Episode 5: How Can You Stake Your Claim in the Digital Gold Rush?

How can you stake your claim in the digital gold

Jody Milward

How can you stake your claim in the digital gold rush?

So with everything that’s been going on in 2020, there’s been an unprecedented rush of people looking for opportunities of how they can make money working from home, or build a business working from home.Now there’s no doubt about it. Being able to work from home and create an income is one of the best things ever for me personally, when I was able to leave working in an office, leave corporate work and start working from home full time. It’s been absolute bliss. And I couldn’t imagine going back so more than ever, people are looking for these opportunities.

One, because it’s been thrust upon them, perhaps that they’ve sat in now, suddenly do not have work and they have to look at what they can do from home. Two, as people look for these entrepreneurial adventures and as they hear about people making money online, how they can do it too. Now, how can you stake your claim in that Digital gold rush?

Well, first of all, let’s take a step back in time to 1848. And when they discovered there’s gold in them there, hundreds of thousands of people dropped everything left. Their families went across the other side of their country, left their country to go to California, to go hunting for gold, digging for gold and see what they could find and uncover riches and,you know, change their destiny.

Well, there was a very savvy group of people that realized that all these people that have traveled all this way that need to dig for gold need tools and need equipment. They need this stuff to help them find the gold. So they set up shop and they sold those pens and those four big pitchforks or whatever they use to the gold diggers.

And that’s how they made their riches by providing a service to these other entrepreneurial folk who came and set up shop to go out and get dusty and dirty every day, digging for gold. These guys set up their shop. Here you go. This is what you need. This is what you need. And that’s how they made their riches.

Now, how that applies to us this day and age is as people are going and they’re setting up, uh, shops online as they’re building businesses online, the coaching industry for example has tripled since 2015 and is projected to reach about $350 billion industry. By 2025. It is thriving and other businesses who have been working offline. I’ve been working with a number of these businesses,big multimillion dollar businesses that have been doing things offline and now saying, how can we embrace social media and digital marketing, it’s pushed them into this stage of like how can we improve. And this is where the people are. How can we get out in front of them? So as they’re looking at getting online strategies in place, being found online, what they need is that person who has the tools to sell to them so that they can attract their ideal clients so that they can find their riches in these new online markets.

How to run facebook ads for clients

And so that’s where being an ad manager gives you that opportunity because as people are wanting to get online, as they’re setting up shops online, like with their websites, or perhaps they’ve got websites and they realize we need to get more traffic to it, there’s no point in having a website If nobody comes to visit it like a ghost town, they need traffic and being an ad manager,you can help them solve that problem. You can bring that traffic to their site, new customers coming in, filling their front doors, so to speak their digital front doors and opting in for things, getting those email addresses so that they can follow up with the emails and nurturing sequence.

And of course our retargeting ads. So they need traffic to their websites.
There’s no point in just having a website and no one visiting it. They need traffic. And for a lot of people, Facebook ads are just too hard, right? They have enough on their plate, running their business, serving their clients to then go for and learn marketing and figure out how to figure out how to install a pixel for goodness sake.

You can do that all for them. You provide a very, very valuable service by running Facebook ads. Yeah, you are a Rainmaker. You are able to help them increase their revenues, which can then employ more people and also change the lives of their customers all over the world. It’s such a beautiful ripple effect. So it is such a valuable skill,such an in demand skill that I’m coming across.

More and more as people and businesses are looking at how they can embrace social media into their digital marketing strategies. We’ve barely even touched the surface with businesses that have Facebook pages and who are actually advertising on Facebook. There’s plenty of room, plenty of opportunity for you.

So I hope you found that useful and inspired you to think outside the box that maybe what you’ve known in the past of putting in resumes and trying to get a job and thinking that the only way to work from home is to go door knocking or, leaving pamphlets in people’s letter boxes. There is an in demand service that can pay you very well when you know the skill and you apply it accordingly.


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