Episode 10: Should I Offer Additional Services to My Ad Management Business?

Should I offer additional services to my ad management business?

Jody Milward

Should I offer additional services to my ad management business?

So you’ve got ad clients on board. That’s awesome! Now, inevitably, you’re going to get a few requests that are going to be like, could you just do me a landing page or can you just hook up my email integration? Or what about bots? Bots are doing great. I hear maybe we could use a bot now. That’s all great ideas! And inevitably, yes, that does happen when you’re running someone’s ads.There’s all these other pieces that can go with being an ads manager, but you need to decide one, if you do want to provide that service. And if you do make sure you charge additional.

It’s not part of your ad management services, your ad management services are this, and this is what they signed up for. And any additional work will be quoted at whatever. So if you do have a client that’s reaching out and they say, Oh, can we just add this on, just get a funnel, just you know do the emails. Say here, great! Yeah, I’d be happy to look at that for you or just put together a proposal for you and we’ll see from there. So make sure you are charging extra for it because it is going to take you more time.

It’ll take your time off your other client accounts or time away from your family to get this done. And it could be worthwhile if you’re getting paid well for it. That’s absolutely fine. But then you could also outsource somebody else who it is, their zone of genius and get them to do it as well. So you’ve got to make sure that you protect yourself, you protect your business, you protect your boundaries and say, yes, this is an additional service. We can have a look at that for you, but do you even want to go there because a lot of these other additional things that you could be tacking onto your ad management services, they require a good level of expertise and skills.

For example, bots, yes, It’s hugely popular, but there are so many compliance issues with them. I keep getting bot messages from people who are in the marketing space and who should certainly know better. Their bots are not compliant and they’re on their way to bot jail. Facebook is cracking down and putting a lot of businesses, you know, stopping their messenger services because they have been not compliant. And so that’s not something that you want to be doing running bots for clients, and you don’t exactly know the compliance and their bot gets shut down.

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So you need to consider, what’s your expertise like, do you want to add that on? Do you want to learn and be proficient in that as well as another thing to offer that as a service, there are obviously a lot of complimentary things when it comes to ad management, obviously funnels building a funnel and running ads. Those two go hand in hand, people have their funnels, they have their websites and they need to get traffic to it. So that is a very complementary one. It takes time to build a funnel for sure, but you can get pretty proficient in it pretty quickly.

But again, you just need to make sure that one, you either have the capacity or the time to be able to do that. Or if you know someone or you can outsource it to someone or subcontract to someone who can do that for you, because all these different areas will take you away from your zone of genius which at the moment is being an ads manager is knowing the latest news in the ads front and doing all that you can to make your clients’ campaigns work liaising with your clients. Looking at the data, looking at the reporting, learning, continually learning about ads and what might be happening, what the shifts are on the platform this week, or even today, and how you can turn things around for them and being a guide to your client as well.

Sharing those things that you’re learning here as an ad manager, as a specialist in running ads, to bringing that information back to your client, and it would be like, look, we’re getting some great click-throughs to the page. All this is working really well, but people just aren’t opting in. And after having a look at the page, I’ve been considering that, okay, the messaging and what we’re using in the ad copy and what the offer is all about is getting lost. And so that’s why people aren’t opting in because the messaging on the page isn’t reflecting the ad and it isn’t reflecting the offer. So it’s that insight that you can bring when you’re skilled is that Facebook ad manager. And you’re really dialing into your own zone of genius that sets you ahead and apart from the crowd.

Another one will be like, can you do my social media posts as well? So, you know, if that’s your zone, if that’s what you’d like to do as well, then you can consider doing it.
But just remember, it’s going to be distracting you from that zone of genius of being an ads manager and from being an ads manager that can charge premium prices. So that’s a few things to consider. And remember it is your business just because your clients might want this, this, or this, it doesn’t mean you need to provide that service.

And by providing it, it could be stretching you thin in so many ways. So focusing on your lane and just doing what works for you and for your business, it’s okay to say no to a client. It’s okay to say that sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately I can’t help you with that, but I do know someone who can. There’s no drama in that your clients will have much more respect for you doing that rather than saying yes. And taking everything on board and then not being able to manage it all. So take those things into consideration. Yes. It’s fine to provide the additional services, but what’s it going to cost you? Can you give up the time that you need to commit?

Remember it will take time away from your family, from your other clients, do you have the expertise to be able to do it? If you’re not sure if you can do what they want and if you want to learn it. Like, for example, if they want you to do YouTube ads as well, you can say that sounds like a great idea. I don’t know YouTube ads, but if you’re willing, I’m happy to learn on your account. And they could say, yeah that sounds great. Better than me learning how to do them.

Just the main thing is what you want for your business and does it reflect and fit your lifestyle? If not feel free to say no. If it does feel free to say, yes, it’s your business, that’s the beauty of it.
That you can make your own decisions and work from home.

When a client might ask you for an additional service, remember it’s not part of your ad management agreement, that it is additional and you’re going to say that sounds great and I can get you a price for that. And we’ll look at getting that together for you. So it’s not part of your ongoing ad management services. It’s additional. And if you don’t want to do it, if you don’t have time, if you don’t have the capacity, because if you say yes to something else. You’re saying no to other things. And what is it that you’re saying no to? It’s your business, create the business and the life that you love.


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