Episode 35: Services to Offer a Potential Client

What service can you offer a potential client even if

Jody Milward

What service can you offer a potential client even if they’re not ready for Facebook ads?

Congratulations! You’ve been on a discovery call and you’ve spoken to a potential client to see about how you can help them with their business by running their Facebook ads.
Now, sometimes not everyone is a good fit for our services. You do not want to be taking on a client for a done-for-you Facebook ad service if they’re not ready for Facebook ads. So what are the other services that you could offer them that can help them get to a place where they will one day soon be ready for Facebook ads?

Three things that we’re going to be talking about today. Let’s go!

The first thing you could offer them is a strategy session. This is ideal if they’ve never run Facebook ads before. A strategy session will help them to see what assets they have in place and therefore what kind of ad funnel they would need to be able to run ads for this service.

So if they’ve got a coaching service, then what ads would be best in there? What assets do they already have in place that we can say, “Okay, great. You’ve got this lead magnet.” So we want to have this at what we call the top-of-funnel. And some of those terms may not even be familiar to them, but for those of us in ad land, this is language we use every day.

So it had their lead magnet here at our top-of-funnel. Then you could re-target them with a webinar. That’s going to invite people to book a call and book them for their coaching program or the consulting services and such. So a strategy session really will help you and help them to identify what their funnel would actually look like and what assets they need in play.

Making sure that they’ve got email sequences lined up for when people opt in. It’s amazing how many people don’t have that. And they just have people opting in and they are expecting them to sign up straight away. So make sure that they’ve got all those assets in place, because Facebook ads is just one part of it. So a strategy session to help them see the whole picture where you can help them identify if they’ve got it all together, and then how can you help them with their Facebook ads? You can be saying, “Okay, so we’ve got all this.” This is our strategy session. You go through it all. This would be the funnel and what would be in play. And these are the type of ads that you would need to have with this piece and this piece and this piece.

How to Run Facebook Ads for clients
And then I go “Great, okay. Well we can get the funnel together.” That’s awesome. How much is it for you then to run the Facebook ads for them? So from there you can do a proposal for them and you can see what exactly needs to be done so that you know what kind of work is going to be involved for you with that.

You’re well-informed, and you can avoid scope creep because you’ve done this strategy session. They know what needs to be done. You know what needs to be done. Things are nice and clear for you. Offering a strategy session, you know, you can do that for $300, $500, even $1,000, depending on your expertise and experience level.

You don’t want to charge a thousand dollars per hour. If this is your first strategy session and you have no real experience, we want to be ethical and we want to be acting in integrity. So if you are new to it, then it would be on the lower side of the spectrum. If they have been running ads before, doing an audit could be a great place for them to start.

They may not have the funds to pay you for your done-for-you service, but you can say, “I can have a look under the hood for you and do an audit of the ads that have been running, go through your funnel, see where the bottlenecks are, so that you can continue to run your ads.”

But you’ve got some further insight as to what needs to be fixed. For example, you can see they were running traffic campaigns when they should have been running conversion campaigns. Or perhaps they were running these conversion campaigns and the click-through rate on the ads was only 0.3. We need that to be up around 1%. And we can do that by, you know, different copy, different creative, or trying different audiences. So offering an audit of what their ads have been doing and what their funnel has been doing would be immensely valuable so that they can go and implement what you’ve identified in the audit. They can see where now this has had an amazing result. Our conversion rate has gone from, like, 1% up to 4%.

This is amazing! And then there is a position where they can afford your done-for-you services. So another great option for you there. And again, with an audit, they can charge anywhere between $300 up to $2,000 based on the funnel, the client, and your expertise level.

A third thing that you can be offering is a setup service. There is so much going on at the moment with domain verification, aggregated events, and all the changes that are upon us with iOS and just the constant changing face of the Facebook platform. So providing a setup service that can fast track your clients will put them in a position where they can start running some ads themselves.

So what would that entail? Well, you’d just get on a quick call with them to set up, you know, to get into their Business Manager, because there’s things that you’ll need to set up in their Business Manager. Once you have access to that, then you can get off the Zoom call or whatever and go and set things up.

So that would be setting up domain verification, setting up aggregated events, and making sure the pixel is set up on there and on the whole website. Ideally, if they’ve got WordPress or something, you can install PixelYourSite and make sure you’ve got conversion events installed on the relevant pages for the funnel that they’re rolling out.

And then also putting ads into their ads manager, loading up campaigns, and loading up ad shells. If they’ve got the copy and creative already, then you can just load that all up so that you can have everything set up for them and ready to go. That would only take you a day or so. And it provides amazing value for them because, seriously, a lot of people who don’t know ads manager who are not living and breathing Facebook ads every day, it’s a struggle.

It can take them a really long time. So this setup service is such a valuable thing to be able to offer them. And again, depending on you, your clients, and your level of expertise, your charge for that would vary. So maybe 300, 500, or a thousand dollars a day, that’s complete in the offer, the setup service.

Which like I said, you could get done in a day. So that’s three things that you can be able to offer to people who you’ve got on that discovery call, and they’re not ready for the done-for-you services, or they don’t have the budget for the done-for-you services. You can offer them a strategy session. You can offer them an audit or you can offer them a setup service.

You don’t always have to just get a client on board for done-for-you services as an ad manager. Your expertise is so valuable. There’s a whole spectrum of things that you can offer to their businesses. That’s going to be immensely valuable to them and can help turn around their Facebook marketing efforts where there’s been bottlenecks in the past. You can identify things that haven’t been identified before and make a massive difference to their business.

So think a bit outside of the box. What else can you offer? What services have you been doing for clients that maybe they don’t even know about that you can go, “Hey, I can just offer this as a service.” There are so many out there, but I’ve given you just three today. If you want to know anything more about becoming an ad manager or even more so an elite ad manager, head over to and learn more about our certification program and how we help you to make consistent five-figure months running ads for clients. That’s it for today. Look forward to seeing you next time!


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