Turning Audio Into Multi-Platform Content

It has never been easier to record, edit, and post

Jody Milward

It has never been easier to record, edit, and post audio online for customers to access and to use in your marketing. And thanks to the ease of use of podcast platforms, audio is in fashion again.

And it’s a great thing that it is. Audio content has plenty of advantages over written or video. For a start, it allows for passive engagement. That means that people can and do tune in to listen in a whole range of situations, like when they are commuting or working out. That’s a lot of hours in the week that people can allocate to listening to things that interest them, things that don’t require their full attention to engage with safely. It’s never going to be a good idea to try and watch a video while driving or going for a run!

The Audio Problem

But audio content can also get stuck in one format. If you have audio content, but your customers prefer to only listen to music, you’ve got a problem. And there are still plenty of people who prefer to take in information by reading.

Audio transcription and captioning is necessary work to turn your audio into blog content, case studies, or Facebook posts, but it is also time-consuming and uninteresting.

Your time can be better spent on value-added tasks like optimizing your website, searching for new leads, or developing your business. You don’t want to be spending your valuable time transcribing audio accurately.

Getting Help

Audio transcription services like Rev Partners offer affordable and accurate transcription services for high volumes of audio content that you produce. They can perform that essential step of taking words in soundwave form and putting it onto a screen. Once it’s in that format, you can decide how to slice, dice, polish and optimize it to repurpose as web content.

Focus on Value Add

And this means that you are working smarter, not harder. One of the maxims of running a successful business is to get as much leverage as you can out of your time.

If you go to a great seminar where the speakers appeal to your audience or record a fantastic interview with someone, there’s no reason that content should be stuck only in audio form. A transcription service puts those words onto a page and lets you focus on reformatting it and adding value so that you can distribute it across all of your platforms.

Rev transcriptions are done by native English speaking humans – and this is really important. It dramatically reduces the amount of editing and correcting you would otherwise need to do when you use other services.

And the good news is that right now Rev is offering easy and accurate audio transcription services for just $1 a minute. I recommend that you test them out today (there are definitely no contracts to navigate) and see how much more you can do with your audio content.



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