Promoting Your Services On Your Profile

A great question came in from one of our Elite Ad Manager students and it’s a question many new and experienced ad managers grapple with…

“When you got started, did you post on your personal profile for your friends and family to see that you’re running Facebook ads?” 

Your personal profile is well…personal. It’s where you connect with family and friends and share personal moments, so maybe it feels awkward posting business related content there.

The truth is, you can’t predict what people will think so don’t let it stand in your way!

Let’s tackle this one head on!

In this episode of Online Confidential, where I take you behind the scenes to talk about ‘Secret Ad Manager’ business. 

I unpack a mindset shift to give you momentum and a simple ‘sales pitch free’approach to go from feeling ‘icky’ to empowered like a BOSS when you post about your business on your personal Facebook profile and what to do when the queries start dropping into your DMs.

If you want to get your hands on templated posts to help you launch your business, head over to get the Sign a Client in 28 Days training here.

Give a try and let me know how you go! 



Key Highlights:

[00:00:30] The mindset shift to feel good about sharing your business on your Facebook profile

[00:01:30] The DREAM client friend request I received after giving value in a Facebook group

[00:05:00] Two ways to introduce your services in a non-salesy way that could lead to easy referrals

[00:06:30] How to handle those ‘can I pick your brain?’ questions

[00:07:30] Use this ‘book a call’ approach to save time and quickly qualify who is a great potential client

[00:09:30] 4 different services you can lead into from a quick call so you get PAID for your time!

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