Come behind the scenes of a premium Facebook ads agency in the coaching niche

I bet you didn’t grow up thinking to yourself ‘I want to be a Facebook ad manager’.

Facebook ads didn’t even exist when my guest on this episode of Online Confidential, the amazing Adrienne Richardson of premium Facebook ads agency, We Are Power Play started her first PR and Marketing business.

With over a decade in marketing, Adrienne is a recognized, respected and highly sought after Facebook ads expert for coaches and course creators.

She shares so much wisdom with me… 

…From her early days of charging $50/hour for Facebook ads coaching and her journey to work with clients who happily pay Adrienne $5,000/month + 10% of ad spend to have her expertise behind their ad campaigns.

…To the challenge of finding team members with your level of experience so you can take a step back and enjoy more personal time. 

Here are some of the key highlights from the episode:

[00:05:00] Why deciding to be a specialist makes you memorable
[00:06:20] Going from charging $50/hr to $1500/hr
[00:09:05] What to think about when charging for new ad managers 
[00:14:00] How Adrienne finds clients who pay $5,000/mth for her DFY ads mangement services
[00:27:14] What’s working in the coaching niche with Facebook ads
[00:31:35] The low budget strategy to capture a higher share of attention in the newsfeed

I can’t believe how much we covered in this episode! 

I know you’re going to love it as much as I loved having Adrienne on the show!

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