Episode 124: Outsmart the Organic Algorithm and WIN the Visibility Game

Key Highlights [00:01:00] Don’t go burnin’ yourself out on the

Jody Milward

Key Highlights

[00:01:00] Don’t go burnin’ yourself out on the content creation hamster wheel

[00:02:00] Why Facebook ads need to be part of your own marketing strategy

[00:03:30] How to use core content pieces to build an audience

[00:05:30] How to get your core content showing up ‘all the time’ without posting on social platforms every day

[00:09:30] The secret to dominate the newsfeed, get noticed and attract ideal clients without ‘hope’ posting or ‘hunting’ for potential clients

[00:00:00] So you’ve got videos, you’ve got branded images, you’ve got all of these great things that can attract your ideal clients, but you post them in the newsfeed and what happens? Crickets. That’s what we are diving into today in this episode of Online Confidential, where we are wrapping up the visibility series so that you can get seen, get heard, and get paid.

So let’s dive into some ‘Secret Ad Manager’ business. I really hope that you have enjoyed [00:00:30] this visibility series where we’ve spoken to a number of experts with some practical experience and expertise to help you get more visible online with videos, having that camera ready face, camera ready confidence with how you’re speaking, looking at public relations opportunities and all the things to help you get seen and noticed by your ideal client. 

We can go out there and create these amazing videos, but if we’re just [00:01:00] posting them on our newsfeed and hoping that people are going to see them, then we are going to struggle with a lot of the same problems that our clients have when we’re doing all these organic posts.

Why Facebook ads need to be part of your own marketing strategy

Unless you are really hustling at the organic game you’re really not going to get anybody to see them. This is the beauty of Facebook ads. This is where we can take control and not be held captive to those organic algorithms. I see on TikTok and Reels [00:01:30] posts about you need to do three videos a day to get the favor of the algorithm there.

Who’s got time for that? I know for myself who creates videos, 10 minute videos, one minute videos, even a one minute video has taken me hours to create. So I don’t want to just create a video and have it seen by 10 people or even a hundred people. And then that can take hours. Who’s got time to create three videos a day just to get out there [00:02:00] in these organic algorithms?

People who are saying that and are doing that typically have a whole team behind them that are their content management team who are editing and creating these videos, and all sorts of things are going on behind the scenes. So what can we do as a solopreneur or a service provider who doesn’t have this big team behind us where it may just be us and we want to get out there and get visible with this amazing content that we’ve created?

Thank you Facebook ads. 

I know a lot of [00:02:30] people think Facebook ads are expensive and there are those ads that are expensive. When you are running those conversion campaigns when we are going out for sales or getting people to opt in for our webinar, or getting people to sign up for our lead magnet. They’re the most competitive campaigns. That’s the red hot audience. That’s where there’s a lot of competition in the newsfeed. We can still run ads super cost effectively, like for a cup of coffee a day.

You can get all this amazing [00:03:00] content that you create out in front of your ideal clients, your specifically targeted audience, staying front and center of mind for the next 30, 60, 90, 180, a whole year. You can be getting in front of your ideal client without having to create three reels or TikToks or short form videos a day.

How to use core content pieces to build an audience

You can create these core content pieces then get them out in front of your ideal audience time and time again sprinkled in the newsfeed so [00:03:30] they see these snackable content pieces from you that continues to position you as the authority and the expert that can help them. 

This is where I like to use what I call the Client Attraction Code, it’s the ad strategy that I had developed. 

It’s part of an overall bigger strategy, which I call the Social Charlie system, where we combine those conversion ads as well. The Client Attraction Code allows you to [00:04:00] take a core content piece and get it out in front of your ideal audience. You still do all the same targeting to that interest that you are wanting to target, but we are using our engagement campaigns and our video campaigns. 

So here we use a video at our top of funnel where we are going out to cold audiences. From our visibility series, you’ve learned all the tips about, how to create a great video, what to put in a video, and some [00:04:30] editing. Now you want to use that content at the top of your funnel to target those audiences, and we use an engagement campaign so that Facebook will send it out to people who are likely to engage with our ad. 

Then we also use it in a video campaign. Okay, so it might be an engagement objective and then we are selecting for video views and through plays, so that way Facebook’s going to send it to people who are likely to watch the video.

So we’re capturing two [00:05:00] sections of the audience. Still our ideal clients, but they may not be at that conversion stage yet. Or maybe they are, but they also show these other behaviors. And we are getting out to a wider audience. So using that one content piece in both of those campaigns can get that content out to thousands of people each day.

And that is our anchor point where we then retarget those people that have [00:05:30] engaged with us on Instagram and engaged with us on Facebook. They’ve watched their videos. We are going to retarget them. 

How to get your core content showing up ‘all the time’ without posting every day

When it comes to retargeting them, this is where I love Reach campaigns. Because that gives us the ability to say, okay, let’s create this nice, big audience size.

Because as we know, reach campaigns or retargeting campaigns can be very challenging to feed out if you’ve just got small audiences. So this allows us to create a nice, big audience. I [00:06:00] love reach campaigns because of the ability to set the frequency. The default for a reach campaign frequency is that it will show your ad once every seven days, which can be great.

I like to reduce it down to five days, depending on the number of content pieces you may have. 

So we’ve got our top of funnel anchor pieces, that engagement campaign, that video view campaign. Then we’re going to retarget everybody who’s watched the through play, the 15 seconds of that video in the last 30 days.

[00:06:30] And people who have engaged with our page in the last 30 days. People who have engaged with us on Facebook in the last 30 days, recapturing that audience because we can, because they’ve stayed on the Facebook platform. We’re retargeting them and we’ll say, here is content piece number two. Okay, so this is now our warm audience middle of funnel.

So we’ll have one ad set with one content piece, and we’re retargeting that audience with a reach campaign once every [00:07:00] five days. Then what we do is we add in another content piece targeting that exact same audience. So you would just duplicate the adset. That 30 day audience, duplicate it, and then you would just change out that content piece.

So instead of content piece number two, you’ll put in content piece number three. The frequency for that would be, show this once every five days as well. So with those two content pieces, they’ll [00:07:30] show once every five days. So for a 30 day audience cohort, they’ll show six times. So you see it’s just popping up in the newsfeed every now and then.

And then with the other ad as well, with content number three in the other ad set. That’s just going to pop up over the next 30 days as well, being shown six times, because I dunno about you, but I certainly don’t pay attention to every ad that’s in my newsfeed the first time I see it. I might have to see it a couple of times.

So with this approach, this [00:08:00] ad will pop up a couple of times, six times in that month, in that 30 day window. They may not notice it too much the first time. Second time they’ll get that vague connection. I think I’ve seen this before, third time, they might actually pay more attention, read it, click it.

Maybe fourth time they’ll click it, but they see it a few times. So that’s a perfect way to get a nice, big audience that we can get our content back in front of so they can actually see it. It’ll feed out because it’s that big audience size. 

And also avoid [00:08:30] banner blindness. That’s where if we were to retarget this audience for the next 30 days with an engagement campaign or a traffic campaign, they’re going to see that ad every day for 30 days, and that’s going to cause a bit of banner blindness. 

Just by popping up in the newsfeed with a few different content pieces along the way, keeps it interesting, and then we make this evergreen. 

We add on another 60 days, we add on another 90 days. Like I said, when people have engaged with [00:09:00] us on Facebook or Instagram, we can retarget them for a whole 365 days if you so wish.

We can keep retargeting these audiences. Put in different content pieces for that 60 day audience, different content pieces for that 90 day audience. If you create 12 videos, 12 content pieces, you’ve well and truly got enough content to cover you for at least three months or maybe even six months, depending on how you’ve structured it.

The secret to dominate the newsfeed, get noticed and attract ideal clients

So you can keep showing up in your [00:09:30] ideal client’s newsfeed day after day without having to do three reels, three TikToks and exhaust yourself trying to create all these videos when your time is already precious and at capacity, doing everything else that you do in your business, supporting your clients and serving them with all the deliverables.

So these content pieces, and setting up what I call the Client Attraction Code is going to help you to stay dominant in the newsfeed, your clients are going to see you all the time, and you’re not going to [00:10:00] get frazzled with, oh my gosh, what am I going to post today? What do I need to post today? I need to be visible. I need to do a video.

It’s doing it all there for you. So if you want to learn more about this strategy, if you want to get your hands on the Client Attraction Code so you can put your videos or even emails that you’ve created, hello, 70% of people don’t continue to go on and read our emails. 

If you’ve got emails, you can put them into your content pieces with one of your amazing branded photos and and then people will [00:10:30] actually get to see it rather than it’s just going into the spam folders.

So 12 content piece is all you really need. If you want to learn more, head over to for Client Attraction Code. You’ll be able to get your hands on this strategy so you can get off that hamster wheel of worrying about creating a reel every day, creating a post every day.

You will be seen in the newsfeed. I can’t tell you the number of times I have gone places [00:11:00] and people say, oh, I keep seeing you in my newsfeed. ‘Yeah, sorry about that. You are going to see me for a long time’.

I have set this up for myself and by using this strategy, I have seen sales come in from these ads from that are just a dollar a day that are just getting out into the newsfeed where the attribution is showing, okay, this person has purchased and this is the last ad that they’ve seen.

I have seen the effects it’s made on my own campaigns, as well as my clients who I have rolled this out for over the [00:11:30] years. 

So Client Attraction Code. Head over there and learn more about this strategy if you really want to get out there and get visible without having to do all these videos and posts every day.

I hope you found that useful. Love to learn more about your takeaways from it. 

Just email us at that’s it for today. 

I look forward to seeing you next time. Bye for now.[00:12:00] 

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