#141 Should you offer your services for free?

#141 Should you offer your services for free?

In this episode of Online Confidential, we’re diving deep into the question: Should you offer your ad management services for free?

One of the strongest drivers of human nature is to return a favour and
I’ll share with you how offering your ad expertise for free (sometimes!) can actually help to drive business growth through persuasive goodwill.

Learn from real-life examples, including my experience on James Bond Island in Thailand, where a small gesture led to an unexpected purchase, and another ad manager’s journey where offering his services for free was “the best thing” he ever did for his business which he grew into a boutique agency that he successfully exited from.

I’ll also share insights on how to create goodwill with high-profile connections and guide you through the criteria for when and how to offer your services for free to ensure quality leads and mutually beneficial relationships. Plus, learn 3 things you must do, if you decide to offer a free service.

Whether you’re an established ad manager or just starting, this episode will help you navigate the nuances of offering your expertise without undervaluing your work.

Some of the topics in this episode: 

  1. Andrew Hubbard’s Case Study
  • [00:02:59] – [00:04:10]
  • Example of Andrew Hubbard offering his ad management services for free to create a successful case study that boosted his business.
  1. Setting Expectations and Client Qualifications
  • [00:04:10] – [00:06:37]
  • Importance of setting proper expectations with clients, especially when offering services for free, and ensuring clients have a proven offer.
  1. Codie Sanchez’s Example
  • [00:09:14] – [00:10:48]
  • Codie Sanchez’s experience of offering free advice to a presidential contender to build goodwill and future opportunities.
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