Episode 37: How to Make Additional Money as a Facebook Ad Manager

If you’re wondering how you can make additional money as

Jody Milward

If you’re wondering how you can make additional money as a Facebook ad manager, other than just doing done-for-you services, then keep reading!

Knowing how to run Facebook ads for clients is a super, super valuable skill.
You are a rainmaker for businesses and can help them turn things around and change people’s lives, employ more staff, and make a big difference in the economy.

So what can you do that’s not just limiting you to a set amount of of done-for-you services? Your knowledge! Your experience is so, so valuable. So how can you offer it to more people?
Let’s look at four ways that you can do that. Number one is obviously the done-for-you services. That’s your premium services, and that’s what you charge a significant rate for because you have experience and expertise.

If you’re starting out, then you’re not starting out at $2000 or $3,000 a month because you need to get some runs on the board. But ultimately, you want to be charging $2000 or $3,000 per month or more running ads for clients. It’s a premium service as you’re taking a lot of pressure off them because they don’t need to learn Facebook ads.

They leave it with you to handle. And as long as they’ve got that validated funnel, that proven offer, and they know who they’re talking to, you can just work the ads. You take that all off their shoulders, and that is immensely valuable. So we’ve got a done-for-you service which, as you know, we can only take a limited number of clients like that on board.

Another service you can provide is a coaching service that can be completely scalable. You can have office hours of, say, two hours a week where people who have hired you for your coaching program can come in and join you in these office hours. So if they’ve got any questions about their ads, if they’ve got bottlenecks, if they want your help, then they can just tune into these office hours. You’re there on Zoom, and they can all jump in and you answer their questions. They can learn so much from you answering their questions directly. And if there’s others on the call as well, then they can learn from those questions as well.

So coaching is an amazing opportunity for you because, again, you have these skills. You have this expertise that so many business owners want to know, and they can’t all afford your services at the rates you offer. But you can provide a scalable coaching program. The office hours make it very simple in that you have a day that, for two hours, you can just jump on a call.

You can also add on a VIP package to that coaching service with those office hours. Say you’ve got Wednesdays from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. as your office hours. People can just jump in during that time and get their questions answered. You can also offer a VIP service that would offer access to you via Voxer. For example, Monday through Friday, if people have questions, they can just send you a Voxer message, and you answer maybe just one a day. That’s a big key here! You want to have those boundaries set. You don’t want to be hit up in Voxer like 12 times a day because then you’re spending so much extra time in there.

Look at the Voxer messages once a day rather than responding to little questions multiple times a day. That way, people will be very thorough with their thoughts and what questions they have for you. It’ll help them with their thought process and ask you better questions. For that VIP service, on top of the office-hours coaching, you can charge an extra $200 a month or $500 a month or so for that VIP level.

So coaching is another service you can provide as well as consulting. If there are businesses who have someone on their team already who is running their Facebook ads but just needs support, you can offer a consulting service for them.

You can catch up with them once a week. They can have access again to your Voxer and such, and you can support them. Now, that’s typically not as scalable as your coaching. Like we were saying office hours, you can get as many people in. They can all join. Consulting is still more one-on-one. However, again, that would be a premium price because it’s a one-on-one service. Your time is your time. You cannot scale that. So again, you can charge a very good price to be able to provide that service when you have the expertise.

And then finally we have our VIP days. This is where we’ve talked about in other episodes where you can do an audit service, you can do a strategy session, and you can do a setup service. So this takes that to the next level. A strategy session might typically just be for about two hours, whereas a VIP day could be five hours or so. That’s where it’s a combination of the strategy session, but then you also go deeper into other levels so that you may really help them to map out all these offers.

What’s been selling the best? What have people been opting in for? Follow the money is what I like to tell people. Focus on what have people been buying, and then build everything else around it with your VIP day.

That would also go into looking at and making sure that you’ve got your messaging and avatar dialed in, plus all the other pieces. Look at the sales page, find out what’s on there, and make sure it’s talking to the avatar. So the VIP days would be a very intensive day, which again, is a premium service that people would be paying you more for because they have you exclusively for the day.

So that’s four ways that you can expand on your Facebook ad expertise, including that done-for-you service. You can do coaching, which is completely scalable. Have as many people in your coaching as you want. And then also offer a VIP element for that coaching service. Because as I like to tell people, there’s always people who like to sit in the front of the plane. There will be people who will just get the coaching program, and then there will be others who will upgrade for that VIP service on top.

Then you’ve got your consulting, which you do one-on-one help with someone on their team. And we’ve got these strategy sessions that you can also do as well. So that’s a number of ways you can maximize your expertise and not just be doing the time-for-money exchange. Yes, some of them still have an element of that, but it’s a way that you’re not locked into the done-for-you services, which we know can take up a lot more hours than we initially planned. This is especially true as we’re going through iOS and all the other changes that inevitably happen with Facebook ads; this keeps us on our toes.

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