Behind The Scenes with Andrew Hubbard from freelance ad manager to selling his boutique agency

On this episode of Online Confidential, where I take you behind the scenes of ‘secret ad manager’ business, my special guest and all round great bloke as we like to say in Australia, is Andrew Hubbard.


Highly regarded as a Facebook ad strategist, educator, and coach in the coaching and info product space, Andrew has worked with some of the best educators and influencers in the online space.


We went behind the scenes where Andrew revealed how he went from freelance ad manager working for free to charging $4k/month to selling his boutique ads management agency.


He also shared what he looks for in clients he wants to work with and how he levelled up his freelance business into a boutique ads agency.


Whether you’re happy with where you’re at right now, or looking to grow your ad management business into a solid agency, this episode is ad manager’s GOLD!


Here are some of the key highlights:

[00:04:00] How Andrew landed his very first Facebook ads clients

[00:05:30] Andrew’s journey from working for free to charging $4k/month to selling his agency

[00:11:00] I asked Andrew for his take on ‘are webinars dead?’ 

[00:20:30] A solid tip to avoid having clients push back on % of ad spend agreements

[00:25:00] Andrew shares his process for great client testimonials 

[00:29:30] Things he would do differently before selling an agency


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