Magnify your brand’s brilliance with the power of personal brand photography

Key Highlights:

[00:05:10] Michelle’s advice on preparing for your personal branding photo shoot  

[00:09:16] Why you shouldn’t overthink when the ‘right time’ will be

[00:11:43] Recommended Props to take along to your session that help your audience connect with you

[00:18:00] Tips for choosing a shoot location so you have stunning photos that authentically express your brand 

[00:22:30] The best advice for arriving energized and organized with everything you need for a flawless day

[00:27:30] What to look for when choosing a personal branding photographer


Is your personal brand ready for a refresh? 

A personal branding photography session may be exactly what you need to elevate your brand, strengthen your credibility, and help potential clients get to know you a little better on the way to working with you.

In this episode of the Getting Visible Series of Online Confidential, where I take you behind the scenes of ‘Secret Ad Manager’ business, my guest is the gorgeous Michelle Swan, personal branding photographer from Eyes of Love Photography…

And the genius behind my own personal brand images!

I’ve booked a couple of photo shoots with Michelle, and she has an exceptional talent for making you feel so comfortable in your own skin. 

Both times have been so incredibly positive and just amazing really. 

Michelle is super passionate about championing women and capturing the unique essence of their personal brands through her lens, so they feel empowered to succeed through sharing their gifts.

I loved being involved with the process of creating my sessions with Michelle, how I felt after both sessions and reliving the experience seeing my beautiful photos! 

I hope this inspires you to book a personal branding photo shoot so you feel boldly confident getting infront of your brand and being seen!

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