#142 How to build a quality video view audience on Facebook?

142 How to build a quality video view audience on Facebook?

This week’s Online Confidential Show: talking secret ad manager business

Brand awareness is an essential piece of marketing for any business.  Flyers, Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards, TV, Radio – businesses spend hundreds of thousands on these marketing strategies. 

Yet for just $10 a day they can have a strategic marketing campaign on Facebook which gets them in front of thousands of their ideal customers and clients everyday.

Videos are a KEY part of this strategy.

But what metric should you be focusing on to ensure you are building a quality audience that you can then nurture and move along the customer journey with retargeting campaigns?

That is what we dive into, in this week’s episode of Online Confidential.


Important topics from this episode are:

  1. Importance of SLOs for Ad Managers

    • [00:02:21] – [00:03:08]

    • Explanation of why SLOs are vital for ad managers and an introduction to the Invisible Ad Funnel Playbook for creating effective SLOs.

  2. Client Attraction Code Strategy

    • [00:03:08] – [00:05:00]

    • Introduction to the Client Attraction Code strategy, its components, and its success in attracting high-value clients.

  3. Building a Quality Audience

    • [00:07:33] – [00:10:45]

    • Discussion on the importance of building a quality audience, metrics to measure audience engagement, and the significance of the halftime watch rate.

  4. Retargeting and Brand Awareness

    • [00:11:15] – [00:13:14]

    • Strategies for retargeting a high-quality audience, maintaining brand awareness, and nurturing potential clients over time.


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