#145 Are Webinars Dead?

This week’s Online Confidential Show: talking secret ad manager business

#145 Are Webinars Dead?

This week I have a special episode for you. I invited Natalie Alaimo to be a guest to share her insights to “What’s working now” with evergreen Webinars.  Natalie is spending multiple 6 figures on Webinar Campaigns with her clients and we talked about a shift in audience behaviour post covid, settings that you must have on your webinar and what benchmarks to consider so that you can resuscitate your webinars and bring them back to life!


Here are the key timestamps on important topics discussed:

[00:05:30] Shifts in Webinar Effectiveness Post-COVID

  • Discussion on changes in audience behavior post-COVID, including the demand for more concise and value-driven webinars, and how marketers should adapt webinar structures to meet these new expectations.

[00:12:30] Challenges and Strategies for Webinar Funnels

  • Insight into the complexities of webinar funnels, the importance of having all components in place, and strategies for ad managers to improve webinar performance, including tips on testing and optimization.

[00:32:00] On-Demand vs. Scheduled Webinars

  • Comparison of on-demand webinars versus scheduled webinars, including audience preferences, engagement strategies, and the pros and cons of each approach.

[00:39:53] Effective Cost Per Lead and Audience Segmentation

  • Discussion on current benchmarks for cost per lead, the impact of ad budget on data gathering, and strategies for audience segmentation and retargeting to improve webinar funnel performance.

[00:43:45] Optimization for Purchases vs. Leads

  • Insight into how optimizing for purchases rather than leads can impact the cost per lead and overall effectiveness of a webinar funnel, and when to use each strategy.


Best way to contact Natalie is by visiting her website here  nataliealaimo.com



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