This Has Been a Long Time Coming…

As I’ve been sitting and I’ve been thinking and I’ve

Jody Milward

As I’ve been sitting and I’ve been thinking and I’ve been trying to focus on what many business owners actually also struggle with and that is identifying their ideal avatar.

Now, over the years I have been overwhelmed like a lot of us. We’re often too close, we can’t see the woods for the trees as to who it is that we actually serve. So, I just want to take a bit of a step back and explain who it is that I serve and how I’ve identified that finally after all these years of having my feet in a few camps. Now you see back in 2015 I had a vision of what my business at the time Goldilocks Academy, as you can see here’s why with the girly golden hair, what it was going to be all about. And my vision was to help people across the world to be able to use Facebook to transform their lives and create a business and a lifestyle that they loved rather than endured.

Now at the time I was fairly new to Facebook. You see I had just had a company, it was a drop shipping business and we were doing some things on Facebook and it was doing really well. However, it was like my heart wasn’t in that business where my heart was actually figuring out this Facebook stuff. So, I didn’t exactly know what it was going to look like but I just knew that the possibilities that Facebook brings to people whether it’s going to be service providers or business owners is unparalleled. It opens up a whole world of opportunities. So, I didn’t know what it looked like.

So anyway, I commenced on my journey, learned how to run Facebook ads and just became a Facebook ad strategist without a marketing degree, without any kind of marketing or advertising background. I loved strategy and I loved getting into the nitty gritties and the details I guess that’s come because of my private investigator background leaving no stone unturned, looking at all the angles, trying to figure things out. So, I became an ad strategist and I ran ads for people. So, I’ve worked extensively and intensively with a lot of coaches and digital course creators and have helped them generate a lot of money. I have probably, well I have spent over a million dollars in ads and would have generated close to $10 million back. I don’t know, I haven’t exactly kept close tabs on all those kinds of numbers. But I do know yes it’s been over a million dollars in ad spend and it’s been profitable ad spend over the years.

How to run facebook ads for clients

So, as I’ve worked closely with these business owners and these course creators I have also worked with ad managers and the service providers, people who are running ads and learning to run ads in these niches. So, as I’ve done trainings and also I’ve put information and content out there it’s a bit of a mix for both. So if you’re running ads for coaches or digital courses I would put out information that would be beneficial to you. But for me I really needed to dial down, I really needed to look at who my ideal client is and make that messaging very specific to them. Because talking to a coach about running their own Facebook ads is one thing, talking to an ad manager, an ad strategist who is running ads for a client is very different. Because there’s all the other struggles and elements that go along with being a service provider running Facebook ads.

So, over time and over a lot of soul seeking and thinking about who it is that I serve and if I’m going into the business opportunity of running Facebook ads do I really want to have all that onslaught of issues with Facebook shutting things down because they don’t like business opportunities all the time. So, after all of that I have decided that my key avatar, the main person who I want to serve, that vision from 2015 of who I’m wanting to help to build a business and a lifestyle that they love rather than endure. Is for those people who want to learn how to run Facebook ads and provide that as a service to coaches, consultants, and other businesses and companies who are looking for lead gen and brand awareness strategies. That is the audience that I serve.

So, while I put information out that’s going to be teaching about Facebook ads, about strategies, about Facebook ads it’s going to be applicable to people who are DIY’ing their own ads no doubt about it. But the core audience, the people that I’m wanting to talk to, that I’m wanting to help are these ad managers or their virtual assistants. And they’re wanting to level up, they want to increase their skill so they can charge more than $15 an hour, that they can go onto retainers that are $2,000, $3,000 a month plus a percentage of ad spend or plus a certain amount for each lead that they generate so they could be earning $10,000 a month. That’s what I want to do, I want to help these people to get the strategies and systems, avoid the pitfalls and the mistakes that I have made along the way, notice red flags, know how to identify people who may not be the best fit and why it’s a good idea to say, “No,” rather just accept anybody as a client.

So, this is the new and improved Online Confidential. This is who I’m going to be talking to. So if you are a coach or if you are someone who is doing their own ads feel free you are still welcome here for sure. I’m going to still be bringing you lots of tips and things that you’re going to find very useful as you run your own Facebook ads. But, for those people who are wanting to either learn Facebook ads, to incorporate it as part of the services that they provide, or to focus on that exclusively, to become an ad manager and then an ad strategist and the nuances between the two this is the place for you. Also, if you work on a team and you’re learning ads or they’re looking for their own in house ad support this is a place for you as well. I’m going to be helping you to create those strategies, get the systems in place so that you can run Facebook ads in a very streamlined approach but allowing for all the nuances that come along the way.

So lastly, I just want to say thank you for if you’ve been around with me for a while and you’ve been part of the journey so far thank you. Thank you for putting up with me. So I’ve put out random messages all over the place and I’m excited about where the future’s going to go. I’m excited to hold hands with a lot of ad managers to help them or to a lot of VA’s or a lot of people who are just going to be starting out on this journey of Facebook ads like I did six years ago. I am really excited to partner with you and help you and give you the information that you need so that you can create a business and a lifestyle that you love rather than what you have to endure. You create your own destiny. So, thanks again for being here. Stay tuned, there’s going to be a lot of great stuff coming your way.


I love to share practical information to help you improve your skills, learn something new or help you avoid the mistakes that many Ad Managers and I have made to help fast-track you on your journey as a well-paid and in-demand Ad Manager.