful life possible, doing what they’re passionate about. On the website is a ‘Be Studio Ready Guide’ that gives you some really great tips to start using [00:29:00] video as well as equipment if you’re just starting out, or you’re more advanced. How to set up your home studio, all of that. 

It’s a beautiful pdf. You can go download that right now, and then I’m always active on Instagram, is probably where I am the most, which is Inspired Living TV. I would love to connect with you, DM me, let me know what you learned, and if you took something away that was inspiring, it would mean a lot to hear from you.

Jody: Yep. Absolutely DM. Because it is great to hear that, these tips that you give out, you put out then people go, ‘wow, I did this and this [00:29:30] was the result I got’. That’s what we love. That’s why we’re here. 

Keri: Me too. 

Jody: To serve and we’re here to help you guys. So once again, Keri, thank you very much, to you the listener.

I was going to say ‘everybody’ thank you, but no, it’s you, the listener. 

Keri: No, it’s the listener.

Jody: To you watching or listening today. Thank you very much for joining us and we look forward to seeing you next time. Bye for now. 

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