What’s stopping you from creating the business that you desire?

If you’ve ever felt like throwing in the towel and giving up on being an ads manager… 


Or wondered if you’ll actually get your ads management business to succeed… 

This episode is for you.


It doesn’t matter what stage of business you’re in, there will always be times when you’re out of your comfort zone.


Sometimes waaaay out of your comfort zone…


Like taking the reins for the first time to manage over $1,000 a day ad budget!

And this is exactly when party poopers like self-doubt and negative self-talk come in to crash the party, saying things like…


“I can’t get results for clients”…


“I don’t know enough about ads”…


“I don’t have the team or the systems or SOPs that a successful business should have”…


And they’re silently sabotaging your business!


First of all, I want to assure you, you are not alone. 


I’ve been down this road and there are days when it’s definitely not easy running your own business, but I can share some of the techniques I’ve found work when I want to kick self-doubt and negative self-talk out the door…and get on with chasing my dreams!


In this episode of Online Confidential, where we go behind the scenes to talk about ‘Secret Ad Manager’ business, I dive into what is really stopping you from creating the business you really desire, and how to turn that right around starting TODAY… 


So you can get on with chasing YOUR dreams! 


Key Highlights

[00:00:26] You need this more than better skills or more knowledge   

[00:01:49] How to uncover what’s really keeping you from building a business you desire

[00:03:12] What really happened the time I ‘bombed’ a client campaign   

[00:09:15] How to reframe and crush the power of negative self-talk  

[00:12:21] My #1 tip to take control and get focused

[00:13:13] Use this technique to STOP you from spiralling down with negative thoughts

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