Behind The Scenes of multi 7-figure launches with “Launch Queen’ Laura Ball

Ever wished you could go behind the scenes of a 7-figure launch and get a breakdown of how to manage a wildly successful launch? 


Or two multi-million dollar launches at the same time…by yourself?


In this episode of Online Confidential, my guest is ‘Launch Queen’ and Elite Ad Manager, Laura Ball, who’s delivered multi-million dollar launch results for her clients year after year!


Laura is well known for her thorough approach to launch planning for her clients, typically starting with audience research and testing months in advance.  


We chat about how she breaks down the 6-figure ad spend budget, and the types of campaigns she runs to get her clients the best possible results… 


As well as how Laura started out seven years ago charging nothing to having clients who happily pay her a monthly retainer plus percentage of ad spend to manage their launches.


Whether you’re a new or experienced ad manager, you’re going to love this episode with Laura!


Key Highlights:

[00:01:40] Why Laura’s made ongoing education her top priority even after 7 years of managing ads

[00:07:40] Laura’s tips for running a successful launch before you even load an ad

[00:09:57] What to help a client understand if they’re new to ads and want big results

[00:10:40] Behind the scenes of Laura’s multi 7-figure launches

[00:19:22] Laura breaks down how she allocates a 6-figure ad budget for a launch

[00:29:00] The experiences Laura’s business has helped pay for that she never thought in a million years would be possible

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