Practical Ways to Build Your Online Sales Funnels

If you’ve been following some of the stuff we’ve been

Jody Milward

If you’ve been following some of the stuff we’ve been putting on the blog or doing your research about building your online business more generally, then you likely already know about sales funnels. These valuable tools can take browsers and turn them into repeat visitors, and with a bit of optimizing, paying customers.
The theory is great, but what about the practical steps to getting there? We all know the benefits of plenty of things that make our lives easier, but we don’t often know how to build those things ourselves. It’s the same with sales funnels.
That’s the gap we’ll fill in today, with some practical, simple to follow steps to think about when you’re building your online sales funnel.

A Landing Page

The landing page is like the handshake, smile, and first impression all rolled into one. A clean, well thought out page signals professionalism, a poorly designed one will turn away potential customers. An excellent landing page has some clear elements. First, a clear call to action. Most often, you aren’t trying to “make the sale” with your landing page. You are trying to establish the relationship. That means often, the best call to action will be a prompt for the browser to enter their email address.
You have to incentivize it though. Will the subscriber get preferred information? Will they get valuable tools to use? Will they get early access to something? Make your offer both compelling and relevant to your target audience, and you will see your sign-ups skyrocket.

Front and Back End

In a restaurant, the front end handles the customer service, the back end handles the food. There’s a similar dynamic in sales funnels. You want your “front end” offer in your sales funnels to be easy to get a “yes” to. Your front end offer is the best tool you have for selling your full “back end” offer. A good front end offer gives the new customer value for money and usefulness and invites them to interact with you and your product before you suggest any further products to them.

Upsell Carefully

Upselling works, but only if used carefully and sparingly. If a restaurant waiter asks you every time they walk past if you would like to order another drink or dish, you are likely to be put off.
But if they ask you if you’d like dessert or coffee after a particularly good entrée and main, you are much more likely to say yes. The same applies to sales funnels. Only attempt to upsell after there has been an initial positive interaction, or you risk alienating your customers.

Use the “Pro” Tools

The final tip is to use the same standard of tool that the professionals use when they are building sales funnels. For example, Clickfunnels is a powerful funnel builder that lets you attract leads, build relationships, and sell digital products without having to step off the platform.You can access an exclusive 14-day free trial to get access to the Clickfunnels platform and see for yourself how it works.



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