The Six Key Ways to Send Emails to Your List

Knowing the right types of emails to put in front

Jody Milward

Knowing the right types of emails to put in front of the right audience is a real skill, but once you master it, your business can reap the kinds of rewards you’d never imagined. When I say “the right types of emails” I am not referring to what is written in the email as much as why, how, and when it is being sent.

Email marketing is not as simple as sending an email to a past customer or cold emailing someone who you think might be interested in your product or service. Rather, it is a refined digital marketing strategy that includes sending targeted emails to prospects and customers in a way that is more likely to convert prospects into customers, as well as turning one-time buyers into loyal fans who will advocate on your behalf.

Emails Still Work – If You Get the Timing Right

Despite the rise of social media, most marketers believe that email remains the most effective way to nurture leads, to build rapport, and to convert them into customers. Most consumers check their emails at least once each day, but the same cannot be said for their social media accounts.

So what are the main ways to send emails to your list? The following illustrates the differences and when you need to use them.

Broadcast emails:

Use these when you need to send the same message to everyone at once.

Triggered emails:

These are based on a purchase, site visit, or engagement. Your CRM (content relationship management) software will be able to automatically send emails when your contacts take one of these actions – it is when they are most interested.

Targeted emails:

These are most effective when you have segmented your email list, based on certain criteria. These could include: abandoned a shopping cart, asked for more information but did not respond after it was sent – in fact almost any criteria can be used to segment your list.

Email autoresponders:

Use your autoresponder to send a welcome message automatically, build a rapport via a series of welcome messages, or to deliver lead magnets (e.g., lead gen reports or videos) automatically.

Email funnels:

These emails will deliver a series of automated emails that take your prospects/leads on what appears to be a natural journey that will lead to them becoming paying customers.

Scheduled emails:

These are super powerful as you can set them up well in advance to be sent to your mailing list on a specific date and time. They are great for holidays, birthdays, events, or special scheduled sales events.

List Building and Email Marketing Software

Active Campaign is possibly the most streamlined of all the CRM software options available and allows you to segment your mailing list and create and schedule your emails. Right now Active Campaign is offering a 14-day free trial, so I recommend you visit the website to see for yourself how this type of sophisticated email marketing software can help your bottom line.


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