Level Up Your Marketing With Marketing Automation

If you are building an online business, whether that’s online

Jody Milward

If you are building an online business, whether that’s online coaching to spread your expertise to a wider audience, or a web-delivered knowledge platform, first off, congratulations! You are part of an emerging class of entrepreneur who is making a decision to be a business builder, and we think that’s awesome.
But if you’re just starting out, there can be a dizzying range of buzzwords and new concepts with which to get familiar. Marketing automation is one of them, and it’s the focus of this post. After reading it, you should be able to understand what it is and why it could be valuable to you.

What is Marketing Automation?

In theory, marketing automation sounds great, right? Marketing = getting more paying clients and customers, and automation = automatically. What’s not to like? But what’s actually behind this great sounding idea?
In the simplest form, marketing automation combines your overall marketing strategy with tailored software that executes many of the tasks in your strategy. So rather than emailing a potential customer directly, then following up manually when you remember to do it a week later, and attending to their enquiries when you have time, marketing automation steps in to help you out.In this example, you enter your potential customer leads into your marketing software. That software generates an email to send to these leads that are appropriately personalized based on the data you’ve entered. If you get a response, that gets categorized as a response to your email to be replied to within the amount of time you set. If you don’t get a response, the marketing customer relationship management (CRM) software you’ve chosen sends an automated follow up within seven days.With that very simple example, you can already see how marketing automation would ensure that every lead was nurtured in the same, consistent manner, and how this type of automation would free up your time to do more “client service” and less “client prospecting”.

The Limits

It’s also worth addressing some of the myths of marketing automation. Despite the name, it’s not actually possible to automate the entire marketing process! The most important part of the process that you still need to be able to do is generate leads.This is the process of meeting people, reaching out to them online, getting to know what they need or want, and getting their email addresses. That is the raw data you need to populate your email marketing database, that you can then “level up” with the tools you use for your marketing automation.A valuable marketing email CRM software tool is the first building block to a truly professional outbound marketing effort for your own online business. A tool like Active Campaign can be invaluable to give you back hours in your week that you can spend generating leads and serving customers, and with my link, you can road test the platform for 14 days with no risk and free of charge.



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