#144 Are There Really Premium Paying Clients

:magnifying_glass_right: This week’s Online Confidential Show: talking secret ad manager business

#144 “Are There Really Premium Paying Clients”

I saw a post on Instagram recently that blew my mind!  The lady was giving a tour of the premium RV lot they had just purchased, complete with a bungalow, private hot-tub and private lake views.  Many of the commenters had no idea something like this existed. The private investigator in me had to do some digging to see what a set up like this was worth – and my jaw dropped!

However, it was a reminder to me that there is ALWAYS a market for premium services.  So that is what this week’s episode of Online Confidential digs into and is a reminder that our own money stories can be the limiting factor to what we may charge.


Here are the important topics:

[00:06:00] Understanding the 10% Market for Premium Services

  • Emphasis on the 10% of clients who are willing to pay for premium services, drawing a parallel with first-class air travel. Encouragement for ad managers to recognize the existence of high-paying clients and adjust their pricing accordingly.

[00:08:00] Breaking Limiting Beliefs about Pricing

  • Jody addresses common limiting beliefs that prevent ad managers from charging higher rates. She encourages listeners to increase their rates and seek out premium clients, providing examples of businesses willing to pay more for quality ad management services.

[00:09:00] Finding and Connecting with Premium Clients

  • Strategies for finding and connecting with premium clients, including online engagement and personal interactions. Encouragement to step out of comfort zones and network to attract higher-paying clients.


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