Episode 118: Promoting Your Services On Your Profile

Key Highlights: [00:00:30] The mindset shift to feel good about

Jody Milward

Key Highlights:

[00:00:30] The mindset shift to feel good about sharing your business on your Facebook profile

[00:01:30] The DREAM client friend request I received after giving value in a Facebook group

[00:05:00] Two ways to introduce your services in a non-salesy way that could lead to easy referrals

[00:06:30] How to handle those ‘can I pick your brain?’ questions

[00:07:30] Use this ‘book a call’ approach to save time and quickly qualify a great potential client

[00:09:30] 4 different services you can lead into from a quick call so you get PAID for your time!

“When you got started, did you post on your personal profile for your friends and family to see that you’re running Facebook ads?”

That was a great question from one of our Elite Ad Manager students the other day, and it’s the topic of this episode of Online Confidential, where I take you behind the scenes to talk about ‘Secret Ad Manager’ business.[00:00:30]

So when you were just starting out as an ad manager, or maybe you’ve been running ads for a while, but you’ve always felt a bit, ‘eh, should I post about Facebook ads on my personal profile? It’s just my friends and family, they don’t care less’. And maybe you’re worried about what they may think.

The mindset shift to feel good about sharing your business

How are you going to find clients for your ad management services if nobody knows that’s what you’re doing? Now, granted, it’s your friends and family, so chances [00:01:00] are you may not get clients from there, but you may as well.

Because one of the strategies that we often use is that when we are in groups, we may join various groups and just be hanging out there to see if anyone’s asking any questions about Facebook ads. That’s where we can come in and give some valuable answers that’s going to help solve that problem or give them more clarity. Now, when you do that, you’re in a group as your personal profile.

So therefore people will see that post and go ‘who is this person?’ [00:01:30] They may send you a friend request, so chances are if you’re out there, if you’re getting seen, if you’re doing strategies like this where you’re in groups giving value, people are going to see you and notice you and they may want to learn more about you and they may want to connect with you.

The DREAM client friend request I received

I remember one of my clients. She’s been a client but back in the day initially, this was a lady who was a Forbes Top 20 social media influencer. I’ll just drop the name. Kim Garst. I was [00:02:00] fangirling, bought her programs and training back in the day when I was learning. And then in a Facebook group, she asked a question about something about funnels and who does ads and funnels, and I answered something to that.

Or maybe it wasn’t even her, it was somebody else. But Kim was in this group and I answered some questions there. Then I remember sitting on the edge of my bed about to go to bed, and I saw there was a friend request from Kim Garst, and I was like, ‘oh, what! THE Kim Garst?! [00:02:30] The Forbes top 20 social media influencer?! The lady I’ve been buying trainings and programs and following. I’ve got a friend request?’

There was a message from her as well, and I was like blown off the seat of the bed. I was amazed, but that’s the kind of thing that can happen when you are just giving value in groups. You don’t know who’s looking and watching.

As my friend Renee Hribar, sales coach will say that everybody is a connector, a collaborator, or [00:03:00] a client. So even though there’s people in your world, friends, family who may not be business owners, who may not be your ideal client for Facebook ads, who do they know that is?

They might be at work and be talking to someone whose spouse has a business about X, Y, Z, and they’re wanting to get marketing, but it’s so hard to find a Facebook marketer and they’ve been having trouble trying to learn it themselves.

‘Actually, my cousin just posted about [00:03:30] their Facebook ad management services. Maybe they’d be a good fit for you’.

That kind of thing can and does happen all the time. It’s a crazy world. The number of connections that I’ve made this week with people that have been completely random, where it’s six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. Has been true. Not that we’ve connected with Kevin Bacon yet, but these random connections have just happened, and that’s what’s so great about this online space. You never know where it’ll go.

So while you may not [00:04:00] have in your immediate family, anyone that may be your ideal clients, they may be able to connect you to someone that is so coming back to the question, ‘do you post on your page about your ad management services?’

Yes, sure, why not?

People need to know what you’re doing so they can refer you to other people, and there is nothing wrong with putting it on there.

If they don’t want to see it, then fine. Unlike, unfollow, keep scrolling. You are not holding them down and making them read your posts, so put it out there.

Now, I do [00:04:30] know that in some situations where you might have a nine to five job and then it could be some sort of conflict of interest or something, then that’s a bit of a different story for you to figure out and work out there.

Two ways to introduce your services in a non-salesy way

But if that’s not the case, then yes. Post on your personal profile, and this is where you can just be saying, ‘Hey, I’m launching a Facebook ad management service’.

You don’t need to focus on any niche at this stage. Anyone that you talk to will be great research, great to figure out and help you [00:05:00] find a niche perhaps.

But ‘Hey, I’m just starting a Facebook ad management service and I’m looking for some initial clients to be able to do some work for, at a greatly reduced rate in exchange for being able to get a testimonial’.

Or ‘I’m learning these strategies or developing these strategies for Facebook ads that are going to help businesses to be able to get more leads, get more eyeballs on their business, and grow and scale’.

There’s a couple of options. What’s the pain points of the clients [00:05:30] typically? They want to grow their business. They want to get more leads, they want to get more sales, they want to get more eyeballs on their business.  I’ve got templates of these posts over in my Sign a Client training, which I’ll drop the link for here as well, so that you can do these posts.

Now, when it comes to posting these, chances are you may not get a response the first time. Maybe the second or the third time, but it’s just something to, reword and drop it every couple of weeks. Maybe once a week or [00:06:00] something where you could be talking about something else you’ve learned about Facebook ads in the last week.

Or other topics that are going to help people know that this is what you do and how you can serve people and help people grow their business.

That consistency, and then the right people will see it and you will eventually get those connections and introductions, some calls on the calendar and hopefully a client will come from it.

Yes, posting on your [00:06:30] page or your personal profile, a hundred percent. If there’s no conflicts with work, do it.

How to handle those ‘can I pick your brain?’ questions

Now that led to another question, which was not a question so much as a statement. And it’s yeah, and then they’ll get you on a call and pick your brain for free. And yes, that can happen.

That’s certainly happened to me where people have seen that I’m doing stuff with Facebook ads and they reach out, ‘oh, hey, there’s X, Y, Z’, and whatever. Okay. There are times where you [00:07:00] say ‘yes, sorry, can’t help you’.

Then there will be other times where today ‘Yep. I can help. The minimum retainer and minimum ad spend for my clients would be $5,000 per month. If that’s you, happy to jump on a call to learn more’.

There’s some qualifying there. Now this is where again, if you’re starting off, it’s great to have conversations with people so you can learn more about your target audience, target market, clients that you should work with, clients that you [00:07:30] shouldn’t work with.

The ‘book a call’ approach to save time and quickly qualify a great potential client

When it comes to getting on calls with people, they don’t have to be big one hour calls. Not at all. Jump on a 15 minute call. Okay?

So when someone reaches out, ‘Hey, I would love to learn more about your services’. Awesome. ‘Here’s the link. Let’s have a 15 minute chat and see where you’re at with your business and how Facebook ads may be able to help you’.

Have a 15 minute call that’s available. Set that in Calendly, [00:08:00] or whatever calendar system you’ve got, 15 minutes. Then you get on the call and you stick to 15 minutes. This is something I see ad managers do all the time. A 15 minute call turns into a 90 minute call, and then, you’ve got to make up that extra hour and a quarter that was just taken up by this 15 minute call somewhere else in your day.

So when that happens what else is going to be the sacrifice for the time? You’ve given this person 90 minutes, what should have been a 15 minute [00:08:30] call and they’ve just romped all over your time and you haven’t established your boundaries that this is a 15 minute call. Where are you going to make up that extra hour and a quarter?

Is it going to be when the family’s home and you should be hanging out there? Is it after they’ve gone to bed and you still have gone to bed at 10 and you end up getting to bed at 12? What’s the sacrifice that’s going to come from that overextension of the call because you haven’t had your boundaries?

To help protect your boundaries, set a timer on your phone and when you start the call, say, okay, [00:09:00] great, we’ve got 15 minutes. I do have to jump to another meeting straight after this, so let’s dive in. Is that okay? And then away you go, 15 minutes. Then as it gets to 15 minutes your timer goes off and you wrap it up, and you say,

‘Oh, hey John, there’s the timer. Look, I’ve got more questions for you. So what I would love to do is book in another call’.

 4 different services you can lead into from a ‘quick’ call

That’s the lead in that you would make if this person is a great potential client and with my trainings, [00:09:30] there’s a couple of things that you could be offering them.

You could offer them another strategy session. You could offer them an audit. You could offer them done for you services if they’re ready for that. You could offer a setup service, help them set up their ads. There’s four offers that you could make from that one 15 minute strategy session so that it can pay you every time you have a strategy session.

A 15 minute call. That way, you’re getting out of this big 90 minute call. [00:10:00] Then if they say, ‘Hey, I would love to learn more, yes, it seems like we’re a good fit’. If it is one of those sessions, you could just go straight into that actually. Depending how in depth you want to go. If it’s wanting to get in for an audit or something that is a bit more complex, then you could go and learn more.

That’s where you can maybe just schedule in a half hour call and then make your offer from that half hour call, or even just from that 15 minute call.

Say, ‘Hey John, look our time’s up. I can see [00:10:30] exactly where you are with your business. I see this all the time and I know a hundred percent that I’m confident that I can help you with this. The next step for you would be to…, what is that offer? It is to book in for an audit where I can go through a high level check of your account, blah, blah, blah, blah. And that’s just $500, or $1,000’.

Or a strategy session, ‘I see exactly where you are. The next best step for you would be a strategy session with me where we do X, Y, and Z, [00:11:00] and that is just $500’.

Leading into that. So it’s 15 minutes, you’re giving them that time, you’re hearing their pain points and where they’re at.

There’s no picking your brain for 90 minutes or whatever it may be. Your time is valuable. You have invested time and money to learn these Facebook ad skills, and so you are worthy of charging for your time.

A [00:11:30] 15 minute call, and then you can just offer into one of the done for you setup service, a VIP day, a one hour strategy session, one of those lower ticket prices. But then if they’re a great client for done for services, then jump onto another 30 minute call where you can go in have a look at their ad account, know exactly what needs to be done, and then move on from there and perhaps it’s a done for your client.

That’s a couple of options for you when it comes to [00:12:00] that ‘Can I pick your brain?’ question.

Yeah, sure. Pick it for 15 minutes, but from then you’re going to pay me. So I hope that inspires you today and set your timer when you’re having calls.

Don’t let them go over your boundaries. Establish your boundaries and respect the value that you bring to the world, to businesses everywhere with your expertise with Facebook ads.

So that’s it for today. I’ll look forward to seeing you next time. Bye for now.[00:12:30]


I love to share practical information to help you improve your skills, learn something new or help you avoid the mistakes that many Ad Managers and I have made to help fast-track you on your journey as a well-paid and in-demand Ad Manager.