What’s a CRM and Why Do I Need One

When you started building your online business, you probably didn’t

Jody Milward

When you started building your online business, you probably didn’t think about buying a whole range of tools to help you do it, especially keeping track of your clients.

Why would you? After all are literally dozens of email client tools out there that allow you to sort, search, and tag your emails and sort them into folders. Excel or Google Sheets are free, powerful and quick to set up. And messaging can be done via phone and email.


Growing Pains

But if you’re anything like most business owners, then chances are you’ve come to a realisation: Growing means administration. And the amount of administration does not grow at the same rate as your customers and clients. It grows exponentially. You can go from having 5 clients and 15 messages and emails a day to having 20 clients and upwards of 100 emails, messages, and notifications hitting your inboxes on a given day.

Just staying on top of your administration, responding to messages, checking that invoices are getting paid, and most importantly, that your customers are still delighted with your services, seems to take more and more time each day. Pretty soon you are considering getting someone to help you out and paying them for their help.

But before you do, wait. There’s a better way.

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is cheaper than an employee or assistant and can give you control back. A good one does more than just let you see all your customer data on a dashboard.

Points of Difference

A feature-rich CRM software program like Active Campaign will assist with email marketing, list building, and managing your mailing list. There’s no way to appreciate how much this actually helps until you roll it out.

The email features alone allow you to consolidate all of your messaging into one place. Even better, a strong focus on user experience means that the interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to learn.

Pretty soon, you will be able to set marketing automation options and messaging options to execute without having to be at the keyboard.

Automate Your Business, Grow Your Business

Get more sales at the start of the month? Perfect, you can set up marketing automation to remind your customers that the beginning of the month is a great time to buy, and even offer early-birds a discount.

Want to set automated customer satisfaction follow-up surveys a week after a customer pays a bill? You can do that too – set up an action to send a survey link to find out what your customers are loving and what you can do better.

ATMs reduced the need for tellers, and self-service gas pumps meant that attendants could work fewer hours. CRM software is the same thing for your business – it allows you to automate so you can get more effective and spend your time more productively.

Active Campaign currently has a special 14 day trial on offer, and I recommend you don’t ignore this opportunity, so go ahead and register and then see what you can do to get more time in your day!



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