The Best Knowledge Sources for Coaches, Consultants and Digital Course Creators

There’s an often-repeated saying that the jobs that our kids

Jody Milward

There’s an often-repeated saying that the jobs that our kids will have don’t exist yet. That can seem a little glib and far-fetched when you hear it out of context. That is until you realize that professional e-sports (video game) athlete, drone pilot and self-driving car engineer are not only jobs but among the highest paying ones in a growing economy. Ten years ago? Well, these jobs just didn’t exist. 20 years ago? They were hard even to imagine.

Similarly, “online coach” or “Facebook ad freelancer” were not jobs that anyone had heard of, much less knew how to do several years ago. But now, there are hundreds of experienced, motivated professionals doing just that.

The Education Gap

But almost every other profession in the world has a head start. University courses, formal education, and generations of professionals and companies have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in medicine, engineering, social sciences, and manual trades.

For online coaches, there is no college course or well-known building blocks to seek out to build knowledge. But that doesn’t mean that those sources aren’t out there.

Think Differently

There is more content being created today, by a wider variety of creators, than there ever has been. And the rise of the consumer internet and powerful platform business models means that those content creators can now reach those eager to learn, like you, without the need for a well-connected publishing agent or syndication deal.

So what are the main places that online coaches should look to build their base of knowledge and arm themselves with the best weapons to win on the business battlefield?

Top Tools

Podcasts – podcasts are having a seriously impressive growth phase. When they first were launched in earnest by Apple, they were seen as the boring cousin to the extensive library of music that you could access through iTunes. These days, iTunes is about to be folded into other Apple products, and podcasts are very much a growth industry.

Companies like Gimlet Media, Wondery, and Spotify are proving the success of the format, paying millions of dollars for the best content creators and hosts.

And among the huge variety of podcasts, there are some stellar ones for business builders and creative types. Discovering the type of podcast best suited to you can be done within the podcast player of your choice, with most grouping them by category or interest area. Some

good places to start are “How I Built This”, “Business Wars”, “TED Radio Hour”, “NPR – Planet Money” and “The Pitch”. Each of these tells rich, slickly produced stories, with plenty of inspiration and tales of caution that you can learn from.

Books – books are still the number one medium when it comes to transferring knowledge from a professional or experienced practitioner to someone who wants to learn. But online distribution means that finding an audience is now much simpler and that more “niche” thinkers can get their valuable ideas out there without a publishing company killing the book because they don’t think it can sell tens of millions of copies.

One of the best resources in this space for an audience like you is the Book, which is an absolute must-have for anyone who is building an online business. If you are interested in spending your time and money on Internet marketing and e-commerce strategies more effectively, then head over to the website now. The best part? All you need to do is pay for postage and handling, and your copy of the book will be on its way to your door.



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