The Power of Audio for Small Businesses

The learning curve when you are starting your own business

Jody Milward

The learning curve when you are starting your own business or coaching enterprise is steep. You need to learn a lot, and the topic areas are broad.

How do you build your service so that it appeals to your target market? How do you create marketing messages that find the right audience, and strike a chord with them? What is the best practice way of handling leads from your marketing? Should it be online, in-person or a mix of both? And how do you handle your business administration like filing requirements, paperwork, registrations, licenses and taxes?
Phew. It’s all seeming a bit daunting all of a sudden.

A Friendly Environment

Luckily, record unemployment rates, as well as historically cheap funding costs all over the world, coupled with the rise of the gig economy and more and more people wanting to strike out on their own and build successful, thriving businesses have all collided at this point in time.

There have never been more motivated, talented budding entrepreneurs out there who are looking to take the skills from a career of employment and apply them in the service of others while at the same time pursuing their own dreams of business building.

Service Providers

To serve this new class of businesspeople, more and more service providers have sprung up in cities everywhere. These range from traditional educational institutions like colleges to local government sponsored networking events and startup community-led conferences.

These service providers often host events that attract battle-hardened expert speakers in business building, who have the expertise and experience to answer all of the questions that earlier stage business owners might have. Of course, the problem with expert speakers is that as humans, we only have a limited capacity to retain things we hear if we only hear them once.

That’s where services like become invaluable. For audio files, Rev is able to transcribe audio flawlessly so that you can review, annotate and really soak up the lessons in the communication. Rather than spending your own valuable time straining to hear the words or trying to decipher your sub-standard hand written notes, you can turn your audio files over to Rev and have them return you a polished, clean draft that will help to build your knowledge advantage.

And it’s not just speeches. Podcasts, company website hosted interviews or YouTube clips, it doesn’t matter – if it’s audio you want to be able to read forever, then Rev can turn it into a high quality written document for you with simple, accurate transcription services at just $1 a minute, so you can spend your time on more valuable tasks.



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