Security Series: What To Do After Being Hacked

Key Highlights

  • What to do if your personal Facebook profile has been hacked

  • Is it worth being Meta Verified? 

  • Why having a back up + trusted partner is your lifeline

  • What to weigh up if your business manager is hacked

  • A smart tactic to deal with a hacker’s bad pixel in your ad account

  • Why you shouldn’t delete the hacker’s ads straight away


This is it! The fourth and final episode in the Security Series, “What To Do After Being Hacked”.


In the previous three episodes, I explained… 

Ep #1 How to secure your personal Facebook profile, 

Ep #2 How to secure your business manager, and 

Ep #3 We heard from the amazing Irena Miller about how she discovered being hacked and the aftermath she’s still working through…


If you’ve missed those earlier episodes, head over to catch the Security Series here.


In this episode of Online Confidential, where I take you behind the scenes of ‘Secret Ad Manager’ business, I answer the question ‘What do I do now?’ after you or a client has been hacked.


I appreciate that it may feel icky, like your house has been broken into and your Facebook profile feels contaminated. You might be thinking you just want to put it behind you and start over fresh. 

Nothing’s stopping you from doing that, except starting again is gonna be a TON of work for you.

It’s likely you won’t need to put yourself through all that if you follow the steps I share in this episode.

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