Outsmart the Organic Algorithm and WIN the Visibility Game

Showing up on social media consistently to build an engaged audience is just fine if you have tons of time on your hands…


But when you’re elbows deep with clients and managing ad campaigns, your day is loaded from the moment you swipe your phone in the morning to sometimes well past sundown. 


Creating fresh, engaging organic content, captions, stories, reels and TikToks to try and keep up with the algorithm every day feels like running an Olympic marathon, as well, that you didn’t train for   


In this final episode of the Getting Visible Series of Online Confidential, where I take you behind the scenes of ‘Secret Ad Manager’ business, I share the exact strategy to go from the best kept secret to get seen, get heard and get paid…


Without having to plan, produce and post 3 reels or TikToks every day!


Having a consistent social media presence is a challenge for almost every ad manager I know, but…


This strategy is the secret to save hours of valuable time and keep your core content showing up in your ideal clients’ newsfeed day after day whether you’re working or sipping a Pina Colada by the pool!


Key Highlights

[00:01:00] Don’t go burnin’ yourself out on the content creation hamster wheel

[00:02:00] Why Facebook ads need to be part of your own marketing strategy

[00:03:30] How to use core content pieces to build an audience

[00:05:30] How to get your core content showing up ‘all the time’ without posting on social platforms every day

[00:09:30] The secret to dominate the newsfeed, get noticed and attract ideal clients without ‘hope’ posting or ‘hunting’ for potential clients

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