#139 Should Ad Managers invest in their own ads?

#139 Should Ad Managers invest in their own ads?

Ah…ever the controversial question! All businesses need to be visible to their market and if your market is on Facebook or Instagram (like the 2 billion people who use Facebook everyday), then you should be running your own ads.

As well as targeting specific interests to get in front of your ideal clients, you can ‘cherry pick’ those businesses that you would like to work with and ensure that you are getting in front of them day after day, so that they cannot miss you in their newsfeed, and show them what kind of algorithm hacking magic you can do, with Facebook Ads.

And some real talk… if you can’t invest $10 a day into marketing your own business, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

Run over and listen to this episode and discover how you can get the specific businesses you want to work with into retargeting audience so that you can nurture them and move them along your customer journey.

Some of the topics in this episode

[00:00:23] Opinions on using Facebook ads for ad management businesses.

[00:05:27] Strategy for using social media and targeted ads to increase business visibility.

[00:07:39] The benefits of demonstrating expertise through active Facebook ad campaigns.


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