Here’s how your business can get you flying first class *almost free*

Imagine booking your next flight without having to pay for it…


Even better…


Imagine booking a First Class flight for your next holiday to a dream destination and paying as little as $500 for it depending on the airline.


What if you could book First Class flights for your whole family, and while you’re all stretched out and relaxed you’re treated to hot towels and a gourmet menu.

It’s not out of your reach!


On this episode of Online Confidential, where I take you behind the scenes of ‘Secret Ad Manager’ business, my guest is the ‘points whisperer’ Steve Hui from iflyflat.com.au, an agency created to help people earn and use points to fly Business Class for the lowest prices. 


I chatted with Steve from his Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Suite, it normally sells for between $5,000 to $7,000 one way…and he paid only $700!!! 


Steve shared his ninja tips for choosing the right card and how to earn the most points on regular business expenses. 


If you have regular business expenses that aren’t earning flight points, listen in and get started planning your next holiday flying First Class!


Here’s some of the key highlights:

[00:01:30] How to get a First Class Business Suite for as little as $500.

[00:04:00] Two ways to use points to fly, and the one you shouldn’t use!

[00:06:30] What to look for when choosing a card for business expenses

[00:20:00] How to get maximum points value out of personal and business expenses

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