#140 Chat Funnels and Chat Ads

#140 Chat Funnels and Chat Ads

Ready to supercharge your social media game? :tada: This week’s episode of Online Confidential is all about the magic of chat funnels and chat ads.

Chat funnels are changing the way we engage with our audience on social media. Turning a simple comment on your posts into a direct conversation in the DMs. It’s not just a trend; it’s a powerful tool to boost your engagement, get more leads and sales. DM open rates are the envy of your email marketing, making them a goldmine for connecting with your audience and open the door for a 2 way conversation with your new lead.

But we’re not stopping there. Chat ads take this to the next level. By spending just $1 a day, you can amplify your reach and get in front of more eyes. The key is optimizing your campaigns—whether you’re focusing on engagement through keyword comments or driving direct messages, these strategies help you to amplify the effects of your Chat Funnels.Why are these strategies game-changers? They keep your audience engaged where they already love to hang out—on social platforms! :speech_balloon::sparkles:

Some of the topics in this episode

[02:10] Human Interaction in Chat Funnels: The value of human follow-up in chat funnels for increasing sales and pre-qualifying leads, improving the effectiveness of discovery calls.

[04:29] Keyword Comment Chat Funnel: Explanation of the keyword comment feature, its popularity, and how it boosts engagement on posts, leading to automated follow-up messages.

[06:36] Amplifying Chat Funnels with Ads: Using chat ads to amplify results, optimizing engagement campaigns for posts and messaging apps, and setting up workflows in ManyChat.

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