How to Attract New Clients as a Facebook Ad Manager

Should you be running your own ads to get more

Jody Milward

Should you be running your own ads to get more clients for your ad manager services? Or what can you do instead?

So let me,first of all, say yes, I think you should be, you definitely should be, but run ads that are positioning yourself as the authority in the space. Over the years, I’ve seen lots of ads per ad managers promoting their own services and I’ve run them myself. Now what I’ve often found is that those ads to cold traffic here, sign up let’s book a discovery call for this ad management services while that can bring in some whales.

Some good clients that are well this is a surprise more often than not it’s people who are most likely just starting out. They are a bit of a tire kicker. They want you to prove yourself, give me the name of 10 testimonials.

And your brothers, cousins, aunts who you know, went to wherever. They want you to prove yourself, okay? Before they’re going to come on board, then they’ll ghost you and all sorts of stuff. It’s not good quality leads. I believe a much better way to be doing it is yes, you do want to have that opportunity for them to book a call with you,

but educate them first, show them your expertise. As an ad manager, put ads out there that are giving great value, doing videos that are explaining here’s the problems that lots of people who are running ads in this space are often seeing ads are getting disapproved because of X, Y, and Z. And they don’t know what they’re doing and their ad accounts.

Get shut down. If you don’t want your ad account getting shut down, then here, reach out, let’s book a call, inform them, show them your expertise, show them results that you’ve had for other clients and then invite them to jump on a call with you. So you’ve positioned yourself as the authority and it’s like, aha, I want to talk to this person instead of just seeing,

Oh, this person should be cheap. I’m going to book in with them and grill them along the way. So yes, I definitely do think you should be running ads. And also there’s nothing like putting your own money into ad spend. I know a lot of ad managers who have been running ads for other people, but then when it comes to putting their own money into ad spend,it can be quite a scary thing.

And you see it with a completely different set of eyes, right? When it’s your own money. So definitely worthwhile running your own ads, positioning yourself as an authority. And yes, then also doing those lead gen campaigns, retargeting people who have been to your website, so that as you’re putting content out there and people go on and check out your website,you retargeting them to come in and book a call with you. So many people have talked to you that, Oh, I’ve seen your ads everywhere. I, yeah, sorry. You’re in my funnel and you’re going to be there for awhile. Keep, um, putting yourself out there. And these ad’s are very cost effective as well.

How to run facebook ads for clients

So that’s one way,yes, you have your ads running where you’re positioning yourself as an authority, rather than just here booking for a call booking for a call, give them value, show your expertise, then get them to book in for a call. Uh, other things that you can do is network seriously, the money that you could put into ads, trying to generate leads of,you know, you know, $3,000 a month, if you would invest $1,000 a month into a high level mastermind, then that could go a long way to generating more leads. Because those personal referrals, those personal connections, they often don’t need much convincing, right? You have convinced them already by showing up and being in this mastermind, they know that you are a player.

They know that you are invested into your business and therefore getting them onboard, very easy, very easy sales, some of the easiest ones that you will do, and much more beneficial than some, a lot of the other calls that you might take, okay, with people who are not qualified, who are just seeing you for the first time. So investing in a mastermind,then also being in Facebook groups,

Now this is not the ones where you just show up and you just give this vailed sort of, here’s a value driven posts, but really we all know that you’re wanting people to come over and book a call going in and answering people’s questions. Right? So helping out showing value in that way, if they have a hashtag tips,Tuesday, add some tips in there, position yourself in that group as the person to go to with Facebook ads so that when anyone asks questions, they may tag you say, Hey, such and such. Do you know the answer to this, you know, stand out in that group by being excellent in showing some really good value providing answers.

Now that may mean that you’ve got to go off to Google and do some research. And that actually makes you an even better ad manager. If you don’t know the answer, rather than just keeping on scrolling through, um, go off and find the answer because chances are, you’re going to want to know it at some other point. And perhaps then you can turn that into a content piece for your ads.

As I was talking about previously,where you position yourself as an authority, okay? So investing a bit of time and that can also go a very long way to getting some great clients on board. Not only from people who are in the group, but often there’s someone who’s managing the group. Okay. And they may notice you and they may want you to work for them, or they may want you to help out in the community in a paid capacity,or they may refer you to a friend or this person is in my group. And they really seem to know this stuff with Facebook ads. So talk to, okay. Personal connections are so valuable when it comes to making sales and building your business as well. So don’t just, the irony of it being an ads manager, but don’t just rely on ads yourself to be building up your ad agency or your ad management services.

And then also it’s getting out from behind the computer, going to business events, going to meetups. Maybe if they’re all going again, post COVID get in touch with local businesses that are doing quite well. So like the local orthodontists, the local chiropractors, the local gyms, the local plastic surgeons connect with these people and, you know,offer your services to them after you’ve had some, you know, relevant pleasantries. You don’t just want to send an email, say, Hey, I do Facebook ads, you have a business. Do you want me to run your ads? They get so many pitches all the time.

You want to start establishing authentic connections with them so that,continues the conversation. And then they invite you to talk to them about running their Facebook ads instead of just turning up and going, I do Facebook ads, let me do your Facebook ads. Start a conversation, ask them questions. And then the conversation will flow that way.

So running your own Facebook ads, yes. A hundred percent do that, but not just all just lead gen campaigns, position yourself as the authority and put some great value content out there. Two, pay to be in some masterminds, some high end groups where people are hanging out, who are also investing into their education and their business. Those are some of the most valuable places where you will pick up some great, great clients and three getting out from behind the computer, meeting business owners in your own area and connecting with them in an authentic way so that the conversation then flows for you to be their natural choice when it comes to stepping into the world of Facebook ads. So I hope you found that valuable. There’s more than one way to find clients. Clients are everywhere.

Just remember that you just look around all the businesses that are out there. They need Facebook ads because there is 1.7, 3 billion people logging onto Facebook every day. Okay. And if they want their business to continue to survive and thrive, Facebook is one of the most cost effective and powerful places to put your marketing dollars in. But I don’t need to convince you about that.

Do I? Because you’re already here as a Facebook ad manager.


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