Security Series: Protecting Your Business Manager

Today, the second episode, ‘ Protecting Your Business Manager’, in the 4-part Security Series is red hot and ready for you to dive into.


If you caught the first episode ‘ Personal Profile Security’, then hopefully you’ve followed the steps to make sure your personal Facebook profile is as secure as possible.


While online security isn’t 100% hack-proof, knowing that you and your team, and your clients have done a security check over business manager assets is reassuring. 


It’s also a good process to have in place as best practice in your business.


In this episode of Online Confidential, where I take you behind the scenes of ‘Secret Ad Manager’ business, I share the steps to make sure your Business Manager, and your clients’ Business Managers are as secure as possible.


Here are the key highlights from the episode:

  • Who should you also allocate admin access to?

  • What to do with people who still have access to your Business manager and shouldn’t 

  • What to do with Partners you’re no longer working with

  • Which ad accounts to keep and which ones to remove

  • How to minimize the chance of unauthorized spend on your ad account (and your clients!)

  • The Facebook page settings to also check

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