Episode 76: Meet Corin, One Of Our UK Elite Ad Managers

Jody:  Hello and welcome to this episode of Online Confidential,

Jody Milward

Jody:  Hello and welcome to this episode of Online Confidential, where we take you behind the scenes to talk about secret ad manager business. I’m super excited to have another fellow ad manager here who is actually an Elite Ad Manager graduate. I’m here in Australia, she’s all the way over in the UK.

So I’d love to give a big welcome to Corin Goodman who is with us today and going to share her insider secrets with Facebook ads. So Corin welcome, it’s great to have you with us today.

I’ve got six questions for you. Are you ready to go? Okay. First of all, in a couple of sentences, tell us who you are and what type of clients you love to run Facebook ads for?

Corin: I really enjoy working with clients who are making some kind of impact with their business. So at the moment I work with a lot of coaches and also some other interesting businesses that are purpose driven and making an impact.

Jody: That’s one of the things that a lot of us ad managers who do work with this coaching niche really love. It’s not just being able to help our clients. This is what I find speaking to so many ad managers, not just our clients, but that ripple effect that it has. I remember talking to my client in the music industry years ago and people would buy her training and then they were able to turn their passion of playing music into a full time income. So it’s such a rewarding sort of niche to be working with.

Corin: Absolutely. Yeah. Rewarding is a good word.

Jody:  It can be challenging to.

Number two. What do you like best about being an ad manager?

Corin: Kind of what we just talked about. So for me, it’s really rewarding, just being a part of growing those businesses and helping those business owners grow their impact. But also I on a practical level, I enjoy the mix of elements with ads. So you’ve got your strategy, you’ve got your creativity, and then kind of your tech data side. For me, I really enjoy that mix of different things and keeping me interested so it’s never a dull moment.

Jody: There is never a dull moment in Facebook land. There really isn’t, there’s always something changing. Like in our groups someone will say, is this a bug? Or is this a change? Is this something new? So never a dull moment.

Question number three. What do you find is the most frustrating thing about getting qualified leads from social media?

Corin: The most frustrating thing is how often Facebook changes things. You can never get too comfortable with something that’s working because there might be a change that comes along and throws it out. That has got to be the most frustrating. Although I think it does help you to kind of stay ahead of things. Otherwise it’d be a bit easy to get comfortable and just let something run and never really be working on how can we be getting the best from this. Just to spin it on a positive.

Jody: That’s what makes ad managers so valuable with providing this service! Because it’s always changing. Business owners, the people that we work with have their zone of genius, they have their deliverables that they need to serve to their clients. So that’s why partnering with someone like yourself is just so valuable. To be able to go, okay, this is the latest things. This is the trends that we are seeing X, Y, Z, and, try to predict what might be coming up, but also have that experience and expertise to be like, okay, this has happened and this is what I’m trying instead.

Question number four. What is one significant insight that you would give business owners about running Facebook ads?

Corin: I would say that if you can get over the hurdles of the tracking, the setup, the complicated things that can feel overwhelming, if you can get over those hurdles. Facebook ads is still one of the most effective and most affordable ways to reach more of your people that you want to find.

Jody: I hundred percent agree.

Question number five. What is one significant insight that you would give other people interested in running Facebook ads for clients?

Corin: I would say that actually running Facebook ads for clients that you are aligned with is super rewarding, but also running Facebook ads can be a really profitable business in that it can also be the kind of business that you can build a lifestyle you want around. Like there’s so much opportunity there.

Jody: There is and there is a lot of learning along the way with that as well. Often you know things will go well and we’ll scale. We’ll get extra team members on board. Sometimes they’re a good fit. Sometimes they’re not a good fit. So it’s always a journey that we are going through here, but like a hundred percent I’ve been working from home since about 2008 or just slightly before, and being around for the kids to grow up and do all of that and go for holidays. Like we’ve got a big holiday planned coming up at Christmas time or just after, and other people are like, oh, I’ve gotta put in my leave. And I was like, I don’t have to put in for my leave, which is a great thing. So a hundred percent agree with you on that.

So question number six, and this may be the most important question. Are you a cat person, a dog person, or neither?

Corin: I am a cat person. I have a very large black cat called Monty who is often curled up on my desk while I’m working.

Jody: Nice. We love our fur babies that are especially curled up nearest. So a cat lover. Awesome. Love to hear that, that is my preference as well. So Corin, thank you so much for your time today. Short, sharp and to the point, that’s how we absolutely love it.

Where can people find you if they wanna connect with you?

Corin: So I’m on Instagram @Coringoodman and my website is

Jody: It’s been an absolute pleasure having you with us today. Thank you so much for sharing your time and for answering those six questions for us.


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