Episode 116: Behind The Scenes of multi 7-figure launches with “Launch Queen’ Laura Ball

Key Highlights: [00:01:40] Why Laura’s made ongoing education her top

Jody Milward

Key Highlights:

[00:01:40] Why Laura’s made ongoing education her top priority even after 7 years of managing ads

[00:07:40] Laura’s tips for running a successful launch before you even load an ad

[00:09:57] What to help a client understand if they’re new to ads and want big results

[00:10:40] Behind the scenes of Laura’s multi 7-figure launches

[00:19:22] Laura breaks down how she allocates a 6-figure ad budget for a launch

[00:29:00] The experiences Laura’s business has helped pay for that she never thought in a million years would be possible



Jody: [00:00:00] Hey everybody! Welcome to this episode of Online Confidential. Do you want to know what goes behind a $4million launch with regards to ad spend? 

That’s what you’re going to find out today on this episode as we talk to, as we affectionately call her the ‘Launch Queen’ Laura Ball about ads and launches.

Laura, welcome to the show. Super excited to have you on today.

Laura: Thanks so much. I’m excited to be here. 

Jody: [00:00:30] Laura is one of our Elite Ad Manager graduates, but she absolutely crushes it with regards to Facebook ads and is an example of what is actually possible. 

The numbers that we’re going to go through today will likely blow your mind. 

Managing an amount of ad spend that for a lot of people could be 10 years of income, and this is what Laura’s done at her fingertips, but she didn’t start there. 

Laura, tell us about your journey. What did you do [00:01:00] before Facebook ads? How did you transition to what you’re doing now? Tell us all the things. 

Laura: So I was a stay-at-home mom with little kids and my background has always been in marketing. I used to place ads in newspapers, so very old school.

And as my kids started getting a little bit older and going to school, I wanted to get back into the workforce. So I started working a little bit in marketing [00:01:30] for my chiropractor and then I found my way to Facebook ads and I just fell in love with them and just wanted to learn everything. So I’ve taken every course known to man and, continue to educate myself.

I haven’t stopped. If there’s more programs or coaching that I can take I will do that because Facebook’s ever changing. And you have to keep up with it. So now I am working exclusively with clients who are making between [00:02:00] six and eight figures and I specialize in launches. I love the excitement of a launch.

It’s scary, but it’s also really rewarding at the end when it’s a big launch. I also do coaching and evergreen and I have a few evergreen clients and things like that. 

Jody: Awesome. And so I love what you touched on there in that you’re always taking programs and things because that is an essential part of growing, learning, and having your own business.

There is always going to be something to learn. You’ll learn a [00:02:30] section here and might be about Facebook ads. You’ll learn another bit over here and it might be about hiring and recruiting, another area over here, which could be about mindset or just lifestyle things as well. Having to live your best life. So a bit of personal coaching. There’s always those kind of things. And then throw in Facebook ads. Hello. 

Laura: Right.

Jody: Things are always changing there 

Laura: I think also another thing is that not only do the programs that I’m taking [00:03:00] help with learning Facebook ads, but it also helps with running your business because they’re two totally different things.

And when you’re a new ad manager, you’re just trying to learn how to run the Facebook ads, but you do need to know how to run the business and deal with the clients and all that other stuff. 

That’s why when I, shameless plug for Elite, but that’s why I loved your program because it had both, it really gave the support for the new business owner and the support [00:03:30] for learning the skills you need to run Facebook ads. You don’t get that a lot in other programs, so just a plug for anybody who’s interested in Elite. 

Jody: Why thank you. But that’s part of my journey as well because I remember doing a program and I loved the ad parts and I still do. 

And I remember them saying, ‘guys, we’re not here to teach you how to be like John Loomer’, who’s an Ads Pro, ‘we’re here to teach you to be a business owner’. And I remember thinking, but I want to be like John Loomer. I wanted [00:04:00] to have these amazing Facebook ad skills.

It’s totally possible to have that as well as building a business, but it’s also totally possible to be an amazing ad manager and not have the business skills. So you can be in there and know how to run Facebook ads, but then when it comes to running a business and hiring team, working with team, when should you be releasing team, putting aside money for taxes?

And just all that sort of business stuff that comes with it. That’s a whole other area. 

That’s something that I do [00:04:30] like. It’s a learning journey that I’ve had to go on and I’m still on. I always have my mentors to help me grow and build my business.

But then bringing that knowledge that I’ve been learning along the way and bringing to you guys there as well, so you can build these businesses. 

Back to you, Laura. Good deflection there, but back to you. So you started out, you did the pivot, you had the kids and work at home.

What did you start out with your monthly retainers? 

Laura: When I started, I would do [00:05:00] things for free just to get experience because I was so afraid to charge money for something I didn’t really know how to do, and I didn’t know if I could get them results. And then I think for about a year I would charge about $400 to $600 a month.

I didn’t have very many clients and I had the wrong clients is what I had. I just had clients who can hear the big stories of making millions of dollars using Facebook ads [00:05:30] and they’re like, here’s $500, make me a million. They were just the wrong clients.

I started there and I’ve been doing this, I think I’m going into my seventh year running ads, and now my monthly retainer is between $3,000 and $4,000 a month. 

Jody: And a percentage of ad spend as well. 

Laura: Yes. Then I take 10% of ad spend over $10,000. So if they exceed $10,000 in a month, I would take a piece of that.

Jody: [00:06:00] Absolutely. Because the more ad spend you’re managing, the more work that’s required. And we’re also results driven. Like Laura is always one when there’s strategies, like our Client Attraction Code where we’re out there and getting visible, Laura would be one asking

‘But how does this work? I want to see the results. I like to see the numbers. It doesn’t make sense’. 

Laura: Oh, it drives me crazy. Drives me crazy. 

Jody: So she is very results focused, making sure she’s getting results for her clients, which leads [00:06:30] us into these launches. And this is not just a one off flash in the pan success that Laura’s had.

She’s just completed two launches for clients this year that have 10x the return on ad spend. Where it’s been a $400,000 ad spend to a $4million plus or $5million in results. And she also did that last year as well, so she’s doing it year on year for multiple clients, so it’s amazing.

Laura, tell us, there’s so much to unpack here, [00:07:00] but what are the keys for success for launches such as this? 

Laura: Yeah, I think the first thing is that, I always go back to, I can bring the traffic into a funnel, and if the funnel’s working, it can create a million dollar launch.

And so I think working with clients who have their funnel really buttoned up and they have their their avatar and their messaging dialed in. Picking those clients, and working with clients like that you can very easily [00:07:30] have success. And I think even if they might not have super successful funnels, if you have data from past launches that they’ve done, you can predict what’s going to happen for the next launch.

So I think there is so much to it. It’s not just the ads, it’s doing this year after year and tweaking things at launch, after launch. So these clients that I have, I’ve been working with one of them for [00:08:00] four years. So every year we launch and every year we do better and better.

He has this history of successful launches, and now we just scale. So every year we spend a little bit more money. And the same thing with my other client. She has things really dialed in and we know the avatar, we know who we’re looking for, and it’s just a matter of driving that traffic in.

And getting that funnel to convert. [00:09:23]And we have past data so we know she converts at 8% each year. So we can expect, okay, if we’re going to convert at 8% and we want to double our revenue this year, then we need to spend X amount of dollars. So you have to like re-engineer it.

But yeah, it doesn’t happen overnight, it just doesn’t happen overnight. So as wonderful as these launches are and the results that I can help my clients get, it didn’t start that way when I was running ads in the beginning. Because a lot of the times the clients that would come to me had no [00:09:00] experience in Facebook ads and it was their first time.

So at that point, you have to really let the client know we’re going to run ads as a test and it’s going to collect data. We’re going to collect data and we’re going to learn from that. So you might not see an ROI, anytime soon. So how much are you willing to spend to lose? Yeah, my clients have paid their dues and so I am very fortunate and very grateful to have a couple of clients that are very, very successful and we just continue to tweak things [00:09:30] in the funnel and launch. We do allow for a lot of time before we start showing them, the free experience. So we might do some engagement ads for a month.

We might do some case studies for a month, lead magnets and build up to the main experience, which then leads into their offer. You need time, you really do need time. 

Jody: Yep, absolutely. So like they say, if you want to sit in the shade the best time to plant a [00:10:00] tree was like how many years ago.

So with that, we’ll unpack these a bit more. So with the funnels, with these launches, I know they were like the product launch style, so a three video series. Is that correct? 

Laura: Yeah. So those two launches were PLF Product Launch Formula, so four part video series and then the last video was the pitch. 

A lot of my clients, it’s not a set it and forget it type, when you hear PLF, you think, oh, it’s just video series and it’s going to [00:10:30] launch and I’m going to kick back. My clients were very active during the whole launch process.

They were in their Facebook groups and they were going live, and they were continuing to nurture their people. They were engaging with them, they were having parties. They were having contests. They were doing giveaways. So there was so many things involved on their side that it just all worked.

And you have to have that, you have to do the [00:11:00] organic effort, the social posting, being on YouTube, maybe running some ads on Google or on Pinterest. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak with Facebook ads. You have to diversify. And they really did. Once the videos were going out, we were showing them retargeting ads to people who maybe didn’t catch all the videos.

Well, here’s the video. Here’s the video again. And we were tracking how many people were watching the video. And, just [00:11:30] continuing to run ads through cart close. Just tons of ads. Tons of ads. 

Jody: Tons of ads. And we’ll get into that as well. Like how do you manage ads and set it all up for a $400,000 ad spend.

But a key takeaway there, guys, is that the clients weren’t just relying on Facebook ads. They weren’t just going, here you go, drive the traffic, get those sales in. They were also heavily involved, which is such an important part of it because [00:12:00] ads are one piece. There are so many other things like you did mention Pinterest ads and all the rest, but it’s that showing up, it’s that engaging, it’s being there and that organic work as well.

It all works in unison with Facebook ads. So we had the full launch of a four video series, Product Launch Formula framework. So how far out in advance did you start running ads for these launches? 

Laura: So one of my clients, we run ads all year long. So we run the [00:12:30] Client Attraction Code with brand awareness ads, podcast ads and lead magnet ads throughout the year. 

Then three months before the main experience with the PLF video series we ramp up with our ad spend and we start running traffic to lead magnets, but the lead magnets really do align well with what the main workshop is going to [00:13:00] talk about.

And it leads nicely into it. So one of the lead magnets is a challenge and that kind of gets people excited and gets people engaged. And she tracks the percentage of people who convert. From each lead magnet into the sale of her main course. She has a lot of data on that.

So we use that information when the launch is over and say, okay, this converted very well into your course, maybe we should run [00:13:30] this lead magnet ongoing throughout the year to keep that conversion rate high and get people primed and ready to go. So she’ll do a challenge, she’ll do a lead magnet and then we do the PLF video series. 

And we run ads continuously in the background and then ramp up about three months before the actual launched live event. 

Jody: Excellent. It’s great to hear that there’s that ongoing strategy as well, [00:14:00] so that it’s not just here launch, let’s get people in. Fantastic

Laura: Right. 

Jody: So how do you typically distribute the budget? You’ve got your audience building warming up, you’ve got the ‘we’re going for it now’, getting them onto the list and then the cart close.   

Laura: When the client doesn’t move the goal posts on the budget, it’s easy.

Sometimes that’s one thing you have to work on with clients. I need to know what the budget is today, three months before, don’t tell [00:14:30] me, you’re going to change it because I allocate it based on the day they give me the budget. So if I have $400,000, the first thing I really do is pull out what I think I’m going to need for cart open, cart close and retargeting ads.

So generally it’s between 20% and 30%. Is what I pull out. So then I know, okay, now I have, $300,000 for the beginning phase of the launch. So then I just break out, typically I like to have between [00:15:00] 60% to 70% of the budget for lead generation.

So of that $300,000, I’ll take out 70% of that, use that for the lead gen, and then the rest would be for awareness ads, client attraction code ads prior to the lead gen phase. That’s pretty much how I break it out. I just work backwards. 

Jody: And as you were saying all this, I just want to point out to people is that this is [00:15:30] Laura.

She doesn’t have this whole big marketing, copywriting department, and creative department, all of this. This is Laura in here doing the work all in there. When you’re working with clients for these kind of budgets and these results, are you writing the copy? Are you doing the creative?

How is all that working? 

Laura: So these two particular clients do have people who do creative. And these clients happen to be in the creative space, so they enjoy doing design [00:16:00] work. So that helps. And they do have a team of people who will send me creative. For the most part, they have copywriters as well.

If not, I do outsource that because I don’t feel like I am a copywriter or a graphic designer, so I will outsource it so I’m not essentially doing that stuff, but I am facilitating it with my copywriter or a graphic designer person. But these two I think what happens is when clients reach that seven figure business mark, [00:16:30] they have a team of people.

They just do, you can’t get to that point without staff. And most of them want me to use their designer or copywriter to do that. I’m fortunate because that helps. And when I do quote for services, I take that into consideration. Do you have a copywriter and a creative person?

If they do, I take that out of the equation. But yeah, it is just me and my VA [00:17:00] 

Jody: Awesome. 


Laura: They help with all the tracking and all the backend stuff. 

Jody: Amazing, Laura. Okay, so you’re starting about three months out, you’ve allocated the budgets, et cetera.

How do you actually manage in ads Manager, there’s $300,000 and $400,000 ad spends for a launch. How many ad sets, I know you are also the queen of audiences and audience research. You’re out there testing. Do you know how many [00:17:30] audiences you would test in these processes, how many ad sets?

Laura: I love ABO. I love setting the budget at the ad set level. I just do not like CBO. Sometimes I will do it if I’m scaling. If I know it’s working I will set a CBO campaign if they’re tested audiences. I tend to have a lot of audiences. I’m trying to think of, maybe 10 interest-based audiences and 10 lookalike audiences.

[00:18:00] I start there. I used to be very conservative and would have maybe 20 ad assets or 30 ad assets with $100 each ad set. I’ve gotten a little braver where maybe I’ll start with 10 ads assets at $400 or $500 per ad set. That is a little bit more manageable in Ads Manager because then you know what to turn, you’re not digging through all of these ads sets. 

I try to split it up.[00:18:30] I think about how good the quality of the email lists are and when I’m making lookalike audiences, so there’s so many different lookalike audiences you can make, but I have one client who I don’t think the quality of his lookalike audience is great.

So I tend to be conservative on how I build the lookalike audiences. I love lookalike audiences of buyers or people have engaged with their Instagram. So I ask the client, ‘Are you [00:19:00] more prevalent on Instagram or Facebook?’ And if they’re like, ‘oh, I’m all on Instagram’, then I’ll start digging into that and making lookalike audiences off that. 

Then I go along, because sometimes I have a long window for lead generation. I might then build an audience of people who’ve hit the thank you page and build a lookalike audience on that. So it’s not something where I start it and stop, I’m always in there reiterating things and testing new audiences and turning off [00:19:30] the ones that are high, scaling the ones that are low and really testing new things. 

The last couple of launches, the biggest problem we had was the landing page conversion rate. It was just really hard to get, I think because there’s just so much noise out there, it’s really hard to get people to convert. 

We were trying for above 25% or [00:20:00] 26%. We were like creeping, and we would split test headlines and images and this and that, and nothing was moving the needle. So that was our biggest challenge for both of those clients actually.  

They weren’t awful but I always want to do better. It’s 25% or it’s 30%. Let’s see if we can get it up a little bit more. What can we do to change that? 

Jody: That’s it. It’s knowing the numbers. Knowing the data, knowing benchmarks [00:20:30] and like 25%, 30%, that’s typically great.

But yes, what can we do to make things better? And this is where I guess as you were doing these things, who was making the calls for we should test this, we should optimize this, or we should try a different headline. Was that you, was it your client? Was it a joint thing? 

Laura: For one client, I made suggestions. We had a video on the landing page. I’m like, let’s try a static image. Maybe the video is not, that people [00:21:00] aren’t feeling it. They don’t want to watch the video, they get there and whatever. And so I gave her some suggestions and it did have a slight uptick.

The other client, he was really into the split test and he had a lot of ideas, so he was running the split test and making those changes and we were tracking it. So every time he made a change, we would track was variation a higher, or b higher, and it just wasn’t moving the needle.

We also had his copywriter [00:21:30] involved and we would meet regularly during the launch. This is another thing that was really, really helpful because they both have a team of people we would meet every Wednesday and I would give my numbers, their social person would give their numbers and I would say, okay, this is where the bottleneck is, this is what we need to work on. 

The copywriter would get involved and it was really helpful, it. It didn’t work in the sense that we weren’t seeing that uptick in the landing page conversion rate, but it was really good for us to work together as a team on [00:22:00] what things to test next.

He was pretty much in there making the changes. I couldn’t keep up with it sometimes. 

Jody: I get it. And again, it comes back to working with clients, the right clients who are really there and invested and they’re doing their part working as a team, like you said. So with regards to that tell us what’s a day in the life of an ad manager when they’re managing a $400,000 ad spend for a launch?[00:22:30] 

Laura: Oh, I had two. These two clients launched at the same time. So it was a lot. I was really, really tired. We’d been working together for two clients, both had over $400,000 budget. One made $5million, the other one made between $3million and $4million.

It was a lot of work, a lot of meetings, a lot of changes. I try [00:23:00] not to do that, but sometimes it just overlaps. There’s nothing you can do. I really love both of these clients, and so I want to keep them. So I just made it work and I think I know when I’m going to be busy. 

I know from November to March just don’t talk to me because I’ll be in my office and working. I think I need to start getting a little bit of help during those periods of time so that I can better manage. 

Especially [00:23:30] if I have regular monthly clients that I have to support as well, because it is just me running it.

Jody: So listen up guys, if you are an amazing organized person who is committed, reach out to Laura because she is looking. Because that is one of the hardest things for ad managers and agencies. I talk to agency owners all the time, ‘how do you go getting your staff’ and there’s always an eye roll going, ‘oh my gosh, if you know how to get good staff, let us know’.

Laura: Oh my gosh, I know, 

Jody: Laura has despite her [00:24:00] best efforts, done some hires and it just hasn’t worked out. As she has said, ‘I’m never hiring again!’

Laura: I am never hiring again. I know, I have very high expectations. 

Jody: And you need to.

Laura: Yeah. And because I launch, everything is very timely.

I need somebody who’s going to move fast. Because with launches, you have to make changes very quickly. And I just think some people just don’t want that aggravation, which I get, I get it. 

Jody: Totally. [00:24:30] It’s for some people, not for others. So like you were saying, between November and March, ‘just don’t talk to me. I’m going to be in my office doing my thing’. Some people might go, oh wow, that’s just overwhelming. Others may love the adrenaline of it, and they’ve got that capacity with their lifestyle. They’re at a stage of life where it’s yes, I can go in and I can do this. Because you trying to do this, probably 15 years ago when your kids were all that much younger, would not have been a thing. 

So it’s been part of your journey where you’ve started out, you’ve worked with these various other clients. Now you’re at this [00:25:00] stage where you are that premium ad manager for launches here, proven time and time again. 

And so like you’ve said, it’s yay, I’m going to be floating around in my pool at summertime because you’ve done these hard yards for these four months and then you’ll go back and do it again, or later in the year.

And that’s the thing with launches as well, there tends to be these launch seasons. As long as you’re aware of that and you’re prepared for it, and you go, great, this is it, block it out. And then [00:25:30] refuel in between those times, is such an important thing. 

Otherwise, what a lot of people would do is phew! that’s over and then they just keep on going, keep on going. And it’s like burnout city. 

I’m very happy to hear that you’re planning to just float around by the pool. In the pool that Facebook ads paid for right, from launches a few years ago.

Laura: I never thought in a million years that my business would pay for things like, we went to Spain and it paid for it. We [00:26:00] got a pool, it paid for it. 

After these two launches, because I charge a percentage of ad spend, I got a very nice payday in March that actually makes me uncomfortable because it’s just, someone’s salary. 

Jody: Even a couple of years of salary, for a lot of people. 

Laura: Yeah, exactly. But I’ve earned it. I’ve earned it. I feel like I’ve paid my dues. 

Jody: Absolutely. 

Laura: I think, if you work hard for your clients and [00:26:30] they know that you care as much as you do, they’re happy to pay that.

So now I’m in a little bit of a downtime and it’s great because now I have that budget there that I can float a little bit over the summer, because I do like to be around for my kids during the summer. They’re not out of the house and my husband travels, so I’m always going to be the parent that has to go pick up the kids or one’s homesick or take them to the [00:27:00] doctors. 

So my business has to be flexible like that. And it just works that summers are quiet. They’re busy, but they’re not like launch season. Thank god. 

Jody: Thank goodness. Thank goodness. And as you touched on there, you’ve paid your dues.

You’ve started off, you were charging $500 a month, $400 or $500. You worked with those clients that ideally now we see they’re not the ideal clients, they’re not the right sort of clients, however, it was dipping your toes in the water, getting that experience, and then just progressing along the way.

And that’s what I [00:27:30] really want to emphasize to a lot of people is that, while running ads for clients can be a very lucrative opportunity. Because you’re bringing so much value to a business, helping them to make $5million in these cases, like with Laura, you work your way up to that.

If you’re starting out, if you’re a newer ad manager, if you don’t have a lot of experience under your belt, this is what I always say, don’t go out charging $3,000 a month retainers. Laura was even saying earlier, with the [00:28:00] prices that she’s charging now, it’s ‘oh my goodness, I’m charging this much!’

But it is a mindset thing as well. Even though Laura’s got all this experience, she’s made millions of dollars, millions of dollars for her client’s, managed millions of dollars of ad spend. And still it’s there are things that are in our head that can derail us from charging what we’re worth.

But when we’re starting out, start out at a rate that’s going to be comfortable for you as you do learn, as you get experience on accounts, and then work your way up. Laura’s been doing this [00:28:30] for a lot of years, and now she’s at this point where it’s like, she’s commanding the price and she’s getting it, and she’s getting her client’s results.

It’s a journey. I think a lot of people can say, ‘oh, I’m going to jump into ads’. And like you said earlier about having the clients who have heard, ‘oh, here’s $50, turn it into $50,000’. And that’s what a lot of people who are starting out with online businesses can be thinking that it could be ‘oh, I’ll just do this and in 90 days I’ll be making $10,000 months or a hundred thousand dollars.

Laura: Right, right. 

Jody: Can be possible, [00:29:00] but it’s a rarity. It’s just like any other business. You’ve got to build it up and that’s where you’ve done the hard yards Laura. 

You’ve started out, you’ve gone through it, like when you started your kids were that much smaller. You’ve gone through the journey. You’ve continued to invest in yourself, which has been amazing for you and your business, and also the results that you’ve gotten for your clients. So just hats off to you. You’ve done an amazing job, and I know you’re such an inspiration to all the ad managers in our community when they go, ‘wow!’

Laura: I love talking to them because it is possible. [00:29:30] And as a mom, because there are a lot of moms in our group that are trying to build a business and I’m like, you’re where you’re supposed to be. Take it day by day. Don’t look at other people. And I can say, I have to say that to myself too, because I look at other people that are so beyond me and I’m like, oh, I want to get there.

But, I’m where I need to be now, and I don’t want my lifestyle to suffer and I want to be able to be with the kids. It’s okay if I’m not making a million dollars. [00:30:00] It’s okay. It’s okay. But yeah you just keep going. You just keep going and you’ll get there. 

Jody: A hundred percent. That comparisonitis of going, ‘oh, look at them. Look how they’re doing. Oh, I should be there’. You’ve got to stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself because it’s like, what stage of life are you in now? What is the income and the revenue you need to be making, and how can you do that in a way that is going to complement your lifestyle?

There’s no point, if you’re wanting to go, ‘oh, I want to [00:30:30] work with coaches. I want to charge $4,000 and I want to do these big launches.’ You heard from Laura, it takes it was four months of her life. She was there with her cat and her dog in the office keeping her company to do this kind of thing. 

But then have the flexibility and the rewards of that other time off. There’s seasons for everything. There’s seasons for absolutely going for it and building your business. There’s seasons to just gently be scaling and as long as you’re doing it and you’re in a place that is in integrity [00:31:00] for you and is working around you and your family, just have that space to be able to enjoy it rather than be pursuing, pursuing all the time.

You did that, Laura. 

Laura: Yeah. Yeah. 

Jody: So you’ve had these big launches, you’ve done these multimillion dollar ones, and you prefer ABO campaigns. You’d be testing, putting more budget into ad sets rather than less budget and more ad sets. Do you get warnings from Facebook? Let’s just talk about this for a minute.

You’ll get the [00:31:30] popup from Facebook going, this is likely to get not as much reach each, or you’ll get Facebook saying you need to combine your ad sets. 

Laura: Yeah. I don’t listen to Facebook. I mean I’ll look at it and I’m like, eh, a lot of the times it’s a judgment call. It really is. You look at the numbers and you look at the data and then make a judgment decision based on it.

Sometimes I just disagree with Facebook. You’re not going to get any conversions. What do you mean? [00:32:00] Of course I’m going to get conversions. That just comes with experience, that comes with running ads for years.

You know what to look at, and what to pay attention to, and what to just be like, whatever.  

Jody: Absolutely. Take it with a grain of salt and go, okay, we’ll just see actually how it goes. That’s what we do, you’ve got to invest with launch the money and see what the data says.

So let’s just wrap up with some final high level ad speak because people would like to know. [00:32:30] Let’s just look at one of the launches, one that did $5million, I think. How many leads did you get in that time? About how much was it cost per lead and then how many converted to the sales?

Laura: Oh gosh. So average lead cost was about $5, I would say. She likes to double her email list, so I think we brought in maybe 50,000 leads. Yeah. [00:33:00] 50,000 leads, I want to say. I’d have to go back and look, but a lot of leads. A lot of leads, and I think lead costs have been coming up.

They just keep somewhat doubling a little bit. And I think it’s the noise that’s in the space and it’s getting saturated. But if you know your numbers, then you know what you’ll be able to spend on a lead. $10 might feel like’argh!’, but if you know that you’re going to convert 8% of these people, you might be [00:33:30] okay with spending $10 a lead.

One of my clients has affiliates and she says ‘I’d rather spend $20 on a lead than pay my affiliate half the price of what the program is, or whatever. You have to know your numbers. A lot of the time we’re bringing in between 40,000 and 70,000 leads.

One of the clients, his launch list between organic traffic and Facebook ads was about 96,000 people who came into the funnel. So a [00:34:00] lot of leads, and they start low and then they start creeping up, and the lead costs just, yeah, it is what it is.  

You try to work it, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. 

Jody: Exactly. And like you said, it’s knowing what your conversion rate is on the back end so that you can calculate, okay, based on this, as long as we get our lead costs in at this price or under we’re golden. Otherwise, if you’re out to just going ‘I need $3 leads’.

In actual [00:34:30] fact, you can pay up to $8 for a lead and they’re coming in at $5, then you’re still coming out ahead. Knowing those numbers are so vital. So you got about 50,000 leads, and that’s what I like to remind people as well. 

They’ll see posts where people will say, how we got 10,000 leads with our ads. It’s okay, so they’ve got 10,000 leads. Don’t just get caught up on ‘oh my gosh, you got 10,000 leads. How’d you do it?’ Because they spent $10 per lead or whatever it might be. There was a significant spend to get that. 

So 50,000 leads, about [00:35:00] $5 a lead. What was the price point of the offer and how many sales came through? 

Laura: $2000 for one product one client, and then $2,500 for the other client. So big, healthy prices.

Jody: Nice amounts. They didn’t do sales calls for them at all? It was just all automated?

 Laura: Yep. All automated.

Jody: Beautiful. And so then about how many sales? I know, I’m pushing it now. 

Laura: Oh gosh. 

Jody: Whatever, divide $5million by $2,000? 

Laura: I want to [00:35:30] say it was like, I don’t know, and I think my math might be off because I’m starting to like, bring in all the launches and I’m confusing the two launches together. So for the $5 million launch, I want to say 2000, 2100 sales maybe.

Jody: Yeah. Amazing. 

Laura: I don’t know. I’d have to do math, but yeah, it was around that. 

Jody: Amazing. That’s amazing results. Just hats off to you, Laura, for doing the hard yards and for persisting. I know being an ad manager can be a rollercoaster and everything, but you’ve [00:36:00] hung in there.

You’ve got the pool now, the family trip to Spain and enjoying summer off. Reaping those rewards of what doing the hard yards and persistence can actually bring. So hats off to you. That’s amazing. And your clients are very lucky to work with you. 

Laura: Oh, thank you. I love them, sometimes. No, I’m kidding. 

Jody: No, we do love our clients. Now, tell us how people can learn more about you. You’re also doing some teaching and training. So for those [00:36:30] people who don’t qualify for your amazing done for you services, they can also get your support with your eyes on their accounts.

So tell us a bit more about yourself and where they can find you. 

Laura: Yeah. I offer one-on-one coaching for clients who just need somebody to hold their hand. They know the basics of Facebook ads, but they can’t afford to hire somebody on retainer.

So I have lower price options with one-on-one coaching. I have a group coaching program that I’m rolling out that one of my clients is actually going to participate in. [00:37:00] She’ll hire me for her big launches, but ongoing she wants to have her VA learn, which is great.

It makes so much sense. It really does. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to hire an ad manager, but there’s always other options that people can take to get that support because they’re scared, they just don’t want to do it on their own. They want to have somebody who knows what they’re doing to help them through it.

So I have a group coaching program. I’ve just updated my website, so you can go to my website, and new [00:37:30] pictures and all kinds of fun stuff. 

Jody: Looks amazing, Laura. So guys, run over there if you’re needing support with your ads. Get her multi-million dollar eyes on your campaigns and see the difference that makes, rather than trying to go to YouTube and making your eyes bleed, watching video after video.

Laura: Yeah definitely.

Jody: Laura, it’s been great to be here with you. Thanks for sharing some insights into these seven figure launches, what it actually takes, your story and all of the things. 

So guys, thank you for being here with us today as [00:38:00] well. And that’s all for now. 

We’ll see you next time. Bye for now.


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