Growth Hack Your Online Business by Taking Advantage of Research

“Growth hacking” is one of those trendy phrases that has

Jody Milward

“Growth hacking” is one of those trendy phrases that has emerged in recent years. It was initially popularized by tech-entrepreneur types that you might encounter in Silicon Valley. But even if you’re not a billion-dollar startup with a few hundred staff, you can take the growth hacking playbook and apply it to your online business while you work from home.

Growth Hacking for Small Businesses

The role of a growth hacker is to conceptualize, plan and execute marketing programs. This action is not a single “linear” process. Instead, a growth hacker will roll out and test each step of the program, and ideally, measure it.

As each set of data comes in, they then refine their process to optimize the marketing process for growth. This process is loosely called “hacking” the marketing funnel to find the kinks and flaws then design ways around them to get better awareness and sales.

A Worked Example

A pretty simple example works wonders to illustrate the concept. Say you have a web page that is meant to sell your books and “how to” guides online. It does ok – for every 100 visitors you get to the page, one or two converts into purchasers. But you’re interested in doing better.

So you set up two versions of the page. One version shows people your existing page and web copy. The second one is a different version with a bunch of testimonials up front as the first thing a browser will see.

After two weeks, the results are in. The page with the testimonials drives twice as many sales as the unaltered page, with a similar number of visitors. That’s step one of your growth hacking journey. Now the next step is to think of another refinement or potential improvement and test it. This could involve manipulating the background color of the page, having video rather than text-based testimonials, or offering a free preview before you even ask the browser to purchase.

Or You Can Take A Shortcut

Of course, the suggestions above may or may not work for your specific product or niche, and they are only a tiny sample of the literally dozens of things you can try to grow your online business. What you really want is a coherent, well-organized “playbook” for growing your business online.

Ideally, that playbook should be well-researched and tested in the real world. There are a few resources like this out there. But very few have over 220,000 copies sold. Even fewer occupy a best-seller position on Amazon and USA Today lists.

But that’s what DotComSecrets is. For anyone looking to grow their business online, but also to take the most efficient route to doing that, this book can be an invaluable resource. All you need to do is pay postage and handling and it’ll be on its way to you.



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