This tool will help you get better data insights from ad campaigns

If you were managing ads before 2020 you would see at a glance what happened in campaigns because data tracking back then was a perfect picture of the customer journey.


From landing page visits to opt-ins to purchases all the data for campaigns was right at your fingertips.


Oh the good old days…


Now that opting out of tracking is the new normal, it’s like having that perfect picture turned into a jigsaw puzzle and all you get is the border pieces.


You need to be on top of more data sources than ads manager alone so you can confidently help your clients understand results from their Facebook ad campaigns.


On this episode of Online Confidential, my guest Chrissie Riese, Growth Consultant and data genius at Data Driven Rebel shares:


  1. How to approach data when you’re not a data nerd, and 

  2. What she uses to collect data from paid and organic traffic sources so her clients understand what’s driving their business.


Here are more of the key highlights:

[00:01:57] The reporting tools Chrissie relies on to get her data insights 

[00:03:13] Where to go to learn about migrating to Google Analytics 4

[00:05:05] A tip on perspective so data isn’t overwhelming

[00:06:32] Where to look in Google Analytics to see the customer journey

[00:08:33] How to use UTMs to improve data tracking

[00:17:30] What is cross domain tracking and do you need it?


Chrissie is also one of my regular Inner Circle Ad Coaches and has a real talent for making complicated mind-bending data seem simple and easy to understand.

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