Expert copy tips from “The World’s Best Female Copy Writer”

Ever had times when you need fresh copy for a client’s ad campaigns, but the turnaround time is tight? 

You realise your only option is to whip on your copywriter cape and get the ad copy up written up STAT! 

On this episode of Online Confidential my guest is Mara Glazer, also known as ‘The World’s Best Female Copy Writer’.

I did refer to her family as the Marketing Mafia which she hadn’t heard before!

This episode is packed with gems from a true copywriting genius!

Mara shared hot tips on great email content to attract your ideal client, and what she does every time she sits down to write something new to take the pressure off.

Here are some of the episode’s highlights:

[00:04:32] The best way to find out what people really want

[00:06:05] Why Mara doesn’t use copy frameworks to write high converting copy

[00:08:16] An easy way to focus your message to really connect and resonate

[00:14:09] Awesome storytelling tips to attract your ideal client in emails and social content 

I loved Mara’s down to earth copywriting wisdom for ad managers. 

You’ll get SO MUCH out of listening to all the simple but powerful copywriting tips in this episode.

You can find Mara at maraglazer.com.

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