Are webinars a great way for you to get leads for your ad management business?

If you run ads for clients with webinars, then you know how effective a webinar funnel can be for converting attendees into buyers (when done right).


They’re a powerful sales tool for generating new leads, qualifying them for the next step and signing up for a paid offer.


A dialled in webinar creates trust and adds massive value to your audience.


In this episode of Online Confidential, where I take you behind the scenes of ‘Secret Ad Manager’ business, I share my process for creating an in-demand webinar topic to attract ideal clients on autopilot, so you can promote and sell your ad management services more consistently.


I explain how to test topics and the framework for a converting webinar that will fill your funnel with warm leads and help you make more sales.



Key Highlights

  • How to test different niches before you dive in and create a webinar that won’t convert
  • Three sections of your webinar to really nail your messaging
  • The framework and tech to set up a webinar funnel
  • Consider your avatar when deciding how long your webinar needs to be
  • How your webinar can turn into 6x ROAS or more on your ad spend

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