Speech to Text – A Hidden Hack to Upgrading Your Knowledge and Productivity

Humans are wired to listen. Some of the largest brands

Jody Milward

Humans are wired to listen. Some of the largest brands of the last few decades, from Universal Music and Sony, through to more modern success stories like Apple (iTunes and Apple Music), Spotify, and Pandora, are all based on the idea that humans absorb content via audio.

It’s a phenomenon we’re seeing more and more in the business world too. Podcasts are just one example of audio-driven content that is going from niche to mainstream very quickly. But as an online business builder, how can you take all of the audio out there and transform it into a business asset?

Well, you can do this by getting it in written form. But very few audio and video resources come with a handy transcript that you can use to reinforce and build your knowledge. That’s why transcribing speech and audio to text is invaluable. You can effectively build your own “textbook” of curated, valuable sources of information that are specific to your online coaching business or to build your business more generally.

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Conference Speeches

Speeches at conferences or mentoring events are incredible learning opportunities. But often, you remember the “headlines” but not all of the key messages and details an experienced presenter might lay down for you. Recording audio and having that audio transcribed allows you to pause, rewind, and review at your leisure, so you get the most out of the time and money you spend attending events.

Video Capture

Videos on your website and social channels are a proven way to boost engagement from your viewers and browsers. But often, videos are watched in public spaces, at work, or while listening to music. For these people, the audio of the video is lost. That’s where subtitles for your videos can be a great way to boost their circulation. Getting your videos transcribed and superimposing the text over the video ensures that people can watch without losing the message in the audio if they aren’t able to turn on the sound.

Meeting Minutes

Meetings are important. But they can also run long, go off on tangents, and get confusing when negotiations happen. That’s why an accurate record of exactly what was said is useful to you as a business builder. Having a recording (with permission) of the meeting and then offering to circulate the transcribed meeting minutes instantly makes you look professional, diligent, and ensures that everyone has the same expectations after a meeting concludes.

Use The Pros

Unfortunately, getting accurate transcription is a time-consuming exercise. That’s where services like come into their own. They take your audio files and transform it into flawless text documents. You can turn your audio files over to Rev securely and safely and have them hand you back a valuable business resource. And the price is far more value for money than doing it yourself – you can get easy and accurate audio transcription from just $1 per minute.



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