Episode 54: What Are Three Things That You Can Offer for a VIP Day as an Ad Manager?

I recently held a workshop for ad managers to talk

Jody Milward

I recently held a workshop for ad managers to talk about VIP days that ad managers can offer. VIP days are hot to try, and a lot of people are talking about them and how great they are. But unfortunately, a lot of ad managers don’t know what to say.

In the workshop, I was amazed that when I asked the ad managers who are currently running ads, they all were. But when I asked who has offered VIP days, only one of them has. So a lot of the obstacles for people were, what do I even do on a VIP day? What can I do? So that’s what we’re going to talk about today and look at three things that you can offer clients on a VIP day, or how I like to call it “Ad Concierge for a Day.”

Number one, you can set up the Client Attraction Code

This is my system of helping you to get your clients, to dominate the newsfeed, build and nurture their audience, and combine it with some lead generation campaigns or whatever it is that they want to run. This Client Attraction Code builds an audience for us, increases our awareness with that audience, builds affinity, and establishes your client as the authority in that space.

You can offer a Client Attraction Code build-out for them in a day. So you get on a call with them, get all the assets together, and spend the day together. Not just building those assets, but chances are if they haven’t run Facebook ads before, they will need to get everything set up to start running them. This can be so overwhelming for people that they will be using YouTube and trying to figure out things themselves but end up wanting to tear their hair out and wasting so much time. So this is where these “Ad Concierge for a Day” are so valuable because people can just get it done in a day and get up and running.

With the Client Attraction Code, you will want to be checking that they’ve got Business Manager set up, that they’ve got their ad accounts set up, and that they’ve got their page connected. Because that’s where people get caught out as well. They don’t realize they need to connect the assets to a person. So assign the ad account asset to the person, assign the page to a person in Business Manager, connect a pixel to the ad account, and install the pixel onto a website. So all that techie stuff that is overwhelming, which you know how to do because you live and breathe it every day, you can help them get all of that set up.

So that would be the first part of the day. Then come back after lunch, for example, and get into the rest of it, like audience and avatar. It’s not just a matter of running Facebook ads for them and getting Facebook ads loaded. The success of your Facebook ads depends on how well they know their avatar and how specific the messaging in the ad copy is to that avatar with those pain points and the benefits that they’re wanting. So spending time on your VIP day with them dialing all that in before you even go in and begin loading up some ads.

With the Client Attraction Code, that’s where you can be looking at resources like their emails. Bring those emails into their automations and the invisible funnel, as I call it in the Client Attraction Code. So that even if they’ve opted in for something, even if they’re on their email list and not opening their emails because they’re ending up in spam, you can get them back out in front of their audience by putting them into their nurture sequence with the Client Attraction Code. So that’s one thing, making sure they’re all set up for ads, looking at their avatar, and then building out the Client Attraction Code, which can be one “Ad Concierge for a Day.”

The second one is a setup service

Your client wants to run some lead generation ads. They’ve got a funnel, it’s all there, and it’s in place. They’ve gone off and done somebody’s boot camp or whatever it may be to create their own course or start a funnel. They’ve done all that, but now they need traffic. That is where you come in.

On “Ad Concierge for a Day” you come in and again, make sure that Business Manager is all set up, the pages, the ad account, make sure the pixel is installed over on the site, putting the standard event code on the confirmation page. A big mistake we always see is that the client will accidentally put the standard event code on the first page, and they go, “Wow, I’m getting 50 cent leads.” And whenever I see that, I go, “Hang on; let’s double-check things.” So make sure that the pixel is correctly installed and put it so that it’s shown everywhere on the website. Installing it in the header code for the whole site would be great. Setting up the pixel on the funnel and so making sure all that tech stuff is done. Then again, coming back, looking at the avatar, looking at the messaging, dialing all of that in, crafting all that together and then actually loading the campaigns. Then you’ll load up a couple of top of funnel campaigns, depending on what budget they have, and then load up on some retargeting campaigns.

How to run facebook ads for clients

So that’s option number two, a setup service. Now that setup is all complete, pixels are in place, Business Manager is ready to go, it’s time to load up some initial ads and off they go. You tell your client you have a reporting spreadsheet that you will share with them and explain the metrics that you have to measure each day.

Option number three is an audit and overhaul

You’ve got a client or someone interested in the service, and they’ve maybe had an agency or someone else doing ads in the past before. They’re not exactly sure if things are going so well, or maybe they’ve been doing them themselves and the performance has dropped. It’s time for an audit and overhaul.

They will already have their Business Manager set up. All of that will be in place, but are the aggregated events already set up and tracking correctly? So that’s something that you would go in and check. So again, make sure that the fundamentals are all correctly set up. Have they submitted their business verification? No? Okay, then let’s set that up. Have they set up two-factor authentication? No? Let’s get that in place so that we don’t have anyone hacking into someone’s account who’s in your Business Manager and then loading up a thousand dollars a day of ads in your Business Manager. We don’t want that. So getting all that in place, then again, doing another revisit of the avatar. You’ve probably noticed, I’ve said that for each one, and there’s a reason why. We need to make sure we know who we’re talking to in our ads so that we can get the best results because we’ve got brilliant messaging targeting that audience.

So revisit that avatar and dial in who you’re talking to. It might’ve been a little while since your client has done this, looking at hooks that you can go out to this audience with. It may be something that they haven’t tried before. You’re crafting all of that together. Before you get to your VIP day, I also recommend that you get your client to complete an intake form. When you get that back, you can outsource and get some copy already done and written up before the VIP day. You can review it together on the VIP day, tweak when necessary, and then load all of that on. You’ll have some top-of-funnel ad copy, some bottom-of-funnel, and some fresh stuff that’s going out. Obviously, you’re also checking the funnel, making sure that the right pixels are installed and that the right aggregated events have been selected for the pixel before launching some ads.

So, where do you go from there? As you do your “Ad Concierge for a Day”, people are always going to have questions afterwards and what often happens for ad managers is that people will be sending you all these emails with questions. So as part of the “Ad Concierge for a Day”, you have a follow-up call booked with them for 30 minutes, seven days after. So they’ve got seven days, and the ads are running. You get back together on a call, look at the data, decide what the next steps are, what they need to optimize, and what they need to fix.

From there, you can also then offer them this opportunity because they will see for themselves that they need ongoing support. You can continue to provide them with ongoing support either with your done- for-you services or perhaps (as a lot of ad managers do) tap into the coaching side of things so that you can offer them support, either one on one or in a group. I’ve got a couple of great strategies that you can either do that by group coaching or VIP one-on-one sessions.

So that’s what you can do as a VIP day. Three things you can set up, with the first one being the Client Attraction Code. Number two, do a setup service for someone who’s completely new. Or number three, you can do the audit and overhaul and watch some new campaigns for people who have been running ads previously.

I hope you found that valuable. If you’ve got any questions at all, just reach out at and we’ll be happy to answer them for you. If you want to know more about becoming an in-demand ad manager, head over and grab my guide at and discover the quick steps to becoming an ad manager.


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