Episode 84: How This Ad Manager Gained Confidence Running Ads For Clients

Jody: Hey, everybody. It’s great to be with you and

Jody Milward

Jody: Hey, everybody. It’s great to be with you and I’m super excited to introduce you to Loredana, who is on the opposite side of the world. and she’s been one of our Elite Ad Managers. She was in the beta group, the first round to go through and I gotta tell you, it was such a fabulous group of women that came in and did the Elite Ad Manager together. Loredana has been going through learning and applying things as she’s running ads for clients.

I’m so excited to share her story with you today. So Loredana welcome, it is so great to have you here and thanks for joining us to share your story.

Loredana: Thank you so much, Jody. Thank you for having me and hello from sunny London.

Jody: Awesome. I can’t imagine being somewhere where it’s not sunny all the time. So glad you’re having the sun and hopefully you get outside and enjoy quite a bit of it.

So Loredana, tell us a bit about your experiences. How did you even become an ad manager? How did you make that journey to start?

Loredana: That was a very interesting start. So back in 2009, believe it or not, I was asked by my line manager at that time to investigate how I can use Facebook ads to bring more members to the organization. I had no idea about Facebook marketing, let alone Facebook advertising and this is how I actually started dipping my toes into Facebook marketing. Since then I have taken every opportunity that I could to learn more about Facebook marketing and Facebook advertising.

Back in 2018 I had opportunity to work with a large organization that had a budget and offered me money to promote their business. For me, it was a huge step forward because I would usually help small business owners, one women or one man band who didn’t necessarily have the budget to advertise on Facebook. So when you are presented with a three K budget, you are like, “oh, I don’t how to use this budget to spend it wisely, so I can see results.”

So kind of looking forward to last year, I was ready to go back and work for myself and position myself as a Facebook ad strategist and helping entrepreneurs and course creators to advertise their courses on using Facebook ads. So when I came across the Elite Ad Manager, I was transitioning from corporate world to working full-time for myself. Although I had all this experience and all this knowledge, there were things missing. I felt like I was missing something.

The one thing that I was struggling with is to present a strategy that was tested and proven for launches and also another element was budgeting. When you are in a launch and you have goals and how do you actually spend these budgets that you have?

So those were my main questions at that time.

Jody: Yeah, and I totally get that. That’s why one of the reasons why the Elite Ad Manager has been created because I had those same experiences doing course after course, and it was like pieces were missing and it was like, there’s gotta be an answer to this part or what do people do for this?

So you’re running ads for clients, but there was those pieces missing for you particularly with launches. So obviously ad launch coming up and also budgets. How do I distribute budgets for launches and the strategies and all involved? So with that in mind and then joining the Elite Ad Manager, where we have nine different strategies and calculators and it shows you how to distribute everything and launches is one of those.

How has the Elite Ad Manager helped you with those pieces that were missing?

Loredana: So it’s given the confidence to present a strategy that I knew it was working to my clients and the confidence to run ads and knowing that the results they will come up following the strategies that you have shared with us. It felt like it completed the knowledge gap and you have so many options and you would think, “oh my God, what will I do with this kind of strategies?” But the training provided the support, but also around sales, how to position yourself as the expert, and how to trust yourself that you have that confidence in yourself that you will deliver the results for your clients.

So for me that was a big piece. I guess the mindset of when things can go wrong, but just not attacking yourself when things go south that’s very important to understand.

So with the Elite program, it didn’t just give us the strategies and show how to do things from setting up a client business manager to launching ads for their first campaign. It gave us the confidence to go on a call and know what the right questions to ask to see if that client is a good fit and have the confidence to say no when that doesn’t happen. Because we sometimes take on clients we have a gut feeling about that we don’t think are a good fit, but we still say yes and having that confidence to know that the right people will come your way. That’s priceless.

Jody: Awesome. Yeah. That is something that happens so often where you had that gut instinct and you go, “well, I really shouldn’t”, but you do still offer your services and then they come on board four weeks later, you are really regretting it. So that’s where our community of Elite Ad Managers comes in, where so many of us have been there and done that before can help to give that guidance and help you or whoever to identify those red flags and realize that it’s okay to say no to this person and say, “actually I don’t think we’d be a good fit for you at this stage.” That’s fine because it’s your business and you get to choose who you can work with and by saying no to someone who you’ve got that gut instinct, isn’t a right fit it opens up room for somebody else.

I love that you talked about the benefits you got from the sales calls and the sales strategies doing that and also mindset, which is why we’ve brought in our sales coach, Renee and our mindset coach Dawn, because I know personally there a couple of things that I had struggled with, like with imposter syndrome, confidence, and then sales calls and having commission. Getting on sales calls with people so you feel that support through the community, that your confidence has improved along the way and helps you do your job running ads for clients.

Loredana: Thousand percent. So when I started working for myself back in mid September, I was charging so little because I was like, I want to see the results that I bring to the clients before I can charge more. I’m now saying with confidence that I have tripled my price and I have been able to do that with ease because I had the support. Not only the calls that we had every week to kind of look through campaigns and see if there is anything else that we don’t see that we can improve on. We had sales calls with Renee and mindset calls with Dawn, but we also had the support, the community, the ad managers community, and the support between calls and the support from you as well with any questions, small or big that we have.

It’s it’s incredible! And you know that if you have a question, that question will be answered like very fast and you will be able to make decisions. Sometimes there are times where things don’t go to plan, things don’t go exactly as we envisage. For example a client ads get disabled.

So that’s the support and encouragement in the group. That’s very, very helpful as well.

Jody: Yep, absolutely. It is.

So what do you think would be the biggest takeaway?

Loredana: It’s not just one, but I think the biggest one is having proven strateies for various scenarios. For me that was the missing piece and that made a huge difference in the way I positioned myself and in the way I managed to help clients deliver multi five figure launches. So that was the biggest one for me.

Jody: Awesome. So solve that problem for you and I love that because like I said, that was the experience I’ve had over the years, and I know how much I made. I’ve had all these known strategies that I’ve brought together and then polished up and made all for you guys.

I know how much time all those things take and when you’re an ad manager just running ads for clients. Having the time, the hours or the days to lay out these strategies and map them all out so that you have these frameworks is a hard thing to do when you’re busy doing the work. So that’s why I loved getting these things together for people like yourself to help make your jobs a bit easier.

Well Loredana, it has been so nice speaking with you tonight and hearing a bit about your story. Hearing how things have improved and just helped increase your confidence by having these strategies and supporting you as you work from home, pave your own way, not have to print off resumes and get a nine to five and select the clients that you want to work with. So thank you so much for being here today.

Loredana: Thank you so much for everything you have done for us and thank you for for having me.

Jody: My absolute pleasure, I hope you get out into the sunshine a bit today. So if you guys are interested in learning more about the elite ad manager, head over to If the doors are open, check it out and save your place. If not, then jump on the wait list and you’ll be notified next time the doors are open.


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