Having trouble cracking the Facebook™️ Ad code for your high ticket funnel? It’s not your fault!

If you’re a high ticket coach or consultant, and you’ve

Jody Milward

If you’re a high ticket coach or consultant, and you’ve built an online sales funnel – hats off to you!  You have done what many people will not do. It’s not an easy thing to build a funnel, right? It’s really challenging if that’s not your zone of genius. You’re a coach, you’re a consultant, you have your own zone of expertise, but then you’ve gone and learnt how to build a funnel.  You’re obviously dedicated to your passion to build a profitable business and transform lives.

But now you’re feeling a bit disillusioned, because that funnel you worked so hard to build… is empty. Your Facebook Ads aren’t converting, which are the crucial element to drive traffic to your fabulous new funnel.

But you know what, it’s not your fault.  All the programs for High Ticket Coaches to learn how to get their offline message online, are still teaching strategies from 2015 which worked then, but aren’t nearly so effective now – especially when you’re just starting out. Things have changed drastically in the social media space.

I audit a lot of ad accounts, businesses that are spending anywhere between $50 a day, and $2,000 a day. One of the things that I repeatedly see is that they’re using 2015 strategies.  And they are all complaining “My Ads aren’t working like they used to”

Those that are still teaching 2015 strategies usually got in at a sweet time in regards to Facebook Ads and Webinars and had great results.  Now, they still can get results, especially when they have big ad budgets and lots of data on their pixel. But teaching these surface level strategies to business owners launching new funnels and offers – can be like leading a lamb to the slaughter. It is a much different playing field these days with Facebook ads.

Now, you can build a funnel, record a webinar and get some massive quick wins, which is fantastic. However, it’s a one legged strategy and doesn’t provide a solid system for growth.  The cost per webinar registration goes up, the Click through rate goes down, the cost per book call goes up and the show up rate for calls goes down. You’re on a rollercoaster! Then of course, your cost per acquisition is pushing the upper limits of remaining profitable, and you’re left saying “What’s going on? I had a couple $20,000 months – what’s happened?”

You need to embrace different strategies for your Facebook ads, for your high ticket funnel in 2018.  You need to move beyond just converting – you need to start nurturing. One solid strategy to help this process is to have a Facebook Groups.  This in an excellent way you can get in front of your ideal client, create engagement, create a relationship, build their trust. Then when they are invited to watch your webinar or when they see that invite from you to book a call, they’re looking forward to connecting with your further.

Which means, by the time they’ve booked a call, they know what you do, they’ve learned a lot about you.  They know that you have the answers to their problem and are ready to invest into working with you.

The old show up and throw up strategy – “Here’s my webinar ad to call traffic to, sign up and watch my webinar,” and in 48 hours I’ve got a sale – isn’t nurturing the relationship that social media desires.

You need to be more visible in the newsfeed, you need to have more of a presence, you need to establish a relationship with your ideal client. They need to know you first, before they’re going to invest any time or money with you, to solve that problem that they’ve been trying to solve for so long. They don’t want another person that will just come and take their money and not help them achieve results. They want to work with someone they know and trust.   That is the difference between Facebook marketing in 2018 as opposed to 2015, when people would just throw in their money out there, for lead gen campaigns and people were signing up, it was great.

“Build your list!  Build your list! Build your list!” Anyone who’s even whispered the words “Online business” knows the number 1 thing to do is list building – right?   If you’ve been list building, you will probably realize and know first hand, that 30% to 40% of people who ever opt in are going to open an email from you. Then maybe 7% to 15% will actually ever click a link in your emails. Which means up to 70% of the people you have paid to get on your list won’t even open an email from you. They’ll register for your webinar, watch five or 10 minutes, and then they disappear into the interwebs…

How do we connect with our ideal client in the Facebook Newsfeed? Well, videos.  Videos are so powerful. Using a video as the pinned post in your group allows you to re-target people who have watched that video when you have posted it from your page. The power of video retargeting on Facebook is amazing allowing you to take your potential clients on a journey where you were once unknown to then knowing you as the expert.

You see, it’s not always about getting people off Facebook and onto your email list. Nurture the relationship on Facebook. Stay front and center of mind and then ask for that precious email and when you do, you will build a quality list which will be much more likely to open your emails when you do send them out. They will be much more likely to book a call with you when you do send out that offer to schedule a time on your calendar.

We need to move beyond just showing up in people’s Newsfeed, like nails on a chalkboard….   Sign up for my latest opt in! Sign up for my latest webinar! Nurture the relationship and then ask for that commitment. Show them that you’re worth connecting with, show them that you can help them overcome their problem.  Show them your authentic, real self.

“Show up and throw up” ads to cold traffic to webinar to book call, still works. It still does.  But when you’re just starting out, it can be really, really hard. You need to invest a lot into your Facebook ads and traffic. Focus on building the relationships, building a tribe and when you do, and you prove your worth to you people, they will be your loyal brand ambassadors. They will be shouting your name from the highest rooftops.

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